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Germany U21 V England U21, Jun 29
Unamagija (FK Vardar Skopje) 7 years ago
English goalkeepers are rubbish
Gerrard4ever (Liverpool) 7 years ago
I think joe hart would have done better
XenoJie (Chelsea) 7 years ago
Unamagija, are_you_a_greater_keeper?
BlueMoon (Manchester City) 7 years ago
I agree, Hart would have positioned himself much better for the first and third goals, and most likely would not have leaped the wrong way for the second. I doubt he could have saved the last one, though, it was pure class
Garry (Bayern München) 7 years ago
Hattrick Euro Championship!    Germany Jr. Are the best in European football!
Korcar91 (Juventus) 7 years ago
Whos this keeper? Never heard of him.  England has many other good goalkeepers.
Mao007 (Borussia Dortmund) 7 years ago
`England has many other good goalkeepers. `   I´m not sure
Alen (Liverpool) 7 years ago
That 2nd goal was nice
Germanyarsenal (Arsenal) 7 years ago
Another title in the bag! I wish though that the English would get over themselves when they see us as their "biggest rivals". Here's a hint: the 5-1 in Munich is ancient history, WE don't CARE anymore, we have many bigger rivals than you.
On a separate note, Özil is one to look out for in the future! Wagner's finishing wasn't too shabby either
Butters (Manchester United) 7 years ago
English goalie sucked
Mexbarca (Barcelona) 7 years ago
I second that
Gigiggg9 (Arsenal) 7 years ago
+1  As always, U21 as well as the senior team  I wonder why
Ultrakoichi (Chelsea) 7 years ago
I'm very disappointed with England U21 team. But they did well for reaching the final.... Germany played well...
Toudi69 (Arsenal) 7 years ago
If hart were gk, they would never scored, gg england, so close :
Mexbarca (Barcelona) 7 years ago
Those English boys can't play defence, you should know this by now. And the senior side has the easiest way into the world cup. Overrated! Where was theo walcott for any of the games? No wonder he didn't care for this team the coach is an idiot playing with players with less skill. I don't care that he hasn't been playing with this team, the beat players should always play. Way to go Germany! I still don't like your dirty captain ballack, but those red jerseys are the best in the world
Alex19 (Manchester United) 7 years ago
You talk bolloks
Mao007 (Borussia Dortmund) 7 years ago
özil man of the match, I'm looking forward to his future  English GK sucks, but we get used to it  Maybe 1 goal too high :~>
Reds89 (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Germany done well and hav some very good young players. It will be interesting to see which players make the step up to senior
Nicoacademia (AC Milan) 7 years ago
Ozil and Wagner. Good show.    Ozil, man he's a real star for the future.
MDK187 (ADO Den Haag) 7 years ago
England got owned  
Skerkel (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Keeper played worst
Mok3ys (Chelsea) 7 years ago
Wow english keeper really blew it, atleast two of the goals were his fault, if not more. What the heck was going on on that free kick?!
Isarade (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Well'' I don't really think ti's keeper's fault though.... I mean he was going the other way, but he managed to get a touch on the ball. I think he played good...
Lfc4life (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Omg england got owned so bad 4-0 in the final  Germany taught the young kids a lesson  England (once a failure always a failure) hahaha

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