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What Really Happened In Sudan !!!
Kortam (Real Madrid) 7 years ago
In this topic I would not speek as an Egyption and I am proud of being that but I would speek as aperson who was found in this event
What really happened in sudan people out side egypt, sudan and algeria the europian people did not know what had happened
People in france know that the egyptions who had Beyond the beat on algerian people and that is not truly
The true is the algerians people Beyond the beat on the egyptions who were did not know what algerians are going to do but they were going to sudan with their flags only they did not have guns, knifes. Sticks any thing they were alone they are going to Encourage their country they were going to football match they were not going to war.
Against the algerians who had Prepared for war with weapons, White and went also to send all those with the unemployed and criminals in order to Idharbo fans Egyptian unarmed, including women and children who are not guilty of the most important and all the Egyptians have no guilt is presumed to be fair competition between the parties, but it turned into a war unilaterally and was equipped for this war From this side of any Algerian
I know that you who do not believe me but this is the truth who want to watch search on you tube and you will found what I had said and at end thanks every body
Kortam (Real Madrid) 7 years ago
This link  
 On what I had said
Shghal (Borussia Dortmund) 7 years ago
Nice view kortam & i`m completly with you .
There are videos show what happened in france after second game 2-0 for egypt , Algeians broke shops and streets and explained that they were a barbaric people must be punished for their actions .

You can copy this topic there in the terrace : Link:

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