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You Know Who You Are!
Drdownundermum (Charlton Athletic) 6 years ago
I can't wait till NOV 13 when I will savagely remove all dead weight. Bring it on
Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
I have that many injuries 3 transfer windows wouldnt sort my problems
Charliehenry (Arsenal youth) 6 years ago
LOL yeah I will make some changes to my DF team I'm just not sure about how to get my budget to work atm I have VDV and Teves in mind but may have to switch a lot around.... Not sure yet
Drdownundermum (Charlton Athletic) 6 years ago
Paulo Ferriera has been consistent for me. He is staying definately
Juveseria (Juventus) 6 years ago
Whatever happened to Raul Albiol I put him in my team and he's scored nothing. Along with that I didn't fully utilize my budget which in hindsight was a bad idea because there players of better quality available although I'll just attribute it to my inexperience
6 years ago
Transmurphy (noun/verb) Pronunciation: /ˈtran(t)s, ˈtranz/ mɜːfɪ - The act of changing a player in your Dreamfooty team, who then goes on to score a shed load of points in his following games.

"I got badly transmurphied when I removed Neuer from my Dreamfooty team when he then kept 6 clean sheets in a row"
Hithere (Manchester United) 6 years ago

True story: I got transmurphied when I removed Chiellini. That same week he scored TWO goals and Juventus kept a clean sheet in the next (or the next next, I forgot) game
Sumdumfu (Los Angeles Galaxy) 6 years ago
This has not happened to me yet, though I'm sure it will when I drop rooney like a.... Something bad.... And he goes on to win the scoring title again
6 years ago
As in the example above, I really fear a serious case of transmurphying in the november window.

I think a lot of people thought Neuer was an absolute bargain at the start of the season
Sumdumfu (Los Angeles Galaxy) 6 years ago
Haha nice picture netnerd. You don't happen to read do you?
6 years ago
No I don't, but obviously will now check it out
Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
Whats transmurphy? , an irish guy that dresses as a woman? .... Lmfao
6 years ago
Judging by the talent in this country, I'd say most women are just that - men in a dress with a bit of lippie on
Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
I know what you mean mate, who ever said irish women where good looking? , I'm married to one, I should know.... Lol.
The men on the other hand are quite handsome...
Marcinny (New York Red Bulls) 6 years ago
Can't wait to sack Avram Grant. He is sinking my boat.

And also get rid of Bobby Zamora. Poor guy. I thought it would be his season and he did have a good start
Lifeguard (FootyTube Moderator) 6 years ago
I joined late to the fantasy league, but I already know I'm going to have to change a few things around. One of my defensemen must be asleep, because while everyone else is racking up points he's earned a measly 6 points
N3razzurri (Inter Milan) 6 years ago
Come on, I can't wait either.... I'll be on the look out for a solid GK, CB, CM and a stable manager, there are plenty of them in contention but I'll be rigidly scouting them out before hand I just hope I don't get re-transmurphied (I. E the opposite of Transmurphy, if there even is such a word for it?)
Drdownundermum (Charlton Athletic) 6 years ago
OK I have done the ruthless dispatch and I have been transmurphied already. EHeu! Ha Ha.  But I don't have any subs sitting it out anymore.
Hithere (Manchester United) 6 years ago
Don't worry, any changes you make now won't be reflected yet till tuesday. You may no longer have the players but if they pick up any points during this weekend, you'll still get the points

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