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Weekly Point Break Down?
Rayrulesohye (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Where can we see what our players did on match day to get these points, I. E. A breakdown of points allocated?
Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
Great idea ray, i've often thought myself, who the hell got me my points this week.
Plus we would be able to tell if we were getting the proper points, or if we are getting them at all due to bugs etc:
Something for the admins to look into in their spare time.... {between stupors}
Good point mate
Rayrulesohye (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Cheers Tony maybe it could be a feature next season, it would be very helpful to team selection and would keep us logged in a bit longer
Matt (Footytube Staff) 6 years ago
A full breakdown of player points will be included in next seasons game as well as the upcoming World Cup game
Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
We're way to slow for these guys ray, they got it sussed already, good one matt

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