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Time To Add Some New Ways To Get Points?
Northgreen (AC Milan) 4 years ago
I got some few suggestions for upcoming footytube dreamfooty points calculation, if it is possible to do anything with.

1) Assist for defenders. Why can't defenders get points for assists as well? Aren't their assist worth as much as midfielders doing assists?

2) Combination bonus. What about putting a combination bonus points if a player happens to have 2 players on his team where one player assist the other. That would make it so that people now should try to find which 2 players on a team are having better chemistry. For example, if Dani Alves get assist for Messi, not only will you get the assist points (which you won't get anyway) for the assist as well as the goal points for Messi, but another let say 3 extra points for the combination bonus?

3) Six yard block/save a shot behind goalkeeper points. As it stands, it is better to buy the cheapest defender available in a good defensive team as long as he plays. I think that could be changed if the defenders contribution got more highlighted. A save behind the goalkeeper by a defender should be worth as much as an goal, and many statistical companies are holding records of this "last man standing" or "six yard block" of each of the players? To me it sounds fair if the defender would get a 5 point for a contribution like this to the team:

Here is some examples of what I would like to be awarded 5 points for defenders (in addition to the clean sheet bonus):

A guy who does this 5 times in a match and then see his team lose 1-0 would with the system today earn 3 points for playing the whole game, and that seems a bit unfair to me.

That would make it more likely that we buy the best defenders as well.

Oh and bonus points for Goalkeepers saving penalties (8 points perhaps?) (does not apply if the penalty shooter miss the target) and penalize those who has a penalty shooter who doesn't score (-3 perhaps?)

Edit. I wasn't sure where to put this suggestion up so I made one in both "feature suggestions" and "dreamfooty" forums
Jimmybreeze (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Its good that youve got your thinking cap on but there seems to be something inherently wrong in all of this
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 4 years ago
Add to Alex's suggestions:    First goal, and game winning goals
Franboy (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Too much work for staff (think of matt LOL)
1) if assists counted for the defenders, everyone will buy back (alves, marcelo, lahm, alaba, alba, ....). People will not buy central defenders (pique, hummels, pepe, Boateng, ....)
2) too complicated for the calculation of points
3) for the keepers, how to evaluate these criteria (saves?)

These are good ideas but not easy to start
Northgreen (AC Milan) 4 years ago
1) Not if Thiago Silva Chiellini etc get their goal line saves.
2) Not at all. Statistical companies do keep track of this for matches and seasons
3) I am not sure what you ask here? They stop a penalty with saving it is a save. If the penalty goes wide it is not their effort and not a save.

Several companies do keep track of shots at target as well and saves by goalkeeper.

This is hardly more controversial than how they already evaluate if the assister is an assist and if it shall be counted as goal or own goal when a finishing attempt bounce of a player and into the net.

For the record. If this is too much work, Matt could make a dreamfooty staff with a responsible for each league (all with access to the same statistical company you should go with here) and adding the different achievements from all the players in the matches as they go. Having 1 responsible for England and premier League(+cups?), one for Germany and Bundesliga(+cups?), one for Spain and La Liga(+cups?), 1 for Italy and Serie A (+cups?) and 1 final for Major cups (Champions league and Europa League)

I am sure there is people at this site which would be willing to take such responsibility into the game and ease up the pressure for Matt
Franboy (Barcelona) 4 years ago
These are good ideas but that will change the game too
For example saves the keepers (Casillas, Valdes, never: they never make a lot of saves because their teams are stronger. In this case all the world will one keepers playing in a very bad team. Because there will be many more saves in his matches.

"saves of penalty" should be rewarded with many points (I totally agree with you) and this is easy to calculate.

I have an idea to make the game more technical:
The starting lineup -> normal point
The three captains -> point doubled
Subs -> half point?

The subs have really participate in the game and not just replace an injury.
People would be rewarded if they buy more subs. Would change the game data because otherwise everyone takes the best players and have sacrificed the subs (players often 3 million)
Hithere (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Having one staff member per league to manually add the points is still asking a lot! 20 teams x ~20 players x 34 games + cup games. That's not gonna' happen. You should know of course, that Matt doesn't manually add the points by looking up at stats data. That's time consuming and prone to human error. Dreamfooty is just fed stats from the stats provider and the points get updated.

Manual monitoring and updating just won't work. To implement some of your suggestions, Dreamfooty needs to upgrade to a more sophisticated (and more expensive) stats provider
Jeroen (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Franboy said it: centre backs aren't popular as it is, because they pick up cards more easily and score less, so why give full backs yet another advantage? I once suggested full backs be rated differently: they can get assist points, but should only get 5 pts per clean sheet. However, because it can be very difficult to assess who is a full back and who is a centre back (think of players such as Puyol, Ramos, Ivanovic, ....) and because DF is based on data from another website, this won't happen.

Combinations, as you describe, aren't a stat that is looked at by the data-collecting websites that can be used for DF. The combination an sich is too hard to define as well, and would give midfielders and attackers even more points. Defenders become worthless like this, unless clean sheets become so important they will unbalance the entire game.

The saving tackles you mentioned are something inherent to certain defenders only. Kompany often does this, but Piqué doesn't. That doesn't mean Piqué is a worse defender, it's just not his style. He intercepts passes more than Kompany does, just like Hummels, for example.

The main flaw is the fact the data you suggest be used are nowhere to be found. DF uses simple data everyone can understand from one reliable source and unless the game becomes much more complicated and uses sophisticated data such as those of Opta, none of those stats can be used.

The only possible useful addition to the existing used data would, I think, be MOTM awards, though those are very subjective. The clean sheets, assists, goals, minus points for cards and the points for won and drawn games are the only really obvious usable stats, for now
Northgreen (AC Milan) 4 years ago
The assist thing would be even out by the last man tackle/goal line saves which are more often done by center becks.

Lots of statistical companies do keep track of who get assisted by whom.

The keeper get points from penalty savings but perhaps he could get 1 point per shot on target he saves (lots of statistical companies keeps track of this as well)

About difference between Kompany Pique, one could simply add some kind of system which award a point every 7th interception/tackle (every time a player win the ball back) or so

Motm is indeed subjective and I wouldn't like to see the addition of that as Zlatan, Pirlo and Messi next to always get it in games they play even when they are not the best.

Anyway, adjust the prices of those who assist more often compared to those who doesn't. The way it stands today one will simply not buy Lahm or ramos because they cost 5m more or so than other starters in the teams (with even less competition for their spot)
Hithere (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Like Jeroen said, most of your suggestions can only be implemented if Dreamfooty uses stats from Opta (or other sophisticated services). Right now, I dunno what data footytube uses but seeing how it can't even get assists stats for domestic cups (for the normal season long dreamfooty), I don't have much hope for complicated stats!

The official UEFA fantasy football, for example, uses Opta stats and in that game, keepers get points for penalty saves and penalty takers gets points deducted for misses, like you suggested. Defenders also get assists (4 pts) but to prevent only full backs from getting picked, defenders also get 1 point for every 5 recovered balls (clearances/interceptions/tackles)
Ltm017 4 years ago
I am just adding this even though I know it has been mentioned before. You buy a good player for say 4 mil and the transfer windows opens. He is now worth 8 mil. Why is it we don't get price adjustments as well. We should be able to get a profit for the players if they do well and if they don't we lose out.

This is really how things work. You take a chance on a player and they do well you can keep them or sell them for more
Fiasc0 (Eintracht Braunschweig) 4 years ago
Flip that coin! I picked P. Jones as Def for 3Mil - I did never sold him because all others had to pay 8mil or higher at next transfer window. So I'm luckily saved my money.
Fiasc0 (Eintracht Braunschweig) 4 years ago
Double post.  

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