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The Brazil History The Most Important Keep Attacking The Weak First From Spain
Tinayu (Manchester United) 3 months ago
Recently, Diego Bailey in an interview in Brazil, said the main thing is to avoid the Spain world cup, he said: "Brazil is the most important thing to avoid in spain. In our view, the only good thing is that Spain is very clean. Spain play in modern football, if not to find common ground, they are like 70's orange, Spain is also the same style, in the course of high closing down. Spain is a very worth watching team."
Then Bailey said: "I'm here, do the best I can do something for the world cup." The world cup will start on June 12th, the day of the finals will take place in July 13th, but most of the Brazil stadium problems, Bailey said: "we represent the world football, all this should not happen, but it happened, this is really sad."
Bailey finally talk about the Brazil team, he said: "the Brazil team is different from the previous World Cup team Brazil, Brazil team in previous years to determine our own point of attack in two or three months ago, the line of attack is also ranked the forefront of the world, despite all our poor defensive. But this year, the Brazil team in the backcourt are very good, but we need to put our point of attack combed. This in the history of Brazil, or the first time this kind of thing."


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