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Subs V No Subs
YoloToure (Liverpool) 4 years ago
Yes, thanks v much hithere! That was v helpful. Ill owe you a % of my prize when I win now
Hithere (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Pros and Cons of having subs:

1. Subbing injured and banned players
2. Subbing out players who you think will do badly on the gameweek. Sub out that Reading defender before a Man City vs Reading game.
3. Taking advantage of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday games.
Here's how it works:
- On Friday, sub in players who will play on Sat, Sun and Mon.
- On Saturday 8am GMT (before the weekend matches kick off), your team is saved and locked into the system. This team is valid until Tuesday 8am GMT.
- On Monday, sub in players who will play on Tues, Wed, Thu and Fri (UCL and EL teams mainly). Sub in your players before this Tues 8am GMT deadline.
- On Tues 8am GMT, your new team is locked in and saved. It is valid until Saturday 8am GMT.
- Repeat. And Profit.

1. Costs more money. (Say bye bye to having a Ronaldo+Messi attack!)
2. You have 3 transfer windows (plus 2 more emergency transfer windows for PRO+ users) to sub out injured players
3. Although having subs can take advantage of the UCL and EL games as described above, if you spent all your money on 11 star players from teams in the UCL and EL, there's no need to sub them out.
4. You have to be actively monitoring upcoming games and make sure to sub/in players before the deadlines. Also there's a risk of making a bad sub and losing potential points
YoloToure (Liverpool) 4 years ago
Are there two chancea to make subs per week? If so that dedinitely makes having subs advantageous.  I thought it was just once a wk though
Hithere (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Yup, from the FAQ:

When will substitutes/formation changes take effect?

If you make substitutions or formation changes then these changes take effect for the purpose of points scoring at the following save point. There are two save points per week one on Saturday morning and one on Tuesday morning both around 8am GMT. So for example if on a Wednesday I sub off Messi and put on Drogba that change will take effect from the next save point which in this case would be the following Saturday at 8am
Hithere (Manchester United) 4 years ago
If you want to take extra advantage, try to look at future league fixtures on friday. I know Bundesliga sometimes have games on Friday. I took advantage of that last year whenever a player on my team plays on Friday.

But nonetheless, this year, I'm going without subs. I think 5 transfer windows are enough for me to swap out injured players.
Also, more importantly, I'm too lazy to check upcoming fixtures, plan in the advance and sub players in/out every week lol
Rubin (Inter Milan) 4 years ago
This was helpful. Thank you!
Rubin (Inter Milan) 4 years ago
Also, as you said and as I was trying to point out in one of my previous posts, if all your players in your starting XI are in the UCL and UEL, then the only purpose of the subs is to replace injured and suspended players. So, it's not that much of an advantage, it's mainly a precaution
Jimmybreeze (Manchester United) 4 years ago
I personally have 4 subs whilst still managing to have Messi in my team and what I believe are great point gatherers. If you can do it I would say go for it
Tony (footytube staff) 4 years ago
If you want to keep the game realistic, it should be compulsary to have 5 subs.  But we would need a bigger budget, maybe another £20m or so.
AnthonysOpinion (Atlético Madrid) 4 years ago
Not knowing the rules, I grabbed all five spots. After Iniesta, Falcao, and Pepe, my XI is clearly no world-beater. Dunno how I'll last till the next transfer window. Looks grim
Franboy (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Have subs in the team is seriously advantage. But it is necessary to follow the team every day.
Many people like me play without sub (well, I think?) because it is easier
Rubin (Inter Milan) 4 years ago
I'm struggling to understand how subs would be an advantage, other than replacing injured players. You can only make changes on Tuesday and Saturday. For example, if you have a player that plays in the UEL on Thursday and want to sub him in for a player that played his UCL game on Tuesday, it won't work, because the change will take effect on Satuday. So, how are subs an advantage?
Rubin (Inter Milan) 4 years ago
Double post, don't know how that happened. :S
Franboy (Barcelona) 4 years ago
There is also another advantage that you seem to forget :
For exemple I have a DC of malaga (demechelis) if he plays against a good team (barcelona or madrid) I can replace him by another DC
Rubin (Inter Milan) 4 years ago
You are right! After replying to Hithere's post last night I was still thinking about this and then I reread his post and he mentioned it as well. So yeah subs are quite important actually. Hopefully my 2 subs will be enough
YoloToure (Liverpool) 4 years ago
You think its still wise to have a couple bargain subs? Because its v tempting to throw all my money into a starting xi but I feel it would bite me in the ass in thr long run
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 4 years ago
Well it is a question of what you would think is better. I personally like having two subs, one defender and one midfield which does a good job covering for any injuries. That is of course because they are more versatile and fit better into the formations
Rubin (Inter Milan) 4 years ago
^^  I got 2 subs as well, 1 defender and 1 midfielder.  Better to be safe than sorry.
Zhenwei (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Some people don't like to have players that don't earn points.... But it depends on how you want it. They could be good backups in case of injuries

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