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Star Players
13A1N (Tottenham Hotspur) 3 years ago
Why has my star players been reset? Just logged on to see points accumulated and it's not what it should have been, then I realized that my star players were no longer star players = lost points
Hithere (Manchester United) 3 years ago
Did you save the team after setting the star players? Happened to me once. I set the star players but forgot to save the team
13A1N (Tottenham Hotspur) 3 years ago
Yes deffo saved team
Ltm017 3 years ago
Yeah the same thing happened to me
St1or (Barcelona) 3 years ago
One of my star defenders got no points for yesterdays clean sheet (Chiellini). I hope it's a glitch or something because Juve got a clean sheet and Chiellini scored
Hithere (Manchester United) 3 years ago
Juventus vs Lazio was the Super Cup. Not counted as far as I know. I have a star Juve defender too
4ever (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Not counted, tevez and conte could have give me load more points if that counts
Ltm017 3 years ago
Is anyone going to answer? Or just pretend like questions weren't asked
Matt (Footytube Staff) 3 years ago
Sorry I missed this thread I assumed from the title it was just a thread discussing Star Players. For future reference for quesries of this nature it is best to post in a high priority thread like 'Dreamfooty Bugs'.

This is a bit of an odd problem. Star players unlike your starting 11 are saved and active the very moment you save your team. There is no way to reset them or to change them once they have been saved (outside of selling the players). I can only assume that either the team was not saved or there was an interruption in the connection when you went to save your team.

Can you confirm if any other changes you made have been lost?
Cpops (Chelsea) 1 year ago
Any chance of re-thinking the star player bonus - it's boring when everyone has to get Messi or Ronaldo (and spend a chunk of money). You could argue that a star player's goal should not be any more important than anyone else's goal. It might be more fun to get two interesting players for the cost of a Messi - but because the star factor is 2x - it does not seem to make point sense.
I was excited when the star player feature started but now I think the 2x factor is too much - how about a 1. 25x factor or none. Makes it worthwhile to find the lesser known players who can contribute points
Malik (Barcelona) 1 year ago
Messi and ronaldo are sort of exception to any rule, star factor or not they will still post crazy high points and I think its reflective in their price tags

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