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Show Off Your 2013/2014 Dreamfooty Jersey!
Jeroen (Barcelona) 11 months ago
Following last year's thread, here's the place where you can show off you Dreamfooty kit.
You just need to write [ kit]USERNAME[ /kit] without the spaces, replacing the word 'username' with your own username of course.

Here's the kit of my team, the Cupid Stunts:

(and yes, I did just copy-paste last year's thread)
Badge (Manchester United) 11 months ago
Sir, I find the name of your team highly inappropriate
Jeroen (Barcelona) 11 months ago
Why you no like the stunts from poor ol' Cupid?
Matt (Footytube Staff) 11 months ago
I am going for a garish 80's vibe:    Always red and white obviously.    
Jimmybreeze (FK Partizan Beograd) 11 months ago
Badge (Manchester United) 11 months ago
Here's mine. Keeping it simple!    
Fiasc0 (Eintracht Braunschweig) 11 months ago
Simple.... Yes, but it fits. Nice choice
Tanmay 11 months ago
Aaaand the kit for my team, CheeseSteakJimmys, is:    
Jeroen (Barcelona) 11 months ago
Horrible kit, awesome name as per usual

Damn it, if I had known your team's name sooner M, I'd have named mine 'How do you turn this on'
Rubin (Inter Milan) 11 months ago
This is the kit of my team, Footy Fever:    
Maaza (Barcelona) 11 months ago
I designed a really awesome and futuristic kit for my team, Sexy Hodor XI    
Jeroen (Barcelona) 11 months ago
Love it, but it needs more brown
ManOnDMoon (Manchester City) 11 months ago
That's interesting, why is brown not popular with football clubs. Even pink is
Sam (Juventus) 11 months ago
After a dismal 2012-13 DF season, going back to the tested and true:    ReJuvenated FC  
Jeroen (Barcelona) 11 months ago
Whoa Sammo, that is a stunning jersey! And I love how half of us have picked the Fabre Gas logo. I hope a lot of United fans did the same. They're free to admire him at Barça this year and the next
Theo (Chelsea) 11 months ago
Mindfork FC    
Geo7728 (AC Milan) 11 months ago
Sons of pitches
Rubin (Inter Milan) 11 months ago
Love your team name
Tharius (Real Madrid) 11 months ago
Samba Bamba
Laskabacsi (Liverpool) 11 months ago
Mumbai (Chelsea) 11 months ago
Haks1 (Bordeaux) 11 months ago
CA Boca Seniors !    
Hithere (Manchester United) 11 months ago
Cylon Zombies United  

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