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Show Off Your 2013/2014 Dreamfooty Jersey!
Jeroen (Barcelona) 8 months ago
Following last year's thread, here's the place where you can show off you Dreamfooty kit.
You just need to write [ kit]USERNAME[ /kit] without the spaces, replacing the word 'username' with your own username of course.

Here's the kit of my team, the Cupid Stunts:

(and yes, I did just copy-paste last year's thread)
Badge (Manchester United) 8 months ago
Sir, I find the name of your team highly inappropriate
Jeroen (Barcelona) 8 months ago
Why you no like the stunts from poor ol' Cupid?
Matt (Footytube Staff) 8 months ago
I am going for a garish 80's vibe:    Always red and white obviously.    
Jimmybreeze (Manchester United) 8 months ago
Badge (Manchester United) 8 months ago
Here's mine. Keeping it simple!    
Fiasc0 (Eintracht Braunschweig) 8 months ago
Simple.... Yes, but it fits. Nice choice
Tanmay 8 months ago
Aaaand the kit for my team, CheeseSteakJimmys, is:    
Jeroen (Barcelona) 8 months ago
Horrible kit, awesome name as per usual

Damn it, if I had known your team's name sooner M, I'd have named mine 'How do you turn this on'
Rubin (Inter Milan) 8 months ago
This is the kit of my team, Footy Fever:    
Maaza (Barcelona) 8 months ago
I designed a really awesome and futuristic kit for my team, Sexy Hodor XI    
Jeroen (Barcelona) 8 months ago
Love it, but it needs more brown
ManOnDMoon (Manchester City) 8 months ago
That's interesting, why is brown not popular with football clubs. Even pink is
Sam (Juventus) 8 months ago
After a dismal 2012-13 DF season, going back to the tested and true:    ReJuvenated FC  
Jeroen (Barcelona) 8 months ago
Whoa Sammo, that is a stunning jersey! And I love how half of us have picked the Fabre Gas logo. I hope a lot of United fans did the same. They're free to admire him at Barça this year and the next
Theo (Chelsea) 8 months ago
Mindfork FC    
Geo7728 (AC Milan) 8 months ago
Sons of pitches
Rubin (Inter Milan) 8 months ago
Love your team name
Tharius (Real Madrid) 8 months ago
Samba Bamba
Laskabacsi (Liverpool) 8 months ago
Mumbai (Chelsea) 8 months ago
Haks1 (Bordeaux) 8 months ago
CA Boca Seniors !    
Hithere (Manchester United) 8 months ago
Cylon Zombies United  

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