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Everyone Can Be Rewarded Now :)
LordLloyd (Manchester United) 5 years ago
I was thinking about a way to reward everyone in DreamFooty:
I thought that, aside from the prize pool for the pros, we could reward everyone by allowing us to keep one player at the end of the season and then sell him next season for his new market value (and we could deduct his purchase price from the new budget).
Ie: I buy 'player X' for 3M this year and I happen to have found a talent (such as some Dortmund players last season); at the end of the season I can choose to keep him or someone else from my squad for the coming season; result: I start next season with a 122M budget instead of 125M and with 'player X' in my squad; I can then choose to sell him for his new 'value', say 14M. I will then have a 136M thanks to my research last season or of course I can choose to keep him
What do you guys think?
Jeroen (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Nice, but it would unbalance things quite a lot for newbies.
Example: last year, I had Hummels from the start for 3m. Now he's 12m (still a fairly low price compared to other defenders, given the fact he gets clean sheets a lot) and I'd have 9m more than before. Messi, who I have included in my teams forever, is even more extreme: from 18m (already the most expensive player back then) to 30m. If I had Leo for 18m now, that would mean I'd have a 12m advantage over the people who didn't. Basically, it eliminates all competition for those who are already good in dreamfooty.

The first season, your budget could go up as high as 175m, and that was really not fair for people who have a much lower fan valuation. I won, with a big lead on Ant, who was second, and who also had a big lead to the n°3. Every time people congratulated me, I kept saying I was lucky (to be spared of many injuries) and I realized the budget advantage I had over many others was simply eradicating opposition.

Imho, a game like this should always aim to be a real competition to see who's the best at knowing which players will do well, and not just the star players. So therefore, I love the fact we all have a very tight budget and have to spend wisely, instead of just going for the best 11 players in this game. It gets people interested in lesser teams too
LordLloyd (Manchester United) 5 years ago
You make a point here but I think what I proposed won't be that unfair to newbies since you will get (or would save) no more than 15M (I don't think a player has ever been raised by more than that).
Just thought it would be cool to reward everyone for picking a cheap talent from the beginning of the season....
It's kind of the same as the extra 10M for being pro. It does give some edge but not that much and it will allow next years 'regular' players to compete more with 'pro' players....

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