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RGordon (FC Hansa Rostock) 11 months ago
Why is everybody's team still hidden if at the same time we can access specific lists about the highest scoring players for each position?

Frankly speaking - not a big fan of those lists. While interesting in themselves for sure, it kinda ruins the fun of looking out for great bargains
Jeroen (Barcelona) 11 months ago
Agreed, I'd like to see those lists removed until January, where they could maybe pop up for a week or so, and then again until the season ends
Jeroen (Barcelona) 11 months ago
Agreed, I'd like to see those lists removed until January, where they could maybe pop up for a week or so, and then again until the season ends
Matt (Footytube Staff) 11 months ago
I think the lists are not very useful now anyway due to lack of games played. Do we really think Mata and Bale will stay on 0 points etc. The bargains come from knowing about players coming into form, back from injury etc
Haks1 (Bordeaux) 11 months ago
Will we get the last mercato changes that had been made before the end of the open windows? (Chamakh at Crystal Palace, Gervinho at AS Roma, Gameiro at Sevilla, ....)

Because you've made the changes for well-known players (Albiol, Higuain, Tevez, ....) but not some others
Chargui (Arsenal) 11 months ago
Does a player get assist points for winning a penalty?
Rubin (Inter Milan) 11 months ago
RGordon (FC Hansa Rostock) 11 months ago
When will we be able to see this season's stats in the player's performance graph? It still shows the old 12/13 season
Chargui (Arsenal) 11 months ago
Yep. Same question
AidanLuca (Tottenham Hotspur) 11 months ago
Will we be able to see other people's teams this season?
Matt (Footytube Staff) 11 months ago
Yup but you will have to waint until after the first transfer window
AidanLuca (Tottenham Hotspur) 11 months ago
Okay thanks
Siyavosh2002 (Barcelona) 11 months ago
Would anyone please tell me a league and its password for me to join?
Haks1 (Bordeaux) 11 months ago
There are Champions Cup which is open for anybody (password: ChampCup).

Anybody can also join the league that I made with a friend: Goodfellas (pwd: 93)
Juraman (Sochaux) 11 months ago
Does somebody knows when players prices will firt be reevaluated? I want to use my first transfert window not to early but not to late
Matt (Footytube Staff) 11 months ago
Just before first transfer window (new players added also)
ZIZOO (Real Madrid) 11 months ago
Woooooow what's up with the crazy prices. David Villa 16. 5 Million with Athletico Madrid!
ZIZOO (Real Madrid) 11 months ago
Haha Allegri and Conte are a lil overpriced at 95 and 85 Million
ZIZOO (Real Madrid) 11 months ago
ZIZOO (Real Madrid) 11 months ago
Please don't leave the transfer window open for the first two weeks after the season starts like last year as it takes away a lot of the guesswork and makes finding gems that are due to shine a lot less special
Kaddoura (Bayern München) 11 months ago
100% agree with you, last year I remember some fans took started choosing players after they performed well in the first couple of week although they have no freakin idea who that player is (Ex. Huszti, carvajal, etc) as you said it loses its excitement!
ZIZOO (Real Madrid) 11 months ago
Last season, People that bought Michu since day 1 because they knew he would shine had no advantage over people that just bought him 2 weeks later after they were like daaamn who is that guy
Docdre99 (Barcelona) 11 months ago
Most of all : don't change the value of players too quickly. Exemple last season : coach's juventus cost 3 millions but cost 9 millions only 2 weeks later ! The game was wrong because the earlier bought him and this is a big advantage
Franboy (Barcelona) 12 months ago
Hello to all,
I still did not receive an email, or money for the last season (2012 - 2013) dreamfooty. Some people tell me they received their prize money?
What should I do? Thank you
Kaddoura (Bayern München) 1 year ago
Good Day,

For most of the leagues season will start beginning of August (Bundesliga on 09/08/2013) when will the dreamfooty start, we need to start making our teams!

Appreciate your immediate response,
Kaddoura (Bayern München) 12 months ago
I thought that the admins in footytube could be much more professional but looks like you are not even bothered checking, most of the fans who registered here and play in the fantasy league are asking questions for more than 1 month and till now we didn't receive a reply!

Appreciate receiving a reply from your side before league starts!
Jimmybreeze (FK Partizan Beograd) 12 months ago
Let's wait until the 7th/8th August - if it's late then then it becomes a problem because the Bundesliga starts on the 9th.

Anyway, I'm going to have a cup of coffee and chase some neighborhood cats around, I'm bored
ElGaucho (AC Milan) 12 months ago
Relax guys.... I'm sure that Matt and the other admins are busy preparing this year's edition. Whenever the competition starts, it will be a common date for all participants.

I understand your excitement though
Kaddoura (Bayern München) 11 months ago
Thanks guys for sharing, looks like all of us are ready and excited for the league!
Haks1 (Bordeaux) 1 year ago

Me too, I can't wait more to start !

I think I was in the top 100 in 2010/11 but I had missed the windows last year (too much work....), so I check everytime !

There is still no lunch date?
Jimmybreeze (FK Partizan Beograd) 1 year ago

Just wanted to say how excited I am for the beginning of the new season and that I can't wait to start playing again.

AidanLuca (Tottenham Hotspur) 1 year ago
When will the transfer window open?
13A1N (Tottenham Hotspur) 1 year ago
I would like to know this too, but don't look forward to making headache decisions...
Thias (Chelsea) 1 year ago
Are there any good defenders for less than 2 mil?
ManOnDMoon (Manchester City) 1 year ago
You can buy good ones for 3m but at the start of the season/game. I don't think there are players for less than 3m - others might confirm or correct that

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