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Dreamfooty Payout?
Jeroen (Barcelona) 2 years ago
Hi Matt,

I think I speak for all DF competitors who've earned a place in the top in the DF of last season and the WC one when I saw I still haven't received an e-mail about a paypal address or something. This season I'm proud to say I became second in the seasonal DF and first in the WC DF. My paypal e-mail is by the way. No need to edit it out, it's no secret and I'm open to gifts from generous people
Malik (Barcelona) 2 years ago

I finished 22nd in regular DF and 5 in WC DF, I know I am suppose to get Pro membership for finishing 1st in under 120 M category but will I get 25$ (no sure about amount though) for finishing in top 25 for overall competition?
Jeroen (Barcelona) 2 years ago
I think I can answer that: you're only eligible for the moneys if you're PRO+. But since you were first in the seasonal DF as a free player, you'll be PRO+ next season and have the right to compete for the prizes then
Matt (Footytube Staff) 2 years ago
All prizes to confirmed accounts have now been sent.

There are still a LOT of prizes to be claimed but I will start a different thread to give instructions for those users
Jeroen (Barcelona) 2 years ago
   Awesome!    I'm gonna' waste it all on beer!
Matt (Footytube Staff) 2 years ago
Then it is not wasted

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