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Dreamfooty Dream Team (part Two)
Jeroen (Barcelona) 6 years ago
Here I am again with an updated version of dreamfooty's dream team. The concept is quite simple: I picked the best possible team based on dreamfooty's scores as of 12 February 2010. Coincidentally, the best possible dreamfooty team consists of the first 11 players in the score charts. You might think: that's no coincidence, that's just plain logic. Well no, it isn't. Imagine the entire top 11 were all defenders, how would you make a dreamfooty team out of them?
But it just so happens the first 11 players combine for a beautiful 4-3-3 valued at a grand total of 134.5 mil footytube pounds worth no less than 4067 points, given the right defender (Terry), midfielder (Lampard) and attacker (Rooney) are star players.

Here they are!

Dreamfooty dream team February 2010:

And just to compare:

Dreamfooty dream team October 2009: (also, strangely enough, a 4-3-3)

Edit: I completely created these teams with print screens, copy-pasting and paint, for anyone wondering
Ant (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Very interesting. You can see how vital Torres is to the Liverpool team. Him being injured for most of the season means both he AND Gerrard dropped out of the best 11.

I'm quite happy, my dream team is about 90% that of the best possible, However, note that the team you made is invalid, with the "two players per team" rule
Jeroen (Barcelona) 6 years ago
True, but that was also the case with the previous DF dreamteam. It goes to show that Chelsea, Barça and Arsenal are by far the best teams according to DF. 10 out of 11 players are from one of those teams. Which could bring up the question why Arsenal isn't doing better in the EPL.
Is it because they rely on their star players (too) much, because they score quite a lot, have quite a lot of clean sheets, but not in the right (the big) games? Or because they're not consistent? Or maybe they're just a team that only really does well according to the dreamfooty player ratings

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