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ManOnDMoon (Manchester City) 4 weeks ago
Matt, Looks like points for Coppa Italia were awarded only for games on Saturday. I suppose the ones for Sunday will come through tomorrow?
I will sub the goalkeeper before the next saving point, are points for the other goalkeeper still going to be assigned? Thanks
ManOnDMoon (Manchester City) 3 weeks ago
I see this worked out.  But Verdi (Empoli) didn't get points for goal scored, could you look at that?
ZIZOO (Real Madrid) 1 month ago
No open emergency transfer window button? How do I open one?
Matt (Footytube Staff) 1 month ago
PRO+ windows are now activated! 1 week into the season, try to resist that knee jerk sale!
ZIZOO (Real Madrid) 1 month ago
Haha Ya I'm trying
ZIZOO (Real Madrid) 1 month ago
Where are points for Real Madrid and Atletico?
St1or (Barcelona) 1 month ago
Doesn't count
ZIZOO (Real Madrid) 1 month ago
I think it should its a UEFA match. Just like the qualification games being played.
If anything these are teams that earned playing this match not team that are playing for qualification! It all gooooood
HangTime (Chelsea) 1 month ago
Is anyone having trouble using their Emergency transfer window? I can't use mine and I'm a Pro-User.... At least I should be bc I know footytube just took money from my account.
Got to switch Barkley, that boy just had to get injured right before the season starts
Dawich (Chelsea) 1 month ago
Can someone please answer this question? I also need to use my emergency tw
St1or (Barcelona) 1 month ago
Hey Matt!

Just a small question/concern. I thought DF started on the 16th and not on the 15th? Because I know of people that got ridiculous amounts of points from Bayer Leverkusen's Friday game (namely Spahic and Kießling). Had I known the Friday game counted, I would have not kept those players on my bench. And this 'glitch/misunderstandin? ' gives a lot of people an unfair advantage this early in the season.

I am hoping it's a small glitch! Let me know! Thanks
Malik (Barcelona) 1 month ago
5 goals and a win, well that explains a lot, points were suppose to start from matches played on 16th of Aug so that points from Leverkusen match should be removed
St1or (Barcelona) 1 month ago
Or at the very least, at least award the points for people that bought those players but have kept them on the bench (which isn't fair to everyone). At least this way the people who had the intentions of earning points with those players actually do get points.

14 from Spahic
35 from Kiesling

It could be the difference between 1st place and 100th at this stage lol
Jeroen (Barcelona) 1 month ago
Yeah, they're right. It's a pretty unfair advantage I (and many others) have right now. Like St1or says, 35 points, possibly another 14 with a Leverkusen defender, so potentially 98 (2*(35+14)) points that were unfairly distributed. You could even have Leverkusen's manager, which would've added another 23 points
Matt (Footytube Staff) 1 month ago
It is a glitch, I overlooked that friday game so those point earnt will not last long! Ill run a patch and update the points
Tanmay 1 month ago
Oh St1or you spoilsport! Imma put you on status for this lol
Malik (Barcelona) 1 month ago
LOL tanmay, St1or really wants to win this season
Zlatan94310 (PSG) 1 month ago
Thanks for spotting this St1or! I was a bit confused about those points
Jeroen (Barcelona) 1 month ago
Hey, I have Messi for a mere 25m, I'm happy
St1or (Barcelona) 1 month ago
Lol I think it's just a huge unfair disadvantage this early on in the season. And with Jeroen around, you have no luck winning

And thanks Matt!
Jimmybreeze (Manchester United) 1 month ago
St1or, with you around I never have to worry about unfairness prevailing. You're hired on behalf of everybody, I'm going to go and get myself a cold drink
ElGaucho (AC Milan) 1 month ago
Hi Matt, thanks for looking into this - much appreciated
ElGaucho (AC Milan) 1 month ago
Hi Matt - has this patch been applied please? I'm just asking because I need to know by how many points I'm dragging behind Jeroen
Zlatan94310 (PSG) 1 month ago
Behind who?! lol
Matt (Footytube Staff) 1 month ago
Not yet, ill update this thread as soon as the I have verified the points and removed from all users as required
ZIZOO (Real Madrid) 3 weeks ago
Just a friendly reminder not to forget removing those points
ZIZOO (Real Madrid) 3 weeks ago
Just a friendly reminder not to forget removing those points
ZIZOO (Real Madrid) 3 weeks ago
Just a friendly reminder not to forget removing those points  
ZIZOO (Real Madrid) 3 weeks ago
I didn't mean to do it 3 times but even better
Jimmybreeze (Manchester United) 3 weeks ago
Has it been done yet?
ZIZOO (Real Madrid) 2 weeks ago
Not yet. Matt what's goin on buddy
LaLoutre (Barcelona) 2 months ago
Hi Matt. I have the same problem than Zlatan and Franboy. None of the player I bought between group stage and 1/8 have points....  
Matt (Footytube Staff) 2 months ago
Hi LaLoutre,

If you can give me the player names I can look into that, Please look at the reply to Franboy below and see if when you selected your players could be the issue
LaLoutre (Barcelona) 2 months ago
I am also pretty sure that I bought Low between group stage and 1/8
LaLoutre (Barcelona) 2 months ago
Hi Matt,
I didn't made change between 1/8 and 1/4. So if you can see the players that scored points in 1/4 and not in group stage, thoses are the players that miss points for 1/8.
For sure, there was Benzema, Valbuena, Robben, Navas and Duarte (Costa Rica). Maybe I miss one so if you could check as I told you difference between group stage and 1/4, that would be perfect.
LaLoutre (Barcelona) 2 months ago
Hi Matt,  I still have no points for players bought before 1/8....
Franboy (Barcelona) 2 months ago
Hi Matt,
I still have not received ponits for the 1/8 finals (low mertesaker, robben)
These three players are 0 points on my team?
Thank you for watching it
Franboy (Barcelona) 2 months ago
I still have not received points for (hummels, low, robben, ....) from  1/8 final !
Matt (Footytube Staff) 2 months ago
Hi Franboy,

Looking into your team I can see the following:

Date added = Sat, 05 Jul 2014 18:42:29 GMT


Date added = Fri, 27 Jun 2014 08:58:19 GMT

Points => 18


Date added = Fri, 27 Jun 2014 18:56:37 GMT

Points => 6

So the players you added on the 27th missed that mornings save and did not go live for you until the 4th July save. Hummels will go live on the 8th.

Here are all the save dates:


I know it seems a bit complex and it would be easier for everyone if the saves were every Saturday etc. However the way the World Cup is scheduled would mean if we did that some players would score twice in a period etc whilst others wouldn't play at all
Franboy (Barcelona) 2 months ago
Obviously it s very complicated. Thanks for the info
Zlatan94310 (PSG) 2 months ago
Hi Matt! There seem to be a problem with the players in my squad. I'm 100% sure I saved my new team the night before friday the 27th 8am. Yet, my current starting 11 is still showing the players I picked from the group stage.

Now the question is, when did the knock-out stage update actually take effect exactly?

The save point issue is getting confusing, maybe I don't understand the mechanics or the timing.... I dunno. A clarification would be greatly appreciated, cheers.

Matt (Footytube Staff) 2 months ago
Sorry about the delay Zlatan, any changes made before the save point should be reflected in your team after that time.

The current 11 will show the team you have in play and scoring points for you. It is worth noting that the current 11 does not update automatically so if you are logged in before a save point and look at your team after the save point it will show your old team, simply logging in again will refresh this view.

If you can let me know what players you think were missed from the update I can take a look for you,
Zlatan94310 (PSG) 2 months ago
Thx for the reply. If I recall right, the players were:

Coach Low
T. Silva-Yepes
Zlatan94310 (PSG) 2 months ago
Hi Matt, could you check the missed points and update my totals please. Cheers
CrossfireKeeper (Liverpool) 2 months ago
Shouldn't we be able to buy 4 players from one team before the save tomorrow now that the group phase is over?
Franboy (Barcelona) 2 months ago
It's impossible to put 4 players from the country?

What do we have to do?

Will it be possible to do that tomorrow in the afternoon?
Malik (Barcelona) 2 months ago
It should be possible now , explanation below is from Matt's post

' After the 27/6 save point your team budget will be increased by 5mil and you will be able to pick up to 4 players from any team (previously 2). Then prior to the Semi Finals this will increase to 5 players per team '

BTW this thread is almost dead , its better if you post quries about WC DF on below thread

Laskabacsi (Liverpool) 2 months ago
Uhm.... Anyone(admin) checked this thread lately?
Laskabacsi (Liverpool) 3 months ago
Hello, I'm missing 19 pts from Marc Wilmots.

Got my points for Hazard, but not for Wilmots. Please help.


Edit: 33 now. Not getting any points for him. Same issue with Rojo (argentina). He played games, but 0 points.

Please adjust. Thanks

Edit 2: van persie hasnt received points for his second match (I have added him to the team after their first game)
ZIZOO (Real Madrid) 3 months ago
I'm missing 6 points for serge aurier from ivory coast    
Zekko4 (AC Milan) 5 months ago
Frederico Fernandez from Napoli, was sent off because off 2 yellows, and he got -6 six points, -2 for the yellow and -4 for the red
ManOnDMoon (Manchester City) 6 months ago
Chiellini played all game plus clean sheet yesterday, but not in stats/points
Bolivarista1 (Bolivar La Paz) 6 months ago
I second THIS! + Gervinho didn't get points for his assist on Destro's goal either! I really hope I don't have to go back and audit my team points
Zlatan94310 (PSG) 6 months ago
Indeed, Chiellini played the whole match, but the points have not been allocated
Matt (Footytube Staff) 6 months ago
I will look into this and unpdate
Zlatan94310 (PSG) 5 months ago
Hi Matt, any news about when the points are gonna' be updated?
Matt (Footytube Staff) 5 months ago
The points are showing on your tally's and according to the data have been all along, can you tell me where you can see the points are missing?
ManOnDMoon (Manchester City) 5 months ago
It was Genoa-Juventus 0-1 on 16/03. I see zero as if not in line-up
Zlatan94310 (PSG) 5 months ago
It clearly shows on Chiellini`s points summary: 16/3/14 Genoa-Juventus 0-1 DNP, whereas he did play the full match.

Edit: I double-checked and calculated the total points, there are 14pts missing on his total points due to this game against Genoa.
Obskurum (Borussia Dortmund) 6 months ago
Since months I can't see the record of points from my Bundesliga players and manager. Could anyone fix that bug?
Matt (Footytube Staff) 5 months ago
Finally Fixed!
Coyb18 (Chelsea) 5 months ago
It's a miracle! I couldn't believe it!

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