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Dreamfooty 2013-14 Goals
Rubin (Inter Milan) 3 years ago
The 2012-13 Dreamfooty season is over. At the start of the season, my goal was to finish in the Top 100. However I finished 237th. Since I didn't achieve my goal, this dreamfooty season was a failure for me. What contributed to my failure? I started the season with 3 substitutes and if I had spent no money on substitutes I would have a stronger starting 11. I sold my subs on the 2nd trade window, but that's when I got a few injuries. If the 2013-14 season will be the same as the 2012-13 season, in terms of optional subs, I would start the season with no subs and at the 1st or 2nd trade window I would buy a couple of subs. Another factor that contributed to my bad season was Inter's bad form during the 2nd half of the season. Along with my 2 Inter players, I also had Stramaccioni as my manager. The fact that Stramaccioni wasn't playing Zanetti towards the end of the season, probably saved me some points as Inter was losing a lot of games. The last factor that contributed to my bad season is Suarez's suspension. If Suarez had not been suspended, I would have finished a lot stronger than 237th. I'll make sure not to pick Suarez again for my future dreamfooty teams. You never know what he'll be up to.

I have learned a lot from this dreamfooty season and I can't wait for the 2013-14 season. My goal for next season will be to finish in the Top 150.

What about you guys? Did you achieve your goal for this dreamfooty season? Did you finish even higher than expected? If you didn't achieve your goal, what mistakes do you think contributed to your bad season?

Also, what are your Dreamfooty goals for the 2013-14 season?
Jeroen (Barcelona) 3 years ago
I won the first time DF was held so my goal is always to win it, but I'm content if I do well according to my own personal standards. When I won, I had a lead of more than 400 points over the n°2 and was hailed as some kind of football guru, while I repeatedly said I was very lucky to hardly get any injuries. That always has a massive impact. The fact almost no one had Messi back then while I had long believed he'd become the player he is today, also helped massively

I usually end up somewhere pretty high, but with the increased competition every year I think reaching the top 5 now is just as hard as winning it the way I did in the first year, where only a few hundred people were PRO+ users and your 'footytube market value' played a part. The key to doing well in these kinds of games is by knowing how players are given points extremely well and applying that knowledge. It sounds simple, and it really is. If you know what common results are in football and if you look how players are awarded points, you'll realize clean sheets are vital for defenders. Defenders also don't need to be the actual best defender of their team, they just need to play most games. I'd consider Puyol the best defender of Barça in the past decade, but it's always been a wing back who was on top of their defenders because they play just as many games or more, get less cards and score a goal once in awhile too. A guy like Daniel Alves or Marcelo always guarantees you a lot of points, especially when the team is defending well as a unit and therefore gets a lot of clean sheets. For midfielders and attackers, individual class IS important because their main revenue comes from goals and assists. So look up which player got a ton of those in the previous year(s) and if he's a fixed asset for his club he'll do the same the next year. Guys like Messi, Özil, Iniesta, Van Persie (though his injury proneness is potentially bad) or Marco Reus are bound to do well next year too. If they're not overpriced massively, they're the kind of players you want as dreamfooty stars.

Anyway, I just realize I'm lecturing you which I should not :/ If you want a real tip, use, it's a great website where you can easily find players' stats over the years and much more useful information about teams etc. By doing that you can find bargains like Michu even if you have never heard from him before
Rubin (Inter Milan) 3 years ago
I had completely forgotten about this topic. Jeroen, I appreciate your lecture and thanks a lot for all your tips. I'm sure they're gonna' come in handy now that I'm trying to pick my 2013-14 team
Thias (Chelsea) 3 years ago
Cheers for the info mate
Rubin (Inter Milan) 2 years ago
The 2013-14 Dreamfooty season was a huge learning curve for me, especially with Jeroen's tips. I do not remember what exact place I finished in, but I'm pretty positive that I achieved my goal of finishing in the Top 150.

My goal for the 2014-15 Dreamfooty season is to finish in the Top 100 and most importantly in the Top 5 for the upto 120m budget category. I'm on target to achieving my goal as I'm currently 45th overall and 5th for the upto 120m category.

Are you guys on the right track to achieving your dreamfooty goals? If not, which players have let you down so far?
Hittash (Liverpool) 2 years ago
I was on top 10 before 2nd transfer window after that I got almost 65pts detected for some reasons and lot of injury woes (debuchy, gomez, boinisch, jovetic) still 3 players injured in my squad and really fed up my overall rank is 122 but still have confidence I will make it in top 50 what do you think mate?
Rubin (Inter Milan) 2 years ago
The third and most important transfer window opens in about two weeks. If you make some good changes during that transfer window, you can do it
Jimmybreeze (Manchester United) 2 years ago

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