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Wenrooney (Manchester United) 4 years ago
At the start of the season, carzola, kagawa and hazard's(just for example) prices sky rocketed even though they hadn't done anything exceptional, no assists, no goals(except hazard's assist). Reason was given, because of the popularity.
Ranochhia, di maria, perriera, are the most picked playes and yet their prices remain the same as it was at the beginning, despite they performing fairly well. It just does not make any sense. It's a slap in the face and unappreciation for the hardcore dreamfooty fans who spent hours building a genuine team.

I have now given up on how to figure out how the df pricing works. I guess it all depends on the administrator's mood and time, rather than some fixed set of rules. I have seen few people already ranting about it expressing their frustration, and tell me why I am not surprised....

Rubin (Inter Milan) 4 years ago
I don't understand what you're arguing about. So what if those players' prices remain the same? That doesn't hinder you in any way, does it?
Wenrooney (Manchester United) 4 years ago
I m not being selfish and worrying how the game hinders me or not.... It is just the pricing system is not consistent, you gotta' have a fixed set of rules, for transfers, players increase and decrease in price.... Now since none of the players prizes went up, we all will have the exact same team. Where is the fun and reward for finding a bargain for 2-3 mill and see him be the best player in your squad.... What about the hard work and research we did at the start of the season to find good players. Just think for a sec, if everyone's going to have the same team, who's going to win....

I m not whinging about how its affecting me, but it's about principle, a system, consistency to how this game is run.... I just want to have fixed set if rules for df that we can plan our strategy ahead based on that....

[account-removed] 4 years ago
While I understand the concerns raised, I would like to add that your own logic has an inherent flaw.

If you have spent the time and put in the effort to find a hidden gem at the start of the season, then you have a head start of 7 weeks. Say you have player X, and I have player why. Player X is much better than my player why.... And I'd like to copy your team and change my player to player X. I can at best decrease my difference in player ratings from you, but will not be able to catch you by copying you. So those who find these "hidden gems" early on, are always in benefit.

The only way someone already lagging can make up places, is by taking a gamble on a player who isn't performing now, but might perform brilliantly later on. Aping someone else will never result in victory, rest assured of that We're not even a fifth into the total games that will be played this season. I would advice people to remain patient and adapt their strategies.

That said, we are always on a lookout to improve the system in place, and always open for suggestions. Some improvements happen each year, while some are happening as we speak for the next iteration. Approaching this debate in constructive ways would truly help in getting your point across a lot more efficiently than the current approach. Food for thought
Wenrooney (Manchester United) 4 years ago
I m sorry if my current approach isn't the right approach, it just came out of frustration....
Df rule says players price will change, so huszti price rockets up.... But the other players remain the same. Could you please explain why? I do agree huszti is having a blast atm so his orice rose up. But there are so many players out there who have performed well so far. Why doesn't the same rule apply to all other players....

That is the message I want to pass.... That's all my lord....
Zhenwei (Manchester United) 4 years ago
I think, the price staying same still allows bargains to be picked up with all the prices rising, we can't have every player rise in price because we won't be able to replace our players.

Having said that though, I would suggest some out of form players drop slightly in price, to reflect their form in real life, add more spice to the game by having a set of "gamble mid-priced players"

So far only been seeing prices rising, sooner or later, by second or thrid window we would have no one to buy at this rate. Or will not be able to alter the team without weakening it
[account-removed] 4 years ago
@Wenrooney: Your point has weight to it, but sarcasm at the end would only make us want to ignore it. Your call in the future

@Zhenwei: You did hit across a certain point here Zhenwei. Having a few players drop in price is a plausible scenario, but then again, there could be a point raised about "Player X" having a better season than "Player Y", and yet having a further drop in price. With an exhaustive list like this, there is actually a good balance in letting the first transfer window be just for people who would like to sub out players who are injured for a long period (Say Scott Parker, who won't play till December.... Others get a chance to pick someone else). When the next window comes around in Feb, you might see a few players drop in price. Having a constant performance based system of upward and downward valuation might be too resource exhaustive at the moment, but some ideas can be derived for it in the coming windows (and probably will, as I say, several ideas are always in pipeline).

Striking a balance is always a difficult situation, and hopefully, you will see more of it in the future. Good day
Wenrooney (Manchester United) 4 years ago
@magneto.... Appreciate the way you handled the query.... Thanks for the cool head
Zhenwei (Manchester United) 4 years ago
@Magneto: Thanks for the Heads up! Its good to know that those are in consideration. True enough, the players' valuation will be an issue to update. Perhaps it's too tedious to change every week. Perhaps its good enough to change every fortnight or even month.

An alternate spin-off of the Dreamfooty league perhaps can be to include some mini-events/one off competition where even non Pro+ members can participate and possibly win something, with the prize perhaps a player the Mods decide or a player within a certain budget, say 5m. (but of course, the player can't be sold or something to keep the 135m/120m budget in)
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Problem with a fortnightly system, is to actually have to follow every player's performance every week. Changing their rating isn't the problem, following them that exhaustively is. Lol. A multi million dollar budget company like EA messes it up with Fifa more often than not with their live ratings. Its a model to aspire towards, but the solution is not that close for that scenario, as we play the game across 4 leagues in dreamfooty, in comparision to 1 on other alternatives. With 25 players in each squad in 20 teams in 4 leagues, that is 2000 players to keep a track of. Wish we could bring around Xavier or Emma Frost to help out....

There are sometimes some special categories allotted for non pro+ members to win something, as was the case last year. However, that is upto Matt to decide
Zhenwei (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Yea haha, I understand how hard it is to update so many players, its impossible unless its an automated system.

;D the special categories sounds good, could create some motivation for non-PRO+ members to participate and also more fun for all of us
Hithere (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Gotta' agree with you. Even though I "profited" by being able to get players like Ranocchia for 4m and Rafael for 7m in current last transfer window because their prices didn't rise, I was fully expecting them to. And they should have risen.

By the same token, some under-performing players should drop in price. David Silva is still the priciest MF in EPL if I'm not wrong even though he hasn't been performing well. Jack Wilshere 10m. Rooney is pricier than Falcao. You get my point.

If the pricing is simply relied on some educated guess work, it's gonna' be quite hard to be fair. It should rely on the stats of the players. A formula maybe. Something that factors in the player's total points, the team he's in, the number of competitions the team's in, the number of games started, % of people that have picked him, his total points last season, etc. Plus of course the moderator's input (stats aren't always 100% reliable) to come up with the final price.

Edit: wow, I was viewing an old un refreshed page and didn't see the other comments
ZIZOO (Real Madrid) 4 years ago
We understand not all players can't be updated weekly or monthly but I would love to take a gamble on some players like kaka or nani but their prices are still super starish even though they are not playing

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