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Why Not?
LiveDuo (AC Omonia Nicosia) 6 years ago
Hi guys and first of all i'd like to thank you all for your great work which keep developers able to have football data on there apps....

Hi I'm 16 yrs old I write testing apps for win phone 7 as hobby and to publish some on them on marketplace. Now i'd like to ask why none of site admins (or anyone else) haven't sent a API key to use it on one app i'd like to write?

Can't we use this API for mobile apps?
Am not accepted?
Or what else?
Lee (Kidderminster Harriers) 6 years ago
We would consider this commercial LiveDuo which will need clearance with the mighty commercial department. You are on a client list however, and you can expect some feedback as to how to progress very soon
LiveDuo (AC Omonia Nicosia) 6 years ago
I hope so.... I was trying to make sure that am on the list cause there it said 2 - 3 days and I have been waiting for 2 weeks until now and I'm still waiting...

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