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Openfooty API Questions
ArielAriel (Racing Club de Avellaneda) 6 years ago
I'm starting using the API (I' don't have yet an API key) but reading the documentation, I have some questions:

* is there any fast way to deduce the url of a player photo? So we don't need to call the getPhoto method a lot of times for each team.... Changing the last number in the url with the player_id will get the player photo?
* I only need the results of each game (thought having more info will be ver usefull), is there any intermediate API level? My problem is the two weeks limit of the getFixture methods (I am a one developer company). I want for example to show the full list of games for the user preferred club.
* does the 200 leagues included in the free level include South America leagues? And the world cup? Is there any public list of these 200 "items"? (I don't have a key so I can't call the getIdents method)

Matt (Footytube Staff) 6 years ago
Hi Ariel,

Sorry about the delay in getting to your questions. Please find our response below.

1. The image URL is indeed based on the player i'd it takes the form PLAYERID_image. Jpg. However we do not have images for every player so calling the url directly will simply return a broken image for players we have no image for.
2. Confused by this question do you only need results or results and fixtures? Results can be saved locally and paged, Fixtures we are restricted to only providing two weeks worth for non commercial users.
3. The World Cup is included in the public 200 leagues. Which south american leagues are you interested in?
ArielAriel (Racing Club de Avellaneda) 6 years ago
How many days takes +/- to get the API key? I would like to make some tests to see the results of the API to finally decide what to do.... Or is there any public/general key we can use to make only a few calls?
Matt (Footytube Staff) 6 years ago
Each application is reviewed and contact will be made asap

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