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No API Key Still :( Details Were Given
Arturski (Chelsea) 5 years ago
After two application still no API Key,

On the second application I went into as much details as I could. At the end of the day how much information can I give you apart from we are planing to use match fixtures and result informations as well as the multimedia stuff like news and videos.

There is no other way I can go into more detail until we start producing BETA stuff.

I understand that you guys must be under a lot of preassure with a free project such as this and you are doing a great job, but how can we comply with your rules if they are not written down in detail. There must be something that you look at that makes you decline applications. And all I get after filling in the form is:

"We have your email address already, we will be in touch soon"

Please help me out here and tell me what I'm doing wrong?

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