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Long Wait For API Keys
Slashs (Arsenal) 4 years ago
I have created personal website that mashup the updates from various source. My plan is to include the live score and table updates. This is just for personal use and try to have a taste of the API.

I've requested as zaqk [at] hotmail [dot] com
Betadmin (Sampdoria) 4 years ago
I've just inserted a request for my work in progress personal web site:Link: .
It uses a couple of rating systems to identify value bets, using 15-years statistical results and comparing them with current bookmakers odds. As maybe you already know, only by taking advantage on books you can earn money on a long-term basis. I've studied these algorythms for a few of years and I'm coming to the end: on the last two seasons I simulated it obtaining good results.
If you see the website by now it shows the last 2 months fixtures. It's work in progress and I need your data (fixtures, odds and match stats) just to complete it and to give vent to my big passion (football+computer science).
I'd really appreciate your approval, trust me.
Thank you in advance,
BerenApps (Atlético Madrid) 4 years ago

How long does it take to get the API Key? I'm starting a development and I need to know if my application is allowed or not (if not I have to look for another system).

I know some people have been waiting for a month, but although I did my request only one week ago I would be glad to know if it is accepted.

My request was for a commercial app, but it would be enough with a free key only for development time.

Best regards
Gtardini (Manchester United) 4 years ago
I've requested my API key more than a week ago and still didn't get any reply. My app is for personal use only, so I don't see why I should not be allowed access to the API.
Thanks a lot in advance,
IAlexI (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Hi Matt
I have requested an api key two weeks ago and didn`t get your answer yet

I choosed to develop my university project with your api, without any other purpose, I'm counting on you.

Look forward to your reply
Mappajs (Juventus) 4 years ago

I've requested the API key some days ago, I would like to know if my request is acceptable or not....

If you need more details about my project: I'm developing a site about the Juventus Stadium, the Stadium built the last year in Turin by Juventus FC; I collect photos from Juventus Supporters and "map" the various sectors/sits in the stadium.

I would like to add informations about Juventus matches played in ths stadium

If you need more infos: massimo@sesei. It

Blagrana (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Matt, I would really appreciate if you could let me know whether my application was accepted. I submitted a request a week ago regarding a project that uses dynamic programming techniques to analyze match and team statistics. I really hope that you will give me a positive reply, so that I can move on with my work. I am going to make the best of it. I used the email associated with this account in my submission. Best regards! -Alexander
Swansblog (Swansea City) 3 years ago
Hi Matt,

I was wondering if you could update me on my application for an API key.

Email I used to apply is

Thanks very much

MattWilliams89 (Wolverhampton Wanderers) 3 years ago

Just hoping for an update about my application. I'm building an android app for Wolves news. It will be primarily for personal use and will be non-commercial. Use of the API would be ideal for getting results/fixtures/tables etc.

Email: matthew. Alun.

Thanks in advance

Matthew Williams
RuslanMalcolm (FC Dynamo Kyiv) 3 years ago
I have requested an API key four month ago and still didn't get any reply.

Email I used to apply:

Best regards
Ruslan V. Malcolm
Kushwahapratik (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Hi my name is pratik.I have applied for the api key for my college project which involves making a website to rank the football players according to their statistics. It is a non commercial project and will be showcased on a website which has been registered asLink: .Please mail me the api key as soon as possible as the project needs to be completed within a month.My email i'd is kushwahapratik28@gmail.Com
Sbuckpesch (Eintracht Frankfurt) 3 years ago
Hi Matt,

I think I might requested an API Key as non-commercial project. This was only for testing purposes.
Now I have a use case for a commercial app (https://www.Facebook.Com/apparena/app_143023345832908). I need a pricing and a list of supported leagues/cups you provide data for.
Can you get in touch with me? S.Buckpesch (at) iconsultants.Eu or +49-221-67788502)
Thanks a mil,
Skhro87 (FC Hansa Rostock) 3 years ago
Hello everyone,

When I found openfooty today I was very happy and glad to find a project like that. On paper it seems amazing. I filled out the form and applied, being excited about the reply.
Now I browsed the forums, especially this thread, and my excitement is over So many people here wondering about late replies, and since there are no follow-up posts nor replies but the footytube people, I assume they never received their API key.
So somehow I lost all my hope right now

It's such a pity to see there's an amazing project like that, and still not many people can use it obviously

It would be so kind if you could care about the users a little more, since that's what openfooty was made for, if I understood right.

Skhro87 (FC Hansa Rostock) 3 years ago
Hi, guys please give a statement.
Just tell us if the project is dead, just tell us if you don't want us to use it, or tell us if you don't have time to care.
But please JUST TELL US what's going ON!
Skhro87 (FC Hansa Rostock) 3 years ago

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