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Long Wait For API Keys
Taffy056 (Swansea City) 5 years ago
Well I have asked for both a commercial api and a non commercial one as I am a little confused how to determine one from the other. I am a little shocked that people are waiting months for an answer, I have been waiting a couple of days only, but am worried that I will never hear from anyone again. I am desperate for this now as I have the time to do the work needed on my website as I am on my holidays.

Is there anything that can be done? The domain I ordered it for is https://www.Free-kick.Net

Taffy056 (Swansea City) 5 years ago
I want to add this as well to the site


But how can I if I don't have the API to go with it? Sorry but this seems to be very amateur, I am a customer and there is no news at all, I do have a website to build and run, and without this its half a website, there are others out there I guess!
Schmack (Liverpool) 4 years ago
Hi Matt

I also have requested an API key in order to attain football data for my final year project at university. The data provided by the openfooty service would be a vital part of my project and I haven't gotten a response since requesting for a key via the openfooty page. This purely academical but is 50% of my honours degree, and I feel that using openfooty would be a great way of learning how to encorperate web services into my application. Of course attribution would be given to openfooty in the application and in the project documents submitted.

Please contact me at andy@thedobsons. Me. Uk


Paul077 (Chelsea) 4 years ago
When an application is rejected the user is informed? Who decide if the app. Is correctly requested in terms of non / commercial?
I've applied for an API Key 2 days ago and I wish to know all this, in case I have to reapply. My web content is non-english, banner exchange and barter policy with other websites means that I have to apply for a commercial key?
Paul077 (Chelsea) 4 years ago
There's nobody on these forums to reply?
AdamJ (Sheffield Wednesday) 4 years ago
Doesn't seem that way, no response from the support email either
Cosmicwheels (Celtic) 4 years ago
Hi Matt, I requested an api key around a week ago but still havent heard anything. I also just submitted another one today before I realised you had a developers forum. After reading through the posts I feel I may not have provided enough information. I am developing a non commercial application for my own personal use in an attempt to predict the outcome of football matches. I will also be submitting my application for my college project next month.

The first time I registered I used email :

My request today used email address cosmicwheels27

If you could provide me with an api key it would be much appreciated.


Jd428 (Manchester United) 4 years ago

Has anyone who posted in this thread got a reply so far?
My API request is neither accepted, nor rejected....
It would just be useful to know what the status of our applications is.
A reply of any kind is better than no reply at all.

My E-Mail: jd428 [at] kent. Ac. Uk

Blucreation (Manchester United) 4 years ago
I've requested twice with no answer. I have a free football app in the android market and would like to provide score update through the android status bar notifications.

I will be using shared hosting for the website that will be collecting and formatting the information and then I will create an xml feed for my app to call.

My company is Blucreation: https://twitter.Com/BluCreation_ I have tried contacted you over twitter aswell
Digetic (Zenit St Petersburg) 4 years ago
As I understood the application is supposed to be considered in 1-3 days.... I have requested an API-key about a week ago. Could you please send an API-key or at least clarify an application status. We have planned to start our work last week and we are discouraged by such a long delay.
Application name: fаirstаts. соm (contains cyrillic symbols)
Application e-mail: digеtiс[at]gmаil. соm (contains cyrillic symbols)
Thank you!
MikkyX (Darlington) 4 years ago
'lo all,
Waiting for a reply to an API Key request for myself - new version is in active development so really keen so get an Openfooty integration for league tables etc. On the go. Hoping someone can either approve my request or tell me why it's been rejected. The site will carry ads but these are only to cover costs, I make no profit (actually since there's no ads on it right now I LOSE £30 a month!)
Tfledge (Liverpool) 4 years ago
Hello there,

I have applied for one of those great looking openfooty API's for my website I did not enter the IP address and wondered if this would hinder my attempts at obtaining the API.

The site will definitely not be for commercial purposes and currently has very little on it. I am hoping to build my online app once I receive the API key. Doing a lot of work without this would really not make sense and waste alot of development time. It will be fancy online results predictor with the aim to become the total football legend (tfledge).

I am not looking to make money from this but see it as a hobby. If you like I don't even mind charging and putting the profit to the charity of your choice.

Please please please just let me know if I can have a shiny new API or if I have to use the William Hill API for the betting and find some way to input the data. Would just like to know either way.

Many thanks for reading my nonsense, Alan
Askhh (Liverpool) 4 years ago
Thanks for your great developing such a useful API.  But I could not receive API key, my email is  Thank you.
Uygar (Fenerbahce SK) 4 years ago

I have applied for a commercial API key but got no response since.

I used following email address in my application:


Would be happy if you can get in touch regarding my application.

Thanks in advance.

Joestephenson (Stoke City) 4 years ago
Hi there, my name is Joe Stephenson.

I have applied for a key numerous times and was wondering why it has been rejected. I only will need the key for a month or two until I have finished with University.

I am basically creating a site that displays vital information about a users favourite teams based on their selections. The project is now due in 2 weeks and I'm desperate to get it done.

It's a non-commercial product but at this stage I would be willing to pay to get the key as I'm that desperate for it.

The site is called First Eleven and this is a link to what I am looking to achieve -

I would appreciate if you could get back to me as soon as possible.

My email is joe@jsdesigns.Net


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