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Long Wait For API Keys
Matt (Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
I would like to thank you all for applying for the OpenFooty API.

As I have mentioned before the demand for this service has been massive and we are trying our best to keep on top of the applications.

Not everyone that applies for a key will be given one and the vetting procedure is what takes time.

We do not have the staffing levels to reply to all the unsuccessful applications. If you application is over a month old you can assume it was unsuccessful.

Why has my application been declined?

Lack of Information:
The biggest single reason we decline an application is lack of information. If you have applied and do not provide us with a detailed description of what you intend to use the API for then we cannot proceed with the application.

Commercial marked as Non Commercial:
If you state your site or intended use for the API is non commercial and we can see that your site runs ads or you state an obvious pay model then this will either delay your application or get it refused.

Can I apply Again?

If you feel a previous application has been declined and it may be down to the above then feel free to apply us again. Alternatively reply to this thread and we will look into your application further.
Obir00 (Spartak Moskva) 4 years ago
Dear Matt!
I've requested API key 1 week ago and still there's no answer. API key is needed to organize football stats and provide some kind of exotic statistics (example: we take all football matches for previous week and calculate goal quantity) only for personal usage. Key intended to be in use with desktop application with no website. This app will display live football stats as Windows 7 widget. Either moreover, this application development will take me to higher programming level. Please, contact me on It's very vital for me
Sailee316 (Real Madrid) 4 years ago
Hi. My email is Sai. and I requested an API key more than a week ago. Its for a university project so its non-commercial and it will only be used a few times. Was there anything wrong with my application for the key? Thanks
Twiz (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Hey matt-

I was hoping to get a key for the web app I'm developing. Right now it is pulling just the guardian api and the footytube api would be much more robust. I submitted an application about a week a ago. Here are the beginnings of the web app
Bigrbuk (Sheffield Wednesday) 4 years ago
I think I probably didn't put enough detail in my application. Site is a fantasy football trading game, users buy shares in clubs and share price alters based on purchase/sale of shares but also match results. If any more details required, more than happy to supply them. I applied a week ago - my user account holds the email address I applied with. Thanks
Aegir (Manchester United) 3 years ago

I applied for an API key, the first time was over a month ago, and then I reapplied over a week ago and I still have not received an answer.

It's for an Windows Phone App. It is free, non-commercial. No ads.

It is a football news reader at the moment, providing news from various sources and mostly from icelandic ones at the moment. It is on the Windows Phone Store. I would really like to be able to provide the good stuff from openfooty in my app. I have an Azure service that that the app is using and I would use that service to connect to the openfooty api.

Could you please reconsider my application. I am really excided about this api

Thank you,
Tracdoor (Reading) 5 years ago
Hi Matt,

I applied a couple of months ago for an API key and never heard back. The API key is for my A-level computing coursework where I am making a small fantasy football league for some students at my school. Obviously access to this API key is vital so I am anxious to get approved

I will need the API key to grab player stats (goals and assists only) once a week which will get stored in a database for access by the players. This means my program will only be accessing your severs once a week and will not be very intensive at all.

I look forward to hearing back from you shortly

Thanks a lot,

Tracdoor (Reading) 5 years ago
P.S my email used for sign up was tracdoor@gmail.Com, the website was Link:
Moayde (1. Köln) 5 years ago
Hi team!

I tried to apply some days ago (with the emailadress info@moay. De), but after reading some posts and some more of in depth information about openfooty, I am actually pretty shure, that my supplied information might be too little....

I did not provide a website - because there will (for now) not be one. Its meant to be accessed from a private server without running a public webpage. Also, I did not provide an IP - because the local server will have changing IPs. Is it possible to use openfooty without a static IP?

Furthermore, I did not know what to do with the useragent, so I didnot provide one. You can use "moay" or whatever (please tell me.... )

As I said when applying, it will only be used for a small private database, which will provide the base for a local betting round with friends. I will use openfooty just to get the last results and the upcoming fixtures.

Is this information sufficient? Please excuse my poor english, teachers aren't what they should be in germany....

Best regards
Djtak47 (SK Rapid Wien) 5 years ago
Hey matt, just found this post.
Oh subscribed some days ago for an API key and didn't get any answer until now,
If the infos were not enough ill try to publish them here.

I have my own little betting solution, built from different free services, it was a lot of work and time do do it, also some of my friends use it I was thinking many times to make it better and offer it online to the world but I didn't have the security to have a stable data supplier so I didn't do it until today. If have a service like yours in the background I think I can make a betting solution for the world in my own way of thinking It will be alot of work to rebuilt everything but I think I can and will do it

I will be very happy if I get finally my key soon to start

Thanks for your help and again great work!

Arbuz55555 (Real Madrid) 5 years ago

I'm working on my private project which will be non commercial for first year and after year I want to start adding some new adverts. Is this model is ok for you guys or should I start from non *.com domain?

Best Lukasz Sztygiel
Redsnappa (Celtic) 5 years ago
Hi Matt,

I also have requested an API key in order to attain football data for a dissetation project I am starting at university. The data provided by the openfooty service would be a vital part of my project and I haven't gotten a response since requesting for a key via the openfooty page. This dissertation is purely academical but is 25% of my honours degree, and of course not having access to a service as the openfooty api would greatly decrease the worth of my degree. Of course attribution would be given to openfooty in the application and in the project documents submitted.

My email address is and I hope to hear from the team soon.

Kind Regards,

Arbuz55555 (Real Madrid) 5 years ago

I was trying to contact you few times but without any results. My project is
My e-mail adress is Please consider my application.

Best L. Sz
Go4soumya (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Hi, I have requested an api key 4-5days back for the website URL Link:Link: (yet to be made) under the name Soumya and company fiiob, but still not received the api key. This is hindering our app development process since we cannot start our development unless we get any confirmation or the api key itself....We'll be obliged if you can forward the api key as soon as possible or let us know if requisition was rejected, so that we can take actions accordingly

Ash75 (Chelsea) 5 years ago

I have requested an API twice and not received any response. My most recent request was under the email registered with this footytube account.

Although I don't have a site developed yet, I do have some initial designs and prototypes, a screen print of which can be found on my blog here: Link:

Any information about my application would be much appreciated!

Birbo (Sampdoria) 5 years ago

I still am waiting for an answer. I did appl 2 times -( or for outdoorway. Net)

I am waiting now for 4 months....

Could you please write me an answer.

We are not prefessional developers - so we would like to get an API-Key, to start testing.


Arturski (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Hi Matt,

I have recently applied for an API key for a social project I am working on with a couple of people, after reading this forum I have realised that the application I have put through may have been lacking detail as mentioned earlier and also the presence of ads on the website.

I made an application around 3 days ago and I suspect it will be declined. If I submit another request in the next couple of days whioch will be more detailed and complete will it be considered or I must wait for a longer time period before resubmitting?

Dbeacham (Kidderminster Harriers) 5 years ago

I initially applied for, with the email adress dbeacham@ on the same domain. The IP would be 69. 89. 31. 69.

I had a couple of uses in mind:

1. Create a more flexible fantasy football league than my friends and I can currently find online - a few of the variations that I know friends play/modify games to are:
I. A draft type system rather than everyone being able to pick the same players
Ii. More control over price changes/points scoring
Iii. Game starts over every couple of games weeks - so no-one gets bored/a long way behind and stops playing - can just start again in a couple of weeks).

2. A blog/open code repository to use the data available for historical matches/players to demonstrate the maths behind rating systems/give example code of how to generate the statistics used in academic papers. Most of the data for this sort of thing is hard to obtain in the first place, plus there is no great amount of writing on the web on this stuff - especially with accompanying code/bits of data for others to play with/possible extensions etc. It's intended to be a more mathematically/programming based inclined version of think tank/moneyball (but almost certainly less good).

A simple example is my brothers league table with points based on accumulation over time - you only get 3pts if you're winning the whole 90mins, 2pts if you're winning for 45mins and drawing the rest of the time etc. It's a real pain to scour through for goal second times/lengths of halves and automation of this (even if you don't have that level of detail - goals mins is a start!) makes it a lot easier and gives you more time to play with presenting the data in interesting ways rather than inputting data.

On a selfish note, the above will give me some good projects to work on and give me a chance to learn/cement some new maths/programming knowledge and also something to blog about on the way. It'll be open source, a learning tool for me and hopefully some useful code and information while come out of it for others to use/read.

Thanks, David
Araz (Queens Park Rangers) 5 years ago
Hi to everyone who has made an application so far,

If you have not received any contact about your application then you can assume it has been reviewed and rejected. You are invited to apply again, but please do post the full name with which you applied and the website URL you used in your application on this page after you have applied.

Also if your application is non-commercial, in order to be approved your project must be purely personal, educational or charitable, and have no intention of ever generating revenue. Unfortunately commercial projects in the development stage or commercial projects which are just not generating profit still have to be considered as commercial and will be rejected for non-commercial licenses.

Staticvoid (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Hi Araz,

I have requested an API key one month ago and have not yet received any response.

My intended use has been clearly indicated in the request form - my friend and I would like to develop a forum to allow us to discuss the latest news and match results of our supported team. We need to get access to the Openfooty API to load the club's data dynamically so that we don't have to input them manually. The API will be absolutely for non-commercial use.

Please kindly consider my application which was applied under the email address

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks and Best Regards
Dharmist (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Hi Araz,

My name is Nelly Aghabekyan, I've just requested an API key for the second time, not sure if the first request even got to you. I've found this forum post only after I requested the key once again, so I thought it might be a good idea to shed some light on my application.

The website I was requesting API for was Link:

If I remember clearly, I've marked it as Commercial when I applied for the first time, because the website (which is yet in development and hasn't gone live) might get monetized with ads or such in future, but this time I marked it as Non-commercial out of confusion.

Is there any way to find out what the monthly rate of Commercial is? For such a great API, I don't think it would be a problem to pay out monthly fees, so please consider my application as that for the Commercial one.

Thank you in advance,

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