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Is This API For Me?
Andy (Rangers) 6 years ago
Sorry for the late response, i'll do my best to answer but I am not a staff member of the API team.

Results shouldn't be a problem but fixtures are an entirely different matter, Football Dataco. distribute licenses for fixtures on behalf of the Premier League and last time I checked, the price was ~£5,000....

I would recommend you outline your concerns and how you intend to use the information we can provide in a Contact Form which will be personally answered by Lee or Matt.

Hope I was of some help
TEDSON (Everton) 6 years ago
I'm not a developer or an organization.

I came across your API while researching a personall application I am thinking of, which would involve getting the English leagues fixtures and results.

I plan to distribute my application to some friends, probably about 20/30, maybe less.

I'm looking for a non pay option, as I cannot afford monthly payments, and don't intend to ask my friends for payment.

The application would need to use the API once a week (each application) so 20/30 calls per week.

My question is. Is this API any good to me or am I classed as commercial, and if so how would I go about using it in this manner?

Thanks for any input.


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