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Help - Getting Data
Zuglubuglu (Inter Milan) 6 years ago
Hi guys,

I obtained the API Key as I am working on my actuarial science thesis in which I will be using actuarial and mathematical techniques for live score predictions (ex. What is the probability of the away team winning the match if at the 30th minute the score is 2-1).

However I am not really conversant in complex IT applications. I have managed to get simple data from the API such as the league id's but if I need to specify more detailed data, I get completely stuck. Can anyone help me with a short introduction. Say if I want to download the results for the Hong Kong league (leagueid=113), how should I specify it in the path "Link: [Your-API-KEY]"?



Edit: I just solved it. However I would appreciate if someone could act as a 'mentor'.
Matt (Footytube Staff) 6 years ago
Hi Zuglubuglu,

Feel free to pose any further questions here and we will get to them asap. Alternatively post a comment on my wall and I will contact you directly

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