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API Key - Delay
Willrobbo (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Hi guys

I signed up for an API key either last month or the month before, but I still haven't heard anything.

I realise you're in closed beta -- is there any chance of looking at my application?


Jeremyh (Los Angeles Galaxy) 5 years ago
Similar situation for me too. I applied over a month ago, never got a confirmation that my application was received, sent email and got no response.... I'm hoping someone sees this post!

I know you guys are busy but it would be great to hear back soon.


P. S. My email is jeremy. Hiatt [at] gmail
Cambrianfc (Cambrian & Clydach Vale) 5 years ago
I applied for a key only a week ago I think but no email even responding to the request. How long does this take?

Also it asks for your IP, if the access is only from a specific IP how can you test locally?

Hope my key comes soon or Ill have to scrap this idea
Atridhr (Tottenham Hotspur) 5 years ago
Same thing with me. I have applied couple weeks ago, and still no confirmation mail.
I hope you can find time to review our applications, otherwise ill also have to find new idea.

My mail is: atridhr[at]
Espectro (Aalborg BK) 5 years ago
Same thing with me - I signed up using this e-mail:

Great job, btw - this really looks like a awesome tool and help . I know you are probably very busy, but I really just want to get started with the final steps in my website, and I need this API to do just that
Cambrianfc (Cambrian & Clydach Vale) 5 years ago
I have my key, thanks to the member at footytube who has helped me out!

Just need to get access to Welsh League and I'm good to go!

Rayhunter (Aberdeen) 5 years ago
I'm in the same situation.

I have to admit I am keen to try to turn my app into a commercial app using this API (and associate myself with the costs involved.) I'm a bit concerned that the delays in getting API keys are indicative of the resources going into the openfooty API.

Can someone at footytube confirm that there is still strong commitment to openfooty? If it's an open project, do you want some help running it?


Kuzzan (Malmo FF) 5 years ago
Same situation, hows it looking?
Atridhr (Tottenham Hotspur) 5 years ago
Hi footytube ppl.

Can you please tell me if keys will be given in near future, since I'm waiting for one. I plan to build a mobile application which would rely on your API.

If you don't plan to give more keys, please let me know so I can plan another solution.
Thank you
Maxdee (SK Rapid Wien) 5 years ago
High Guys,
I think I've applied for an API key in march and have still nothing got from you? Could you please have a look at my request as I'm really waiting for the key?

Matt (Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
Hi All,

First of all thank you for all your applications.

We are extremely committed to the openfooty project and have been a little overwhelmed with the response we have had.

We have just completed our own road map for future applications we are developing and will now be looking at a sending out a batch of new keys over the coming weeks.

Thank you for your patience
TopTipstr (Leeds United) 5 years ago
Afternoon Matt,

Thanks for your continued hard work.

I am wondering if my API key will be sent out in the batch of new keys over the coming weeks.

We would really like to get developing our application prior to the new season and your API is key to our progress.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Jonathan Thirkill
Cambrianfc (Cambrian & Clydach Vale) 5 years ago
I have my key which is great, I would just like to request access to the Welsh Feeder Leagues please
Maxdee (SK Rapid Wien) 5 years ago
Hi Matt, I'm still waiting for my API key. My application is abount some month ago and I wonder when I'll get the key.

Sorry, but I'm really looking forward to it....

Jensa (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Hello,  Also waiting Would be really happy if I could get one.    Cheers

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