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Denmark V Japan, Jun 24
MariusV (Manchester United) 6 years ago
Japan performed great today, I was hoping Denmark would do better than just scoring one goal by a penalty, the freekicks were great, Japan had so many chances, they could of done even better, they qualified for the 1st time since 2002. Near the end was getting a small bit crazy I thought, a couple of hand balls in the box etc, lets see how japan will do in the knock out matches, good luck to all the teams
Seanf24 (Real Madrid) 6 years ago
Nice match done by the Japaneese!  They were in the top of their game!  Denmark.... Well it's just sad
Murda (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Honda is such a talented player! He scored and assisted the last goal he's brilliant! I'm pretty sure the big clubs will try to recruit him!
Well deserved by the samurai like Seanf24 said they were on top of their game!
Flyhigher (AC Milan) 6 years ago
Japan played an awesome game. Honda is just unstoppable!
Metal4Us (Real Madrid) 6 years ago
Well done Japanese
KeNnii (Manchester United) 6 years ago
Honda and Endo are the real players of tremendous ability. Hope big clubs recruit them and make them more well known
8euro (West Bromwich Albion) 6 years ago
Awesome.  Unbelievable game for japanese!
Gigiggg9 (Arsenal) 6 years ago
Oh honda honda, as my Wonderful car~
HE's awesome!
He can be a good ad for Honda(auto)
So that we don't get bored seeing bunch of hyundai's commercials. D
[account-removed] 6 years ago
Honda is the man!
Realmcoy (Arsenal) 6 years ago
I fully endorse that! What a goal by Honda.... WOW!
KingGiggsy (Manchester United) 6 years ago
Honda Honda Honda....    Japan deserved it well played nice to see 2 asian teams in the 16
Realmcoy (Arsenal) 6 years ago
This was an excellent match and Japan deserve full credit. World cup 2010 is amazing!
Sammeh (Manchester United) 6 years ago
I knew Honda would turn on God mode and tear his opponents apart, his 3rd goal assist was probably the best so far this tournament - dazzling skill and composure, and that free kick goal? Amazing. There has only been 3 goals from direct freekicks I think this tournament, 1 from S. Korea and 2 from Japan, all in one game. Anyone playing Asia's giants at the round of 16 better be cautious about fouling them outside the penalty box. Cause those freekicks were lethal
Steveex (Borussia Dortmund) 6 years ago
Honda should have waited after the WC to go to a new club....  Awesome player.... Has done more than [C.] Ronaldo so far
Sammeh (Manchester United) 6 years ago
Oh yeah, and I'm sure most you have seen that video of the famous curling free kick. When an under-22 Japanese player scored with an impossible curve that fooled the goalkeeper, 3 years ago.

Here's the vid:

For the second time watching it in years, it turns out the wonder kid was Honda, today's man of the match against Denmark. I'm still in shock
JavelinJones (Arsenal) 6 years ago
I was thinking it had to be the ball. Amazing talent. Thanks for sharing
Tbiggins (Vissel Kobe) 6 years ago
Great find, thanks
Chelo (Real Madrid) 6 years ago
Actually it's a other Keisuke Honda same namen but that's it
BiggyMM (Chelsea) 6 years ago
Haha.... Did you go and watch that clip? Its same name same person...
KeNnii (Manchester United) 6 years ago
Its same person, just with different hairstyle
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MrTheofan (Manchester United) 6 years ago
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Essien6 (Chelsea) 6 years ago
Japan, you have done us asians proud today. Please drive your honda car into the semi final

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