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Torquay United V Crawley Town, Jan 29
Catenaccio (Chelsea) 5 years ago
What a goal! I love non-league teams!
LukePillar (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Crawley were cheating C***s, the goalie was time wasting every goal kick but only got a yellow, continued time wasting and didn't get booked a second time, the crawley players were always diving(horribly) and still getting free kicks.

And benyon should have been given a penalty, referee was utterly useless. And the crowd were awful as well, quiet when it was 0-0 but as soon as they were winning were roaring, they had fans in our home stands who celebrated when they scored and we still outsang them when we were losing.... They give a bad name to football.

Well done to bevan though, pure class in his part saving 2 penalties.... Torquay all the way!

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