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Colombia In Brazil 2014???
Sebs29 (Arsenal) 4 years ago
1998 looks like a long time-ago when we last saw el tricolor in a world cup, and 12 years have gone past.

12 years of suffering and dreaming, of disappointment, and hearing the same excuses every 4 years by the same coaches and the lack of moral in our players, and after a bad performance on La Copa America, I decided to stop the torture of being disappointed every time and to stop dreaming about Colombia been back in a world cup.

But then an Old wise man joined the ranks, someone who knew what is like to be at the top and how to rise from the ashes, Jose Pekerman. He has given us back that dream and the hope of once again reaching a world cup, and I will like to raise my glass and toast to his honour.

Viva colombia, Brazil here we come!

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