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CLUB AMERICA Vs. Chivas April 10
0Kaiser07 (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Now I am an America fan. I want to confront this in a none biased manner. Does America have what it takes to beat chivas?

Lets look at what America has, I don't know much about how chivas are playing except their position on the table.

America can win it, WHY?
-Great offensive mentality
-Reinos (the coach)- Knows the institution, knows what it is to be a fan. Has given the players that aggressiveness they have been lacking in recent years.
-because of this America will play with heart this derby. Sometimes that's all you need to win games. Chivas have won in previous games because of that reason.

America could lose it, why?
-play sloppy at times, no real control over the pace of the game.
-Vuoso, this player does not seem to know how to perform one-two's, he is slow, and he tends to miss alot of easy shots.
-The defence: Ochoa does not have a decent defence in front of him. The defence is horrible. America has the most goals against in the league.

What is your opinion?

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