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Where I Am Coming From
Binaya (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Didn't realize that there is good and positive read on the side wall. Well I don't contribute much due to my family and professional reason. Or may be I not good at counter argument or debate !

I can just say though I am not contributing much, I am reading comment from the fellow fans.

Kgb112 (Moderator Emeritus) 4 years ago
You contribute a lot!
BluFFmaster (Chelsea) 4 years ago
My family moved to London in 2005 (from India). We then started hearing all about this Premier League and how everyone went to the games. Our whole neighbourhood supported Chelsea (we lived not too far from Stamford Bridge).

Plus there was so much Buzz since we had just won the title the previous season. So after settling in, my Dad and I went to the first Home game of the season, it was against Arsenal. At this time I didn't really know anything about the players. We sat in the MH stand (top corner). There were so many banners up, Terry Legend one, one about Mourinho, one was about Arsene Wenger's 500th game in charge.

Anyways you can probaby guess who scored in that game, although it was a strange goal, I couldn't really make it out from where I was sitting but I just saw the ball bounce off Drogba and into the net, everyone cheered like crazy, My Dad and I nearly had a heart attack cause we weren't really used to that kind of Atmosphere, but that was the momment I became a Chelsea fan. I never really got the chance to meet the footballers in person (I wanted too) but I did see most of them play live, my favourite player was Drogba.

That year was very cheerfull cause Chelsea went on to retain the title, the whole neighbourhood was lit up with Blue, it was just incredible. I did go to two more games that season, but I mostly just watched on the telly (when I could).

Next season I did go to a few more games, I also went to my first Champions League night that year, it was against Levski Sofia, Shevchenko scored that game. And the following season would be my last (cause we moved after that), in that year I went to see a few more Premier league games but I will always remember that 1 Champions League game I went to, it was the Liverpool semi - final, we won 3-2 that game, and the Brigde went Mental when Lampard scored that penalty in Extra time, It was that game also in which I became a fan of Fernando Torres (who scored that game also).

That's pretty much it really, we did lose in Moscow after that which really broke my heart, it took some time but I did get over it. We moved to Canada that year and I am there since, studying in Waterloo. The biggest change was the no. Of people who followed football let alone Chelsea, plus there was no sky sports so I had to watch on the computer, that transition also took time but I did get used to it eventually.

I eventually stumbled across this site in 2011, before I just used to come here for the highlights (like everyone else lol), but then I got attached to the Chelsea forum and I became a member in March, It was probably my best few months cause we would go on to Win the FA and Champions League Cups in that time.

That's pretty much it (just off the top of my head), Proud to be a blue and will never forget those magical nights and ofcourse the many that will come in the future
TheBokiya (Chelsea) 4 years ago
I found footytube in 2009. First started off by watching highlights just like other people then I reckon that I should create an account, so I did. But I lost that account, which then I created another account in late 2010.

Born and raised in Cambodia, football is a big sports over there. But when I moved to Canada, I couldn't find anyone to talk about football with. So footytube is the only place that I can share joy or sadness with. Been a Chelsea fan since Roman Abramovich took over. I still remember the painful memory when Iniesta scored against us to knock us out of the champions league. Proud to admit that I cried myself to sleep that night.

I'm not sure how much I've made myself known but you guys are like family to me
ColonelBX (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Been a Chelsea fan since the 2002 - 2003 season. Yeap.... Zola the king's time!
I came to footytube in 2009, but started commenting and joining convos in around late 2010.

Hopefully I am known positively.... But yeah great to be here and having great Chelsea and football related conversations and debates with people!
Greatchelsea (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Been a chelsea fan since mourinho era.... Well I came to footytube mainly to watch highlights but then began reading all your comments and finally made my account last feb.... But mainly I have been reading the comments and discussion on forum.... Finally this season I decided to post when I felt I was ready to contribute.... Hope I have been contributing positively....
Theo (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Been here since late '09 like Ayyam also, it's a shame to see so many top members stop showing up, especially McEachran and Raj. And of course the one and only MisterBloom. But with everyone that leaves another decent member emerges...
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Came across the tube around Christmas 2009, and started posting a month later, due to pressure from friends, didn't really contribute anything positve till the beginning of the 10-11 season (Or maybe I have never commented positively ), and 17, 000 comments later I'm still here!
Theo (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Damn 17k, I'm just closing in on 12k lol
[account-removed] 4 years ago
I think I came across footytube around 3 years ago, just to look at video highlights.
Then I started to look at the posts every week or so, I made an account a couple of months ago.

I made one around a year and a half ago, but I don't know my email password for that one, so I had to make another one
Kgb112 (Moderator Emeritus) 4 years ago
And you've been a very positive and appreciated member ever since!
Kgb112 (Moderator Emeritus) 4 years ago
I just wrote this and posted it on the main wall, but thought I would put it here too. I think it helps explain why I moderate in the way I do. Love Chelsea, love footytube, love my fellow fans:

When I first started visiting this site about 4 years ago I realized that there were members who were both looked-up to and looked to the standard of what a good footytube member was. I eventually decided to make my own account and then I slowly starting interacting. At first, I mostly just responded to other people's threads, but then I started making my own when I was comfortable enough and felt like I actually had something worth contributing. Back then, the number of active users was a lot less.... Maybe half of what we have now. But most were friends. They knew each other by name, and knew real life details about each other. Some of these guys are still around, but the last year has seen many of them leave.

McEachran: This guy was a boss. I think he probably would have tied in a popular vote against Cloudst for most liked footytube member. And I mean across all the forums. He was very smart, a great analyst, very kind, very respectful, very welcoming, and had great footballing knowledge. I loved every word that man typed. He really stopped showing up as much right around the time we kept progressing in the Champions league. New users kept coming in and they would go troll and it would cause other people to come and troll our forum. I think he just had enough.

Misterbloom: What a crazy he could be! But he was also one of the most important Chelsea members. Everyone knew him, and he made sure of that. Unfortunately he left just a few weeks ago.

Raj: A footytube legend in his own right. He has been missing for quite awhile now, and I understand that it is because of a mixture of different reasons, but one has been the increase in petty fighting that happens all over footytube now.

Guidas: Heck, even Guidas has been less active since the end of last season. And Guidas bleeds more blue than just about any fan I've ever known! I'm friends with this guy on facebook, and all he does is talk about footy and Chelsea. Yet we have driven him away.

Liquidator: One of the classiest people on this site. Maybe even the classiest. At one point he was one of the main contributors to this forum, and this was a better place because of it. Now he comes in maybe once a week. This, in my opinion, is a tragedy.

.... And there are many many more. Ayyam, Raam, Chelsea61, naota, Coyb, Sham, and Aatir all come to mind as guys who have been members for a LONG time and in some way or another I have noticed their presence decreasing. And there are more, those are just the guys that came immediately to mind.

Anyway, the point is.... You've been here a week, so maybe rather than complain about the space we have all spent 100's of hours creating and maintaining.... You should consider yourself lucky that we openly invite you to join us and show some respect by taking it in and learning how to best be a part of the community we have here.

We're glad you are here. I love that this forum has been one of the fastest growing and most active forums this past year! I think it is brilliant. We are the freaking Champions of Europe, and there is a lot for us to be happy about and to talk about. But it is also my job, both officially and unofficially, to preserve the community that I humbly became a member of some three years ago or so. We owe it to the guys that came before us to try and keep the spirit of this place alive. I still think that one day each of those guys I mentioned above will think about coming back, and that they will come to this page and take a look around. If they see a place that is still alive in fun, debate, goofing around, sharing funny stories about QPR, and having a good laugh after a long discussion.... I bet they will be inclined to be active again. However, if they happen to come by and all they see are a bunch of members yelling at each other, insulting their right to call themselves fans, and rehashing the same drab perspective of Torres for the 1000th time, I bet they will just keep browsing away. And that to me, would suck. These guys are my friends, and I would want to know that I have done a good job of keeping this place's spirit alive in their absence. I would think we all would want that. And I know that many of us do. I've had several users thank me for making the suggestion about posting in the side forum. I've even had several other mods say that it was a good idea.... And that to me is the highest praise, and the best measure of whether or not I am on track or heading down a road only I care about.

But anyways! I welcome all new users! I just would appreciate it if they would realize that they are coming into a community that has a DEEP history. But we aren't Liverpool, and I realize we have a future too. So I am all for us adapting and evolving with the members we have. Let's just use our past as a rudder, ok?

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