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The Players Can't Be The Only Ones To Blame
Peteko 4 years ago
It is wrong to blame it all on Chelsea's old players. These are people who have been the core of the team for a decade now. It is only human to react negatively when some new kid on block start treating you like passe.

Nothing last forever, but you change a team one or two players at the time and by giving them credit and respect. You don't go against an entire generation and call the squad "old".
They look at Giggs and Scholes and have reason to believe they still have more years in them. And frankly they are often still playing better and giving more than some of the younger players in the club.

Easy to come and say, I want a new team, buy it to me please. Managing a team in transition needs experience and tact and as much brilliant as Villas-Boas is, he had neither. I didn't see any particular growth from the younger side of the team in the last months. Moments of brilliance yes, but no steady growth and consistence.

It is traditional in England for managers to blame themselves for the defeats and players pay them back by taking the responsibility on themselves. Villas-Boas from the start began to leave the blame on the players feet and tried to throw them under Roman's bus.

We can only assume what happens in that dressing room and in that training ground, but I refuse to believe the simplistic scenario in which AVB is an angelic victim of the evil players
[account-removed] 4 years ago
If the players are there for decades we expect some love for the club from them.... Okay they can play, but when they play sh*t (Malouda, Lamps and Cole sometimes) you expect other people to get a chance.

Kokm1 (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Lampard doesn't play like s**t
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Sometimes, rarely. Very rarely. But he does (Aston Villa)
4 years ago
Apologize Niru, you better take that back!
[account-removed] 4 years ago
My apologies
4 years ago
all's well!    Super, super Frank!
Realmcoy (Arsenal) 4 years ago
The blame can be spread out in two parts.... I think the senior players at Chelsea could have been more open to changes on a whole, young players are now making bigger impressions on the EPL and a good mixture with experience and youth is always healthy for all clubs no matter the season. I was really amazed with the way they started this season and the style of play was a sight to behold with the younger players making very good impressions imo. Ramires has been the most outstanding, Mata added a lot of energy to the attack and so did Sturridge. I was also surprised to see the way romeu was even adding more fluency to the game play when he did play too.

The part where the rest of the blame should be focused on was the fact that AVB wasn't getting the senior players to enforce this new style and that may have been due a number of reasons including poor leadership with his co-workers and a lack of basic communication.... That's when everything went downhill for me. Whoever takes over the coaching role next season should definitely try to get the mixture right with youth and experience, get the senior players to exude the respect for the coach and maintain the passion for the club despite Roman's influence

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