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Potential Title Contenders' November Fixture List And Predictions
Kgb112 (Moderator Emeritus) 3 years ago
Going off of Mazacars post, let's compare November for all the potential title contenders:

Newcastle away
West Brom home
West ham away

Liverpool home
United away
Southampton home
Cardiff away

Arsenal home
Fulham home
Everton away

Everton away
Newcastle home
City away

Norwich home
Sunderland away
Spurs home

Fulham away
Arsenal home
Cardiff home
Kgb112 (Moderator Emeritus) 3 years ago
My prediction:
Arsenal to lead the league going into December, Chelsea to take the lead once we play our game in hand.

1. We play no team in the top 10
2. Current league leaders, Arsenal, have the most difficult games
3. Arsenal has 3 games against top 8 teams
4. Liverpool have 2 games against top 8 teams
5. Spurs have 2 games against top 8 teams
6. Each of the other potential title contenders play at least 1 other contender. Chelsea does not.
7. The implication from #6 is that other top 8 teams are guaranteed to drop points, except for Chelsea. It is possible that one other team may come through undefeated, but the only scenario that this is possible in requires another top 8 side dropping points.

My predicted results:
Wwd - 7 points

Ldww- 7 points

Wwl - 6 points

Lwl - 3 ponts

Link: www - 9 points

Wdw - 7 points

Predicted league standing as of December 1st:
Arsenal - 29 points (with 1 more game played)
Chelsea - 27 points
Liverpool - 27 points
City - 25 points
Spurs - 22 points
United - 21 points
Deffyduck (Arsenal) 3 years ago
Quite reasonable predictions there. Arsenal, Liverpool and Spurs certainly have a tougher run when compared to the Manchester two and Chelsea....

I would also expect City to take all 3 games unless Spurs' players finally start to click properly.

However I'm going for an Arsenal win in all 4 fixtures (might as well be ridiculously optimistic) which will give us a couple of extra points gap between the competition.

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