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Introduce Yourself To The Site
Dawich (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Dave here
FootballFacts (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Just give a brief introduction to who you are, where you from and why you like or hate Chelsea or anything else you want to share. The main point of this is to get to know each other better and to give a chance to the new members to introduce themselves. If you could also say who is your favorite player and why.

My name is Hogs. I am originally from Iraq but I now live in the UK. First game I ever watched when I came to the UK was Chelsea vs Manchester United. I remember most of the Chelsea players were foreign and from all over the world. That itself made me like Chelsea. Since then I have been a Chelsea fan through the good times and bad times. That is how a true fan should be.

I love the whole Chelsea team from the past to the present especially those who are loyal to the club and stay till the end. (JT, Lamps and Didier). If I was going to choose a player it has to be Drogba. I love the way he used to destroy our neighbours and guess what his last kick made history for this club and the fans.

Please feel free to introduce yourself and share your views.

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