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Chelsea's Top 11 Richest Transfers (Roman Era) + Verdicts
BluFFmaster (Chelsea) 4 years ago
11.) Ricardo Carvalho: £20. 1 Million from Porto
- Why we signed him: He had an amazing Euro that year (was the best CB there), just won the UCL with Porto, followed his former manager along with Paulo Ferreira

Back then 20 million was big money for a defender, but he turned out to be worth every single penny. He was a small guy, but what he lacked in size he made up for in his positioning, quickness and awareness, he had a brilliant football mind. He stayed 6 years with us and in the majority of those years he formed one of the most solid CB partnerships (with Terry) in the recent era.

- Why He left Chesea: Injuries, plus he wanted to follow Mourniho to Madrid

Verdict: Amazing, Brilliant and Outstanding value for money

10.) Shaun Wright Phillips - £21 Million from Manchester City
- Why we signed him: don't really remember lol

He was never really much favoured to begin with. We bought him from City in 2005 and niether Mourinho or Scolari played him much. I remember him having one good season though.

- Why He left Chelsea: fell out of favour with Scolari

Verdict: Flop, one decent season, he was anonymous most of the time and horrible value for money

9.) David Luiz - £21 Million from Benfica
- Why we signed him: He was very good for Benfica, winning the title with them just a season before we signed him

He is a current player.

Verdict: has the potential to be world class

8.) Juan Mata - £23. 5 Million from Valencia
- Why we signed him: He was very good for Valencia, AVB was keen on him to help out Fernando Torres

He is a current player.

Verdict: he won the FA Cup + UCL + our club's Player of the year in his debut season, nothing else needs to be said

7.) Didier Drogba - £24 Million from Marseille
- Why we signed him: he had a brilliant season for Marsielle, scoring 19 goals and taking them to the UEFA cup final (Europa league final).

One of my favourite players ever, My first Premier League goal that I saw was scored by him (against Arsenal too lol). 8 years and over 100 goals later I could take up the whole page talking about what a brilliant signing he was but I simply say that he was and forever will be a Chelsea legend.

- Why he left Chelsea: 3 PL trophies, 4 FA Cups, 2 League Cups, 1 UCL, 2 Community Shields. He's has achieved everything with Chelsea and it was just the most perfect time to leave.

Verdict: haha your kidding right?

6.) Arjen Robben - £24 Million from PSV
- Why we signed him: he formed a very lethal partnership with the PSV striker (the original batman and robben) and helped the club to win the title, Roman was keen on signing him.

Ah yes, remember back when Robben had hair? He was very very lethal for us.... When he played. He was crucial for us down the left wing especially in retaining our title in 2006. He won lots of titles in his time with us but he was injured for nearly half the time, and that was really the main problem. If he was fit he could'v been unbelievable but he's called glass bones for a reason.

- Why he left Chelsea: Injuries

Verdict: he was brilliant and played well in big games (comming on as sub in some cases) but he was only brilliant when he played which wasnt has much as it should have been, very injury prone.

5.) Michael Essien - £24. 5 Million from Lyon
- Why we signed him: he was amazing for Lyon winning Ligue 1's player of the year that season

Essien in him prime was simply the best, and his priceless long shots are very much missed this year. The fans loved him, both he and Makelele were really the best midfielders in the world let alone England. He won African Footballer of the year in 06 and our was our player of the year as well (I think it was 06 also). He had the stamina of Ramires and the box to box brutality seen some what in Fernandinho (although he was nothing really compared to Essien). Essien in his peak is the type of player we need despretely right now. He is a current player on loan to Madrid

Verdict: his price was fairly costly in the those days (our most expensive one actually in that time), but like Ricardo he was worth every single penny, I still rate Makele higher but Essien was not far off and really the two best defensive Midfielders in the world I had the luxry of witnessing, brilliant signing

4.) Oscar - £25 Million from Internacional
- Why we signed him: at only 20, he had a very good season for Internacional (Brazillian League)

Now I am not sure on the fee, but I know it was between £20-25. He is a current player.

Verdict: looks a very very VERY exciting prospect

3.) Andriy Shevchenko: £30. 8 from AC Milan
- Why 'we' signed him: He was a lethal striker and was a former Champions league and Ballon D'or winner, an Abramovich fantasy purchase

A Ukrainian legend and a legend in Milan, like the player I will be talking about shortly he transformed into a completely different player, Mourinho never really liked playing him, constantly neglecting him and a return of 9 goals in 50 odd games tells you why, was really bad value for money.

- Why he left Chelsea: wasn't happy here, didn't fit in so he went back to his old club to rekindle his old form, but sadly he didn't.

Verdict: Never really seen him play much tbh (I did see him score once though), but his goal return was awful and it really dented his reputation and image, unfortunately he wasn't the only striker to do so.

2.) Eden Hazard - £32 Million from Lille
- Why we signed him: He was absolutely brilliant for Lille at such a young age. He was keen on joining Spurs till we won the UCL

He is a current player and already proves to be essential for us, the most consistent player for us this season, the pace at which he dribbles with the ball is unbelievable.

Verdict: he deserves a much better center forward to accompany him, if we had the Old Torres we would be strong favorites to win the Prem at this stage instead of a being a manager short. Like Oscar he looks to be a very very VERY exiting prospect

1.) Fernando Torres: £50 Million from Liverpool
- Why 'we' (Roman) signed him: He was one of the most admired, feared strikers in the world at Liverpool, what Falcoa/Ibra are today is what he was a few years ago, Roman always dreamed of signing him and Torres handing in a transfer request helped speed that dream to a reality.

The man had an aura at Liverpool and was very good for Spain (whom I'v supported for some time and probably why I have been so patient with him for this long). But all this was before he came to Chelsea. 19 odd goals in 85 app really speaks for itself, he has ruined his reputation in terms of the lethal center forward he once was.

Losing that lethal pace really destroyed him physically and that 50 million price tag destroyed him mentally. To many MANY Fan's dislike he is still our current player and a strong factor in costing RDM his job (which was painful to read about).

Verdict: His goal against Barca I will never forget as won't many fans but he is still one of the biggest flops of the century in terms of value for money. I'm afraid even Benitez can't work miracles on him.

Thanks for reading...
Greatchelsea (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Very very good read.... Thoroughly enjoyed reading it bluff....
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 4 years ago
I'd say a very fair account. That's a lotta cheese spent in the market, but you have some serious studs in mata, oscar and hazard
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Not only Roman wanted it, Wilkins even said that Carlo had him and Luiz on his wishlist during the summer. Otherwise, good read
Aatir (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Great post    Swp was a useless signing for us.    Didn't even help sell club shirts

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