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Chelsea Vs A.Madrid, August 31st 2012
Kgb112 (Moderator Emeritus) 4 years ago
Here are some thoughts:
1. My first thoughts within the first 3 minutes of the game was that Atletico was playing against us like we played against Barca last year. We had 3 minutes of passing before an Atletico player even stepped into our half, pretty much. And it seems to me like they are defending in numbers, and then countering in numbers. What is frustrating, is that we are letting them. We push 8 players forward slowly over the course of 40 passes, lose the ball in the center of the pitch via a poor dribble or a poor cross, and then A. Madrid play a long ball out and we have 2-3 people defending 3-5 rushing players.
2. Our defence, when is does catch up, is playing like we have 9 players behind the ball. Everyone is trying to contain rather than press. Look at all three goals, one or more of our players gives space to the A. Madrid player on the ball. The second goal is a great example of this. Ashley steps back and waits for Falcao to do something.... Unfortunately.... The something was picking his spot. We are playing a zonal/containment defence when they have numbers! Suchhh bad form. Terrible awareness.
3. This game sucks, but I am glad we are playing it now. We need to seriously work on our cohesion. We need to play a more consistent style. We are playing a passing game with numbers forward, but then trying to run a slow, zonal, and containment based defence. It just doesn't work that way.
4. Lampard does not work in the deep lying position.
5. Ramires does not work as a winger.
6. Bane does not work when we don't "park the bus"
Rafey (Chelsea) 4 years ago
I agree with everything you said. If we are changing our style of play we should do it completely. Ivan is not fast, lampard is not fast. Meireles and azpi can step up for their roles. And I dunno why ramires is playing as a winger. He played well there before because we would defend most of the time and he would make good runs from the midfield, but now situation's changed.... All of our wingers can play good counters.... That's where marin and moses step up. I hope RDM makes some good decisions in after this

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