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Chelsea V Stoke City, Mar 10
Myriekid (Chelsea) 4 years ago
We really needed that.... Good job
Enlarged (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Chelsea, not good enough
Guidas (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Cool story bro
ChrisSartin13 (Real Madrid) 4 years ago
That's not true they really are good enough. They just need a game plan and a bit of confidence and they will be back on top. I'm not a Chelsea fan, but there really a good side
Thefamousahd (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Typical Barca fan, guess we weren't good enough here either - Link:
Jorday (Everton) 4 years ago
I really love it when Drogba plays well.
Quality finish.
What a stupid Red card to get.
Why would any player try that, just seems so stupid to get kicked off and make all your teammates play harder. You're not gonna' make many friends doing that.
Now what's Arsenal going to do?
The race for 4th place is on...
BearWithFish (Manchester United) 4 years ago
And people wanted Drogba gone  
UnseenChelseaFa (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Drogba's best days are far behind him. If Chelsea and Drogba come to an agreement for a one year contract then perhaps it wouldn't be such a bad idea to keep him on. Anything more than a one year contract would be a waste of money in my eyes. We would be better off getting a new striker. The only problem is choosing the right one. So many to choose from now a days
Tristanitax (CA Boca Juniors) 4 years ago
That mata pass
Guidas (Chelsea) 4 years ago
KSI fans. At 2:24 "mother 4ucker I'm ddrrrooogggbbbaaaa"
Kinky (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Another good win.... Just keep pushing and we could possibly take third!
Rangzw (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Stoke are a pack of mongrels
UnseenChelseaFa (Chelsea) 4 years ago
When you play Stoke you know you'll be playing against a Rugby team
Taj123 (Manchester United) 4 years ago
And barcelona except for messi are a school of fishes
Djsilverado (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Why do your website "footytube" allow MSN to make the videos for you, If you are from Canada you get a message saying we are sorry, the video can not be played from your current location ! LIKE WTF, this has been happening for a long time now and it is a total let down ! Can you please get a different company to make your videos ! Thanks
UnseenChelseaFa (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Might want to read the disclaimer footytube puts up before any video is played. Might explain why the MSN videos are up on the site mat
IMAJESTIC (Newcastle United) 4 years ago
Same in Oz
Logicalview (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Congrats Drogba on your 100th goal, pure class! Whether you are on the bench or in another team in the near future the memories will remain!
SoccerJam (Chelsea) 4 years ago
A Centennary of Goals! Congrats dude!
Chelseafever (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Drogba is pure class, a chelsea legend for sure. Also, I wanna see Di Matteo try new things with the team. Luiz needs to be tried in midfield and Mata should start every game, he has been our best player this season!
Butters (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Great win guys! Congrats drogba! But damn so many crossbar hits -__-
Coooookie 4 years ago
Ass much as I don't want Chelsea to pick up points.... I can't be upset when its because of double D
Hajialibaig (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Drogba, you'll forever be a legend

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