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Chelsea V Southampton, Jan 16
Pito316 (Manchester United) 1 year ago
Good goals from Chelsea. After going 2-0 up, I was shocked they let Southampton come back. Wasn't shocked at how Torres failed to make an impact after coming on
Connections (Juventus) 1 year ago
Torres has everything but a finish
TheCheshireCat (Manchester United) 1 year ago
Torres has nothing
LOLOp (Arsenal) 1 year ago
Absolutely right.... Torres is getting paid millions, yet he can't control any through ball from midfield, can't beat defenders, lose possession all the time.... Miss open chances and just make 50% of 1v1 and/or tap-ins.... Luckily for him Chelsea has a very strong midfield which gives him like 2-3 easy easy chances per game, so all he needs is to make 1 every 2 games and his goal scoring ratio don't look that bad
Saintsusa (Southampton) 1 year ago
Puncheon showed great flair with that 2nd saints goal. Saints have risen from 20th to 15th in one month. They're adapting to the Premiere League
AcidacreMU (Manchester United) 1 year ago
Hope they stay up, they're a great club and deserve to play in the pl
Zolamagic (Chelsea) 1 year ago
Saints were very good and deserved the point. Shaw and Clyne are two quality young fullbacks.

I can't help but think that Terry wouldn't have been out-muscled by Lambert as Cahill was for the header but Puncheon's goals was unstoppable. What a goal.

But it's ridiculous that Chelsea threw away a 2-0 lead.... Benitez should never have taken off Lampard for Torres. To me, Benitez is a cup manager and I don't think he has what it takes to win the league. It's not that I dislike him but I don't think he is as good as he thinks he is
Redwest (Manchester United) 1 year ago
What a goal from J. Puncheon and great comeback from Southampton.  
Lafangaking (Manchester United) 1 year ago
Peps gone to Bayern, maureen is not coming back to the bridge. I guess Chelsea is stuck with the fat spanish waiter
Deco20k (Chelsea) 1 year ago
Ch3ls3a (Chelsea) 1 year ago
Good thing I missed the match.  
LOLOp (Arsenal) 1 year ago
Am I the only one who comment on the very nice goal by Ba?
Brummieboy (Birmingham City) 1 year ago
It was deflected, you have to factor in that there was an element of luck to it
Rahulcfc26 (Chelsea) 1 year ago
Juan mata and eden hazard when attacking = god mode    When defending = hobbit mode
KingHarryKewell (Liverpool) 1 year ago
Great comeback by Southampton, never said die and got their reward with a valuable point.

As for Chelsea, great goals by Ba and Hazard - Ba is looking more like the striker Chelsea needs rather than Torres, but just inexplicably fell to pieces. All is not well at Stamford Bridge at the moment it seems...
MattJosh (Chelsea) 1 year ago
Chelsea should accept that they made a very bad investment when they bought Torres, the moment they paid that 50 million pounds, I knew they got cheated big time, how can you pay so much for a striker who in his very best season scored 30 goals while the other seasons he had like 14 and 11 premier league goals. At the time they bought Torres, they had a striker who had netted over 30 goals in two seasons and didn't just score goals but also contributed greatly to the team both in attack and defence. Torres was a waste, they should just accept it and sell him
Baguera (Chelsea) 1 year ago
My worst fears had come true, Torres is a Shevchenko. He's useless and a waist of money and time, he must leave this summer
Ilhanner (Galatasaray SK) 1 year ago
Torres and alexis sanchez are worst strikers in europe. Maybe in the world. Heheee
Baguera (Chelsea) 1 year ago
Actually yes.
Torres is in the top ten best strikers, in my opinion. But today or even for the last two years or more, something is not right in his head.
And Sanchez well he is sloppy lol
Dgrant117 (Manchester United) 1 year ago
Damn, nobody has faith in Torres anymore
Baguera (Chelsea) 1 year ago
It does not take two years to regain your form, the appetite for goals or even your confidence. I observed that he's better at bitchin' and doing long faces when he is on the bench.
He went downwards since the South Africa World Cup and never regain the level he had back then.
ILikeTurtles (Arsenal) 1 year ago
Always knew Torres was never going to live up to his 50m price tag. He was out of form for almost 8 months at Liverpool before Chelsea bought him. But it's Abramovich's money and club so I guess he can do what he wants with it
Kean0 (Tottenham Hotspur) 1 year ago
Chelsea have been scoring for fun recently so full credit Southampton. 2 amazing goals. Actually 4 amazing goals but who will remember Chelsea's goals after being 2 up? Great mid-week match

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