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Chelsea V Aston Villa, Dec 23
Mik0lai (KS Widzew Lódz) 4 years ago
Chelseas fury unleashed. 7 different scorers, that's ridiculous
Mahe186 (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Chelsea fans have no respect.... who is your manager or coach or interim whatever you say?
Mataoffact (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Shut the f**k up chelsea fans have no respect for people like you.

How would you react to the appointment of a coach who called your team a 'fake' 'plastic flag' flying team?

You wouldnt like it.... But guess what? Benitez is proving his professionalism and is winning games, which is ultimately winning over the fans. Think of it as a rough time in a relationship with a girl.... She's called you names but has apologized for it and you suddenly are getting the best sex of your life.

I have full respect for Wenger and many Arsenal fans, do yourself a favour and don't comment on matches in a demeaning manner.... Hey I hope emmanuel adebayour becomes your coach one day I would literally laugh my ass off
Mahe186 (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Yea rafa benitez is a professional he is doing his job.... what about chelsea you just forgot di matteo.... one day abrohmovich will change the name from chelsea fc to abrohmovich fc.... you will say the same we are winning matches and he is professional.... you know you screwed di matteo and havent gave him chance for the guy who got you uefa cup.... you can't change girls for best sex but your changing every year.... you can't call that as relationship its some s**t...
DiSagnia (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Wow I don't even know why I'm responding to this stupidity of a statement. Who on earth are you to say that Chelsea fans have forgotten Di Matteo? In every single game, at the 16th minute, every Chelsea fan stands up and sings "there's ONLY ONE DI matteo". I think there's so much s**t in your ears you can't hear properly.

Kid, stop trolling and embarrassing yourself with your statements, like Mataoffact says, you're given a bad name to your Arsenal fans brethren
Xhaikh (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Mahe 186 is a new borat
Mahe186 (Arsenal) 4 years ago
No matter what you say.... yes chelsea played fantastic footbal last night.... but in managererial issues I got no respect for chelsea.... you know what I mean.... if you don't get it ask your own fans who got di matteo banners.... bye
Mataoffact (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Mate, I understand why you're pissed off, its not nice living in the shadows of a rival team.

I don't usually like to bash other teams and fans, its just not in my blood but when I see arrogance and naivety (lack of sophistication/prominent inexperience and, in this case, completely irrational-i defined it because your english seems sub par and I want you to realize how idiotic you make yourself out to be) to the extent that you have reached, I don't actually need to type anything (which I absolutely love) I'm sure you can see where this is going when you read the link but please remind yourself :

Topshotta (AC Milan) 4 years ago
41 people say Aston Villa were awesome.... Lmfao!
Ldinho (Manchester United) 4 years ago
When I noticed that Villa were playing a 3-5-2 formation, with no Ron Vlaar in the side (their best defender).... I was not that impressed with this win.

I guess I am impressed with Chelsea keeping a clean sheet but that is about it. I mean who the f**k plays 3 defenders against Chelsea anyways. The Villa manager screwed up big time and I hope he learnt his lesson for the Capital One final (if Villa and Chelsea make it to the final)
Hedblast (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Please go and beat any epl team 8-0 and then can come back here and rant. Not impressed? You must be kidding
VorteC (Chelsea) 4 years ago
To be fair, Man Utd did obliterate some team 9-0 a while ago
Wid0wMaker (Manchester United) 4 years ago
8 against arsenal. Stfu
Taroman (Manchester United) 4 years ago
F*ck yourself Hedblast, Man Utd scored 8 goals against Arsenal which is a hard opponent, last year. You guys just facing Aston Villa which is easy
Pball19 (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Lol arsenal has the second worst defence behind Man UTD idiot...
Pball19 (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Oh and to be honest I could care less if we impress you fags from manchester. This is the same villa team that almost beat you
Ldinho (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Don't get me wrong, I voted Chelsea as Awesome. But the fact that Villa played three defenders against you guys(with no Ron Vlaar) makes this win less impressive.

It's common sense really. But you seem to be lacking it.

"lol arsenal has the second worst defence behind Man UTD idiot.... "

Is that so.... *sigh* You are delusional and ignorant if you really believe that.

"this is the same villa team that almost beat you. "
They weren't playing 3 defenders against us were they? Because they actually know better. BUt I guess they under-estimated you guys.
Also, if you don't care what we think then just ignore our posts and move along...
Pukaki (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Do you not understand how the formation works? The 2 "wingers" are wingbacks, and come back and cover for the 3 central defenders. They didn't do their job and this is why the formation failed. Villa used this same formation against liverpool and won comprehensively. Not only that but this is villa's first loss using this formation since losing to man city
Kavirez007 (Liverpool) 4 years ago
Despite the fact that chelsea had a great win and most of the fans must admit that the appointment was not a bad decision.  
VorteC (Chelsea) 4 years ago
We'll know towards the end of the season. Even though we're already out in the champions league, if we can still grind our ways back to the top of PL then I'll say it was a good appointment. If we end up mid-table with no trophies at all then it may have been a bad one
Imaginsolo (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Is obvious that this apptmnt is a good one...
Superfanof (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Chelsea should at least say "thank you for the xmas present villa"ffs
Hedblast (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Why? They didn't give it to us on a silver platter. IMO we worked for the 8 goals
BoyRapho (Chelsea) 4 years ago
We should take more trips to the far east & back if this is what jet-lag gets ya!
Peteko 4 years ago
Hahaha smth must have happened over there. The tournament was just for cover
Peteko 4 years ago
Oh what a day to forget for Villa.    Chelsea should have scored at least 12 or 13.
Hedblast (Chelsea) 4 years ago
We're contented already, we won't ask for more
VorteC (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Who else thoroughly enjoyed Torres showboating? Haven't seen that in a while!
Pukaki (Chelsea) 4 years ago
This is the ruthlessness I expect from chelsea every game. Not this type of scoreline, but this drive and passion to keep scoring goals. We had missed this for a few weeks and I'm glad we have it back
Abasiofon (Manchester United) 4 years ago
The way piazon plays and passes is "kaka-like". Great vision.... He'll be massive for chelsea in the next few years
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Lol in brazil everyone decent, thin and light skinned is the next kaka lol.... Rumor has it he is still alive somewhere in madrid. #freekaka

But on a more serious note paizon played really well, I'm happy for oscar and ramires as well. They are all good players
Estudiantes (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Wow how things can change in football. Chelsea playing Fifa style soccer again. Last time they did this was last season in the beginning followed by then going downhill for rest of season.
Chelsea fans.... Is Benitez forgiven?
DarkenLFCBarca (Barcelona) 4 years ago
I remembered when those chelsea fans said that Benitez is a s**t manager, Stupid Guys lolz
Pukaki (Chelsea) 4 years ago
No one said he's a s**t manager

We didn't want him there since he was liverpool manager and bad mouthed us chelsea fans. On top of that we loved RDM
Imaginsolo (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Chelsea score 8 goals they said is AVL.... Does it matter? This same AVL same player and same formation beat liver pool.... When someone has done a good thing appreciate it, that is the beauty of life.... Chelsea 5 norwich 0
AceAhmed29 (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Good to see chelsea playing like this again, I am glad frank is back and getting his vintage goals from outside the box. All in all it was a good attacking football and chelsea could have easily scored 11 or 12 if wasnt for few brilliant saves by guzan

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