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Chelsea Match Day Chat Room
GreatScot (Rangers)(Footytube Staff) 3 years ago
Link:    This way it won't get lost in the forums :)
[account-removed] 3 years ago
I applaud this and all, but it seems like nobody got on board
Kgb112 (Moderator Emeritus) 3 years ago
Once games come around, I can see it pickign up some steam
[account-removed] 3 years ago
Let's have live game chats, that'd be fun
GreatScot (Rangers)(Footytube Staff) 3 years ago
I'm there now
Thias (Chelsea) 3 years ago
Fastest player on our team?
Adamshrek3 (Chelsea) 3 years ago
I'd say probably Moses, but now that he's been loaned Ramires or Hazard
Thias (Chelsea) 3 years ago
You're probably right
BluFFmaster (Chelsea) 2 years ago
Holarstic (Chelsea) 2 years ago
Just testing, glad to be here
ElChico (Chelsea) 2 years ago
Any thoughts on the line-up tonight?

I think Costa will start even with the minor injury scare.

Ivan Cahill Terry Dave
Matic Cesc
Schurrle Oscar Hazard

Any thoughts guys? And random guesses on who is gonna' score.

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