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BluFFmaster's Chelsea FC Poems
BluFFmaster (Chelsea) 1 month ago
33 - Another trophy? Yess please.... Revenge against the Spurs complete.

Carefree, wherever we may be
From Stamford Bridge to Wembley
To getting robbed by Burnley?

If we won tonight it would be our 14th trophy since Roman's hijack
The topic before the final was who was going to fill the Matic gap
I thought Cahill as it would be insanely clever and not only because he'll track
But because when he backs off he slots into his actual position of centreback

From Jose complaining that there is a conspiracy or campaign
To Chelsea winning a trophy at Wembley and drinking champaign
Unless your Eden Hazard in which case the champaign was mundane
Zouma's pocket must be huge from all the players he's managed to contain
From sterling, aguero, lukaku to now erikson and the hurricane
The captain, leader legend scored the first as the crowd went insane
The 2nd might be credited as a walker own goal which is totally inhumane
But to me and all chelsea fans the Fabregas and Costa duo is back in reign

When Jose sprayed water at the camera I thought he was in for some bans
With the new sponsorship deal Chelsea went from plastic to rubber fans?

That last joke might not be that admired
Can't help it, I was a bit tyre'd

And how about that spurs fan throwing a coin at Diego which he decided to retain
Now he can buy that DVD that Spurs will release from white hart lane
The one titled "Spurs - The minutes we weren'’t losing on that Wembley terrain"
With all exclusive 44 minutes from that first half in that heavy rain

A shout out to the back four who put in a brilliant shift especially JT and Azpi
Just the Premier League left and Cahill would have won everything at Chelsea

And kudos to Cech for another clean sheet but also one to T-bo
Who's double man of the match performances got us to the final as we all know

Spurs giving the europa excuse as a factor of them losing is quite witty
To that remark I will simply say: "Try telling that to Manchester City"

BluFFmaster (Chelsea) 7 months ago
32 - Poem from our 4-2 win vs Swansea (feat. Diegoals Costa)

The first 30 minutes i'd rather watch Young & Restless
As Swansea ran the show and left our defence completely breathless
Then all of a sudden we got out of our Dodge and into our Lexus
As a certain Hazard shifted the game and left Swansea headless

Unlike United we actually started to play cleverly
Pressing higher and moving about with tons of energy
Costa is like our Popeye but instead of spinach he eats celery
A good striker is like gas, silent but deadly

Costa now has 7 goals in 4 games, those are FIFA numbers to huge degrees
And here I thought the playstation controllers left the house with David Luiz

Terry and Matic were poor but it settled down once Ramires came on
Imagine saying that ^ last season, you'd get smacked with a baton

The Bridge was at full voice in singing praises of Diego astronomically
Getting a chance to chant "he scores when he wants" un-ironically

But I'm still unhappy with our strikers to a point of extreme irritation
They need to put more effort in training working on thier goal celebration
BluFFmaster (Chelsea) 7 months ago
31 - Poem from our 3-6 win at Everton!

Playstation defending, multiple heart attacks and Remy beginning a new career.
Eto'o scoring on debut and Costa looking more cunning than a Killdeer.
Rival fans who said we only play anti-football starting to disappear.
Lukaku's "Chelsea reject, Fernando Torres is better than you" cheer

Goodbyes and goodlucks were said to our beloved El Nino.
Who recieved the bigger spanking? Coleman or Fernandinho?

City struggled against Stoke even with enough strikers to form a quartet
And shockingly that match wasn't even in Stoke, or on Tuesday or windy or wet!

Young not asking for a pen the one time he actually had a good case, surreal
Whats more shocking, Sanogo starting or Mikel assisting with a backheel!?

Liverpool had a great weekend like us,
So out of respect I won't troll them and simply skip.
BTW.... Did you see Gerrard's ice bucket clip?
Poor guy had to sit down so he wouldn't slip.

Transfer deadline day is a historic event and not one for the pikers
United bought Falcao, cause apparently you can't have enough big wage, injury prone strikers

Just saw Harry's car window rolling down, sublime.
And I think he went with the large fries this time.

It's actually a shame that Malky Mackay was not with a club tonight
There was a good selection of players, some were even white

All in all a nice quiet deadline day, all we are missing now is a goal from Drogba.
Fantastic transfer window Jose, in the next one lets sign that guy called Pogba
BluFFmaster (Chelsea) 11 months ago
30 - Demba Ba, you legend! We Beat Liverpool, again

So the pool fans seem to be outraged about Chelsea and certainly aren't keeping quiet
Blaming Chelsea for refusing to play in a manner that will allow them to run riot!

Dirty tactics being employed by Chelsea, those pool fans keep on ranting to all
Well, how about harping about the tactics of some of your own fans used at Formby hall?

I'v heard of you'll never walk alone (although Mignolet was walking pretty alone in the 92 minute)
Now there's you'll never sleep alone and you'll never slip alone as well, there's simply no limit

Its not a normal day if a few Liverpool fans aren't malicious
Ah well, your tears of unfathomable sadness are simply delicious

Suarez hasn't scored a single goal against the top 4 teams this season in the premier
Not saying he isn't a good player, just stating facts [*cough* awarded best player of the year]

How about that post match interview from the Special One, which is routine
Giving Redknapp the same high praise he gave last week to Mike Dean

But watch out Jose, you know how the FA reign
They might charge you for insinuating that Redknapp has a brain

Don't let this f****** slip, he said as means a motivating fuel
The irony that occurred yesterday is so overwhelming its almost cruel

I don't get Rogers comments, blasting us for our tactics like some bitter politician
How about not fielding an insane attacking side against a happy sitting back opposition
Ask yourself what in the blue f*ck was Gerrard doing in CB, watching a rendition?
You refused to compromise on your principles Brendan and were simply a poor tactician

So apparently the Gerrard slip was the reason for their defeat, wow
Can I apply the same logic for that 'unlucky' slip by Kompany now?

Liverpool had 74% possession and did absolutely nothing with it in their own town
End of the day, Liverpool were simply not good enough to break Chelsea down
BluFFmaster (Chelsea) 12 months ago

29 - Napoli x2, Zlatan's kind words, Diego Torres, Barca's prefered beverage, What was Gerrard doing in Dortmund?

Tuesday's loss was the second time PSG had lost by 2 goals in 100+ matches
Its also the 2nd time we'v caused Cavani and Lavezzi tons of head scratches

I wonder what those two must be thinking, especially Cavani who must be in regret
"Which country do we have to go to beat this team with a 3-1 aggregate? "

P-aris, please S-ay G-oodbye cause you got served like a certain team whom we'v put past four
Like our fantastic Stamford Bridge crowd sang "Champions of Europe, we'v done it before"

Let me now recap those dramatic and legendary last few minutes for you
Cahill pumped the ball long into the penalty area as bodies flew
Alex headed it clear but it didn't go far with Torres right on his shoe
Ball fell to father time who turned with the agility of a Messi on debut

His shot was blocked by Jallet who thought he did something crafty
He did nothing of the sort as the rebound fell to the world class Azpi

He went for a shot, or was it a cross? Either way it wasn't on PSG's agenda
It took a deflection and was scooped into the net by the brilliant falling Demba

It was un'ba'leivable, Chelsea had done just enough to qualify
But wait, whats that in the distance, a bird? A plane? A firefly?

Who's that sprinting lighting fast on the touchline, its making me sob
It was just Mourinho running like he clearly didn't want the Chelsea job

What a Chelsea legend Mourinho is, telling the players not to get carried away
Saying stuff like "there's still a lot to be done, Ba play CB before PSG get underway"
And a few brilliant Cech saves later, it was indeed time for the big hooray!
The fans and players started cheering, and what about those priceless faces on display

(*cough* Roy Keane *cough* Nasser Al Khelaifi *cough*)

Special mention to Luiz, that's the brilliant player we missed
39 passes completed, 6 clearances, 5 tackles and 1 assist

In the event we draw Atlético, there's speculation on whether they'll pay Courtois's fee
If Atletico agree to a 'loser must keep Torres match', i'd let them play Courtois for free

How about Zlatan's greeting with Mourinho after the game, what a nice man
A better love story than a Diego Torres book and a tender loving garbage can
I also loved Mourinho's "kisses to your family" remark, was it part of a plan?
Maybe hinting at Zlatan to move his family to West London, in a quick span

Could you imagine if Diego Torres wrote a book on this, that would be a fatality
Messi scoring against Chelsea goes together as much as Diego Torres and the word 'neutrality'
In his idiotic, irrational universe this is how he would precede the above as being the reality
The headline of his book would read 'Mourinho fumes at Zlatan', “diseases to your family!”

I don't know who's miss was funnier as a whole, Cavani? Or the 50 by Missataryan
John Terry's the perfect guy u'd want to have over two legs, at least that's what she told everyone

You gotta' feel for Dortmund though, they gave it a real go and nearly made Ronaldo cry like a chick
He was sweating more than the security guards holding Gerrard back were, when Madrid were awarded that spot kick

Its clear that someone will actually need to commit murder for Webb to award a penalty on a plate
But it was nice to see Barca enjoy some Koke after the 7up they enjoyed on last year's similar date
Personally I prefer Pepsi, but no that's fine, I'm sure Barca will bounce back nice and great
All they need to do is settle down, regroup and get their cheque book out.... Oh wait

And of course Messi found it hard to score against Courtois again, you do know he's originally a blue
To those Barca fans who didn't want to play Chelsea and their boring football, well now you won't have to

BluFFmaster (Chelsea) 1 year ago
Memory Bank - Poem from our game vs Napoli 2012 [Both Legs]

[Napoli - Chelsea, 21 Feburary 2012]

Sturridge's pass took a small detour as it looped up in the air to Mata who put it away
His volley, which found its way past De Sanctis put Chelsea infront against the run of play

But the hope to end a four match winless run was soon over, Chelsea fans grew colder
As Lavezzi soon found the bottum corner and Cavani nudged home Inler's cross with his shoulder

Chelsea's reargaurd was exposed yet again as Luiz's clearance was seized by Cavani
He then fed it Lavezzi who's finish was more pretty than a celebration done by Nani

Thankfully, furthur embarrasment was saved thanks to Cole's clearance of the line
But what kind of significance would that save really have? Chelsea were in decline

[Chelsea - Napoli 14 March 2012]

After Villas-Boas admitted of the lacking of backing of both players and owner, he got the sacking
Di Matteo assumed control till the end of the season, hoping to fix what Chelsea were lacking

Things did not look good as Cech was forced into many saves early on, Napoli fans became bitchier
Then we scored from out of nowhere as Ramires's brilliant cross met the twisting and turning head of Didier

Cavani had the shoes of Torres it seemed as he missed chance after chance
As Terry powered home Lampard's cross, suddenly Napoli fans were not in such romance

But then Terry's headed clearance fell straight to Inler who scored, everyone was dismantled
Then Napoli cracked under our immense pressure as the former Scouse defender had handled

The tie was now level as Lampard's spot kick was fearsly struck into the back of the net
As extra time began and it became the case of whichever club blinked first would regret
Drogba transfromed from scorer to provider as his brilliant play and pass was met
By Ivanovic who fired home a thumping legendary goal to cause a massive massive upset

The Napoli fans were more shocked then Torres was when Di Matteo blindsided him with an aggresive hug
It was like it was written in the stars or something, that night gave any fan's heartstrings a tug

Now read it with this music (from 17 sec)

BluFFmaster (Chelsea) 1 year ago
28 - Poem from our 6-0 win against Arsenal

What a brilliant Saturday morning we all got
I might not get to it all but I’ll give it a shot
3rd big massacre for the Gunners, is Wenger losing the plot?
Arsenal sure do not like this early kick off slot
There was one question I wanted to ask earlier but I forgot
How the hell did Liverpool only put 5 past this lot?

You gotta' give respect to Chelsea though, who simply couldn't be barged
Trying to score 1000 goals in honour of Wenger's 1000th game in charge

I bet Wenger wanted to build a fence around him using lots of wattles
For me he is a specialist, a specialist in abusing water bottles

It was Chelsea's biggest win against Arsenal in history
How we won that game with Hazard being in 3rd gear is a mystery

And what about that referee, great performance i'd say (unconvincingly)
He is representing FA's discrimination campaign oh so perfectly

Although, Gibbs probably sent the ref a gift basket with a note of thanking
For excusing him nice and early from that brutal spanking

After a series of big beatings, Arsenal will be extremely low on morale
You'd think after scorelines of 6-3 5-1 6-0 They'd have played tennis with Nadal

Salah looks an exciting player, Mata/Drogba esque first touch
Mixed with a dribbling style that resembles Robben oh so much

I also like how Mourinho Salah-brated his goal, he looks a gem
Can't wait to see more of him as well as Luiz at CDM

So in the end, we beat le Arse six nil, evil trumping good, London is Chelsea
It’s not all bad for Arsenal though, at least they found a cheap backup for Szczesny

BluFFmaster (Chelsea) 1 year ago
27 - Poem from our 3-0 win to the Toons and not about Arsenal's 5-1 loss at Liverpool

Arsenal got destroyed by the Kop
Canaries stifle City as they flop
Mourinho's Chelsea is back on top
Can Fulham upset Utd and shut up shop?

City lacked passion on their road trip to the Carrow
I guess they are more than a bit reliant on Sergio Aguero

Norwich defended like Chelsea while City played a rich hoodlum
Even the cottage cheese beat Norwich away, City, you are worse than Fulham

It seems Mourinho has broken City mentally
While Liverpool have broken Arsenal quite literally

They battered the Gunners and had them twirling
Sas was MOTM, but this time it was Skrtel And Sterling

Liverpool fans are easy to spot, with their huge ass grins
Threw the 'so-called best defence in the league' into bins
This one is right up there on the list of most impactful wins
As for the Arsenal, race for the 4th place begins

Liverpool must'v felt good beating Arsenal infront of their many Legends
But you gotta' give props to Arsenal for holding their own for about 30 seconds

And what about that tweet from Left-Ass Cheek on that Mesut Özil fella
Or should I say Mesut Ozilch, cause he loves hiding under that umbrella
Anyways, he said "Ozil this Is the prem mate, it’s not all #niceynicey over here!"
Anfield is becoming that dangerous fortress that all teams are beginning to fear

Arsenal in dire need of a lift, thank god their next match is only against United
If 5-1 thing to say about that game, it's that if United win, i'll be delighted

Lets move from teams whose wheels are falling off faster than lightning
To a team whose wheels may not be on yet, but who's bolts are tightening

A big thanks to City and Arsenal, keeping that top spot warm was very kind
But don't worry now, Jose will take it from here if you don't mind

It may just be two small points but i'd still like to enforce
That what a mighty big jump it is for such a small horse

Chelsea looked stable, we'r not simply saddling up for a champions league place
Hay, what about that world class goal from Hazard, what a brace

That touch from Eto'o was class, nice crosses from Bane as well, both can take a bow
I don't want to stirrup anything but we gotta' be a mane contender now

But i'll leave this topic now, don't wanna cause anything unhealthy
But Hay, what a Hazourdous day for the Toons and unbridled joy for Chelsea

[Ok il stop with the horse references now ]
BluFFmaster (Chelsea) 1 year ago
26 - Poem from our 1-0 win at the Etihad

Mourinho made the planno
Navas is speedy gonzalo
Bravo Branno you were the manno
Luiz is better in midfield than Paulinho and Luiz Gustavo

So now that the random opening is out of the way, lets talk about the game
Chelsea took the game to the lions den and left City in absolute shame

Chelsea made the lions of Manchester play like little scared pigeons
Is Manchester blue or red? Its neither because Manchester is 'kittens'

'kittens' is in no way an edit for another nasty word that rhymes with 'it'
Lets talk about Matic though, who locked face to face with Yaya and made him submit
Is it safe to say that Matic is the January transfer window hit?
Naaaa, let's atleast wait until Kim Kallstrom is fit

It was the first time City failed to score in 62 matches
Gone are the days where we only played well in small patches
We fked around a little at the beginning but then played good for long batches
Taking the game full on and leaving the opposition with head scratches
What a peach strike from Bane, I suddenly forgot all those god-awful crosses
But he is a big game player that always has a big game goal in him, he simply bosses

David Moyes isn't the only one breaking records and entertaining
City's first home defeat this season means ours is the only home record left maintaining
It was also our 4th consecutive away clean sheet, lets keep on reigning
We now have to start winning against mid-team teams cause we don't have many big games remaining

Azpi and Terry were absolute rocks
Willian with his all red pitchmap worked his socks!
Cech was more reliable than a high school clock
And Cahil with his customary world class blocks

And ofcourse, who can forget about Hazard, who was smoother than one of those playground pebbles
In the end the best team won, we'v done the double over city and now lets make it a treble!

So the ultimate offense meets the ultimate defence in a match that was expected to be an incredibly close show
Turns out defence walks all over offense, I could've sworn I watched this on Sunday night, the ball was shaped like a lemon though

Its a shame that Fernandinho was injured, that news must'v come as a bombshell
If only City had a large enough squad with endless talent on the bench *cough* Milner Rodwell

Our back-line was beautiful, Cech, Cahil, Terry, Bane and Azpi were absolutely faultless
You know Chelsea have performed well when Barcelona fans start giving Mourinho plaudits

Even Liverpool fans joined in, its interesting cause hating on Mourinho was usually their trend
But its nice they watched the game, hopefully they got a few pointers on how to actually defend

We've done it to Napoli, Bayern, Barca and now City, won't those disbelievers ever learn?
Even if a million odds are stacked against us, its rarely ever our concern

Hope City enjoyed that MNM, it was given rather sweetly to them on their own grass
I'm not talking about the candy MNM but Jose Mourinho's Monday Night Masterclass

By the way, has anyone seen a parked bus? I was told tonight to expect one
Oh there was a bus alright, but it was in City's half running over everyone

BluFFmaster (Chelsea) 1 year ago
25 - Poem from our 2-1 win vs Liverpool

It was our first league win against the Reds in over three years
Mourinho's record is untouchable, no one even dare interfere

Eden Hazard scored for the second game running, gliding past everyone like a ghost
Eto scored the winner by brilliantly beating Mignolet and Skirtel, giving them the roast
Willian slowly justifying his transfer fee, to his hardworking mentality I give a toast
All While Fernando "Almost" Torres almost scored a goal for the ages.... Almost!

Dave was absolutely brilliant, Jose will consider shifting him to RB permanently
Oscar was a major key to our rapid press, leading by example so vibrantly

And what about that Howard Web performance, again leaving Liverpool with a lot of grieve
All I'm going to say is that Feguson would'v been proud of that performance
Also beavers are always going to beave [Suarez]

Mourinho deserves his credit, hard and direct running, defending deep and lightning quick transitions
The guy has more famous and memorable quotes than most directors philosphers and politicians

It was funny to hear all the Liverpudlian rants towards Howard Webb, boy can they cry
In the future Liverpool, it might help if you don't post photo-shopped pictures of the guy

Jose was too much for Rodgers, the guy is a class veteran
Back to the usual position for Liverpool, below Everton

I don't think Suarez had a bad game, but didn't look threatening as such
I think it just shows what happens when he doesn't get fed as much

Credit must go to Chelsea, for starving him for most of the bout
They primarily did this.... .... By subbing Ivanovic out

I felt kinda bad when Sakho had to go off due to his muscle strain
Torres didn't help the matter either, putting him in even more pain

I bet that's why he swapped shirts at half time, incase later he didn't have a chance
Since he knew he might not last till the end, he best get his souvenir in advance

This is what we've been missing, we looked so strong
Unity at Stamford Bridge whilst the crowd singing our song
We refused to be bullied
Refused to be proven wrong
Chelsea simply bossed Liverpool all night long

BluFFmaster (Chelsea) 1 year ago
Niru's poem on Juan Mata

There's only Juan Mata
Only Juan in the world
He's blue, nothing else Matas
Defences he always trolls
It's like he's in a park, taking a stroll
Watch how magically the ball he curls
Scores beautiful goals
Or the pass out wide to Ashley Cole

He's a true blue
Tiny lad from Spain
About his passion you have no clue
The world's best football brain
Defenders scream in mental pain
For a magician like him you can't contain
Try stopping him, you're efforts in vain
He can pass through a bullet train

There's only Juan Mata
And he wears our Chelsea kit
Nothing else Matas
Our hearts he instantly lit

Only Juan Mata!
Niru (Chelsea) 1 year ago
BluFFmaster (Chelsea) 1 year ago
24 - Poem from our game vs West Ham and nothing else

*If you are a Spurs, United fan do not read this

"So yesterday I predicted a City 3 Tottenham 0 scoreline, I really overestimated Spurs"
"But dude, it was a brilliant prediction for half-time if that's what it refers"

To use some NFL terminology, Spurs were simply pup
You know when AVB is bringing on Adebayor, he is giving up

As for Spurs, well, it looks like their team is finally beginning to gel
Daniel Sturridge has scored as many goals as their whole team, all is not well

Actually, so has Luis Suarez, in 5 fewer games, ok ok fine, I will ease up and stop the mocking
Its probably just the atmosphere, I mean the atmosphere can't shoot, defend, and it's tactics are shocking
Now I know Liverpool haven't spent that much money (LOL) but this is pretty clowning
Soldado resembling the 30m flop Carrol and Lamela being the new Argentine Downing

Are Spurs in crisis or circus? Regardless, here's something that'll get them in a good mood after yesterday's bummer
The good news for Spurs fans is they won't have to worry about Madrid sniffing about ANY of their players this summer

(to quote Moyes, post match)

"It’s a tough place to come after international duty and I would have taken the result before the game"
Be afraid United fans, be very afraid. When Hodgson was at Liverpool he said things of the same

Well played Cardiff, good point to get despite the obstacle
Rumor has it, at half time they all tuned in to watch "Kim-Possible"

Are refs not aware that Fergie is gone, and they can actually deal with United players the way the rulebook tells them to in the Premier
Man United v Spurs next Sunday could decide which one gets the edge in a chance for a play-off place for the Europa League next year

Does Boruc not know that goalies aren't meant to keep possesion
He does however receive a 10 out of 10 for his Joe Hart impression

Giroud certainly showed him the pressing game
Boruc and Szczesny, 'Poles apart' one can proclaim

Anyways, what about that performance by Mikel, he did a fine job again and should take a bow
And when will those spanners stop booing Lampard? You think they would've learnt by now

Hmm, maybe should'v actually talked a bit more about our game
BluFFmaster (Chelsea) 1 year ago
23 - Poem from our 2-1 win at Arsenal

After the Jukes of Hazard, Torres's terror and Rambo's bravos
Blatter complained why his hair is not like Ronaldos

Schwarzer did more then justify his wages
Azpilicueta was courageous
Bertrand was simply outrageous
I didn't know cramp was contagious

Ozil and Giroud came on but it didn't MATA
The bad boy came out in him, what brilliant drama

If Giroud gets injured, would love to see more of that bloke Bendnter
That haircut though, looked like a bearded tosser of the opposite gender -_-

As for Arsenal, playing with him effectively meant playing with ten men
Kinda making the Emirates our second home now, beating them yet again

This game was an advert for why Mikel should partner Ramires in the holding role
Essien looked rusty but still had those trademark forward runs through tight holes

Oh and hats off to our away crowd who chanted and outsang the 60, 000 gooner sea
Arsenal is currently the third best team in England, behind Chelsea a and Chelsea be

Our be side could qualify for the champions league, very delighted
Lets hope we get an easy team in the next round, maybe united?

What about that first goal by Dave, very Torres esc, Arsenal didn't learn from our game on Sunday it may seem
But it's good that City’s academy learnt beforehand, so now they can play better when they make it to their first team


Perfect October!
BluFFmaster (Chelsea) 1 year ago
22 - $~poem from our win vs Citeh~$

Note: there is a line that ends with 'sas' as in the Liverpool SAS, pronounce it as 'sass'

Now before we get into the good stuff, couple of things I have to admit
Shock at old trafford as united take all three points, the underdogs have done it ;)

Spurs win through another penalty, its sort of becoming thier motto
If soldado continues like that, we'll have to start calling him pendaldo

In the end a win is a win, but thier supporters certainly thought they looked like a bunch of flat tires
AVB should be aware of the golden rule of football, never turn on your own fans as it often backfires

Onto the el cashico, City played well and probably deserved a point
But in the end there was one team victorious and the other in disappoint

(highlights of the game)

Torres missed a sitter
Aguero scored and glittered
Terry was as reliable as a good babysitter
Ramires was razor sharp as a pair of scissors
Torres broke city harts and scored the winner
Mournho celebrated with his son, Essien cried a river

"Btw, where was the big and dangerous Yaya? He fly off on a rocket? "
Oh he was playing buddy, Rambo just had him in his back pocket

It seemed Torres had gained that 1/2 yard of pace without a doubt
Defenders were fearing him again as no one wanted to take him on in a bout
Less them all Clichy who Torres gave an absolute rout
Clichy became a cliche, cause he was simply worn out

Joe is all Hart, but sadly no intellect
But Nastasic's through ball was inch perfect

And LOL at Mourinho's celebration after our game winner, what a gem!
At Madrid he was unhappy to be near the crowd, with us he jumps in them

Chelsea fans were excited and delighted as city fans simply vomited
Common now, everyone loves a 90th minute winner vs city, just ask united

First time city lose after Aguero scores even by his own efforts
Remember we are Chelsea and we say "bitch please" to all records

Chelsea's last eight games have read: wwdwwwww with 21 scored and 4 conceded
If we win against the arse, a perfect record in October will be completed

While its only the league cup, i'd be sweet to win on thier grass
Looking to beat thier style and skills with our own cash, I mean class
As well as tire them out mentaly and release some of thier gas
A few days before thier game which i'v titled 'ass vs sas'

What a moment though, the bridge ringing with 'Torres centered' chants
All it was missing was Gary Neville cumming in his pants

BluFFmaster (Chelsea) 1 year ago
21st - Poem from the Champions League Week

Guess who's back, back again
He started against the German side, Torres, Torres
Within the first few minutes he scored, Torres, Torres
Bane came up and flicked his head
To nod the ball to Torres who sped
Fernando Torres, that's his butter and bread
Overall, Schalke didn't cause us too much disturbance
Impressed with Cech's saves and Hazard's resurgence
Great performance, producing some fine counter attacks
In his current form, Oscar could give a whale a piggyback
Or eat a bowl of nuts and bolts as a light snack
The guy is just as lethal going forward as he is tracking back
United beat the groups weakest team to excel
And no I don't mean that they beat themselves
Looking into the United game il share a few points if possible
They had sloppy passing and thier fininshing was unwatchable
People predicting they won't finish inside the top 4, remarkable
Kinda reminds you of another team doesn't it? Yup, Arsenal
Ofcourse this year, Arsenal are on quite a roll and are a real threat
I'm actually serious this time and not trying to troll.... Yet
They played the 2nd best side in the world and lost
No shame in that but they will be tad crössed
Lewandowski had a virtual tap in as he was left unmarked and all alone
Cause Sagna was at the other end, in a deckchair, watching Breaking Bad on his iPhone.
That result leaves the group in a pretty hellacious and deadly space
666, the number of the beast, this group will be an exciting race
Arsenal are definatly in contention for that first or second place
The group will be tighter than Ronaldo's hand gripping his 'injured' face
I loved the way he went to Pepe like he was some kind of doctor
Why can't you be like your friend the classy slippery tax dogder
Its a shame too cause that incident drew attention away from his fanstastic first goal
Personally though, i'd prefer Zlatan in the world cup cause he's more entertaining as a whole
His 3rd goal was nearly out of this world and deserves some bravos
If it weren't for that net, the ball would'v been lost in the cosmos
We have City on the weekend, make sure you attend
BluFF is back, tell a friend

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