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Brazil V Mexico, Jun 3
AntiFutbol (Club Tijuana) 4 years ago
A solid display of our defence and great adaptation of our attacking tactics. Dos Santos goal was completely sublime. Chicharito was average, until De Nigris stepped in. The seem to gel pretty well. Corona's saves were Spectacular
But in all honesty, our brazilian brothers were robbed 2 goals. The game should have ended 2-2. The first time brasil hit the net, it was onside. The second when Hulk was tackled by Corona and where denied the penalty. Sad to see such poor refereeing.
It was an entertaining match none the less
Danmx (CD Chivas de Guadalajara) 4 years ago
Very true Brazil's first goal was borderline, and I think it should have been a pk as well. With that being said, Brazil also got lucky not to concede another 2 goals, with Guardado's and Chicharito's chances that could have very easily been goals, as well as De Nigris's chance actually
Jigsawwill (Real Madrid) 4 years ago
Gio keeps scoring golazo's for his country
FutureMUplayer (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Well done Mexico! Dos Santos is a beast and a player who deserves much more than he gets in Spurs, a move to La Liga will help him to become a better player
Safouane (Real Madrid) 4 years ago
He was in La Liga and treated like rubbish in Barcelona!  I think Bondesliga will fit perfectly for him
BarcaMyLove (Barcelona) 4 years ago
I'm pretty sure he left because he wanted more game time.... If he was treated so bad why would his brother still be at the club. He was raised through the barca youth and owes alot to barca, I wish he still played for us
Dragonknight (Werder Bremen) 4 years ago
3 words Giovani Dos Santos
ARod9 (Sevilla) 4 years ago
Viva mexico
Mdereje (Arsenal) 4 years ago
He meant it
Dinglehater2 (West Bromwich Albion) 4 years ago
Well played Mexico
PeRRoBLaNCo (Real Madrid) 4 years ago
I heard Messi has done great chips, but this, this is ******* sublime, perfect, awesome, astonishing chip. Wonderful goal by Gio
Enlarged (Barcelona) 4 years ago
It wasen't ment to be a chip.... He tried crossing it
DJOllie (Club León) 4 years ago
No one was on the far post, he took a shot.  
AFC11 (Arsenal) 4 years ago
No point argueing.... It went in. He said ge tried it.... Soooo
Lovelyeli (CD Chivas de Guadalajara) 4 years ago
Mexico played a very smart game against this brazil team.... I don't think i've ever seen our defence this solid. MEZA MOTM.... For an unknown player who plays in mexico to stop what most RB's can't which is Neymar.... Is one hell of a challenge.

Chicharito Seriously does a whole lot better when he has a partner with him up front.... De nigris reminds me of berbatov a little bit where he holds the ball so great inside the box.... Helps to create tons of chances, hopefully during the WCQ games chepo goes with a 4-4-2
Chilldog (Pumas UNAM) 4 years ago
We are actually having better performances playing 4-4-1-1, I would love to see Peralta and De Nigris playing together. Chicharo wasn't great. I agree with you, Meza did an awesome job but Salcido was always backing him up. I can't wait to see Herrera playing in this team
Yoplait (Aston Villa) 4 years ago
Salcido played very well defensively but his offensive duties were not so great. He would lose to many balls in the midfield and lacks some vision in the counter attack. Marquez would of been great there
Yoplait (Aston Villa) 4 years ago
El Pechu played so well covering Hulk. Great work overall. Viva Mexico!
Georgio (Bayern München) 4 years ago
Are Brazils and Portugals Keeper Kits the same?
GotIbra (AC Milan) 4 years ago
Anyone got longer highlights? I read Pato missed some sitters. Can't believe he doesn't even start. He's really deteriorating
Chilldog (Pumas UNAM) 4 years ago
Pato missed one open net, Chicarito as well missed a face to face with Rafael, a great one-two with DeNigris wasted by Hernandez
SDCottager13 (Fulham) 4 years ago
Yeah but on the other hand he score a beatiful goal from a tight angle against us last week.... Still a Pato fan  
SKool (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Quality goal by G. Dos Santos. I hope he gets to play more games to play in the future. He's being trapped at Spurs
Migz8 (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Solid ass defence !
KidultHood (Inter Milan) 4 years ago
This Brazil defence is too average for me, this don't cut it for me...

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