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European Aspirations
Jeroen (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Hey guys, I was wondering what you feel is possible for our BvB next season.

I know it's probably misplaced after our awful European games this season, but I have high hopes for next season. If Reus sparks more confidence in our team up front, we'll be able to finish the many chances we wasted this season instead, perhaps even end up as group winners and who knows how far we'll go from thereon? Our midfield is looking strong again after Sahin's departure, Lewadowski's incredible surge to the top seems to be a lasting one, Barrios probably will stay (sweet), Hummels & co form one of the best defences in Europe and our attacking midfield is second only to that of Barcelona and Madrid.

Klopp and our immortal fanbase that supports the team through thick and thin (are you listening Bayern fans?) can lift the team to new heights. I know we can, I hope we will
Steveex (Borussia Dortmund) 4 years ago
If the last two seasons have shown me anything, is that we are able to keep up with the high teams of europe. I mean, beating bayern in a good or in a bad form says pretty much in the Bundesliga. Sure our european performance so far has been dreadful, well not much the performance as the end result, but we could achieve more if we had more trust in ourselves.
For that we would need an experienced team, starters as well as subs.

I would love to see Leitner playing more now as well as Gündogan, who recently has finally been able to touch ground and perform as wished. Another good striker now would be good considering Barrios might leave (for whatever reasons). Any chance our budget is enough to buy rossi from Villareal? Lol
With the adition of Reus to our team, we wouldn not only have depth in our attacking midfield but a killing chemistry between the players and deadly attacks. We just need to net them in.

We will come back to europeans top teams. The main goal for this season was to show consistency and stability even without our key player. We have versatility, something Bayern for example doesn't have. We have the luxury to sub pretty much anyone and keep our quality.

Next goal should be reaching quarter finals next season in the champions league. With a little luck and hunger for success from our marvellous young players and we should be good to go. Important now is to win at least one of the two titles this season or better even both to accentuate were we are standing and are actually capable of doing
Ocallaghanl (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Totally agree with what both of you lads are saying. I think BVB are one of the (arguably the best) the best teams to watch in Europe. They're actually a TEAM and not a team full of individuals like Madrid, or sometimes Bayern. Bayern have a starting eleven, and really no depth. And the likes of Ribery and Robben are more concerned with themselves than the team. That doesn't happen with BVB. Gotze, Grosskreutz, Kuba, Lewandowski, all are pass first players and want whats best for the team.

I definitely think that a quarter-final finish should be an objective for us next season. For me, there's the top teared European teams of Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern (in europe), and Manchester United. But after that you could pull out of a hat who makes it through the knock out stages. I think Dortmund are more established than the likes of Inter Milan, Marseille, Napoli, Porto etc. So there's no reason why BVB shouldn't try and do it big in the competition next season
Jeroen (Barcelona) 4 years ago
I like how my words were somewhat prophetic. Reus did indeed spark out offense and he made us more clinical, we did end up as group winners in what was the best group of all time in the UCL, our midfield and defence remain as solid as before and Lewandowski's rise is indeed a permanent one.

Now I know we can do even better than what I hoped for, and now is the time to show the world we're bigger and better than any team built with money so our current starts don't want to leave unless they're only in it for money, in which case they can f**k off. Lewa, I'm talking to you mate. Sign that €4. 5m contract already!

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