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OddSpud (Borussia Dortmund) 1 week ago
No matter what the future holds for him football-wise, as long as he's in Dortmund, this guy is a legend:

Jeroen (Barcelona) 6 days ago
Mats is the sort of legend Dortmund needs AND deserves
Kazuki (Liverpool) 1 week ago
Ahh.... When is bundesliga coming back lol? Feels like forever
Malik (Barcelona) 1 week ago
Gonzaga101 (Borussia Dortmund) 1 week ago
Will kample start over immoble (or anyone else) up front?
Obskurum (Borussia Dortmund) 1 week ago
Over Auba I think
Deinonychus (Borussia Dortmund) 2 weeks ago
Bender is a great player but his body is unfortunately obviously not made for professional sports. That's a position where we need to act if you ask me
Jeroen (Barcelona) 2 weeks ago
We were interested in Tielemans & Praet apparently, most likely because of that reason. Both will most likely sign a new contract at Anderlecht soon though
RGordon (FC Hansa Rostock) 2 weeks ago
I apologize in advance for not responding to the corresponding threads via reply, but as of late there is some super annoying bug that doesn't let me respond to or edit previous posts. Sorry! (

Anyway, back to topic:

Cloudst: Thank you for your input on APG. From what you say he sounds like a French version of Mario Gomez, which we can indeed do without. I was already wondering why nobody else showed interest. As to Lacazette or jordan Ayew - both are not bad, but still have long contracts, which probably means we'd have to take a crazy amount of money into our hands to get them, and that's probably something we are a bit hesitant to do after the current Mikhi/Ciro investments for some time. Also, if we were to invest, I think there are better players to be had instead of them.

OMGOzil: Andre Ayew doesn't seem to be strong enough for our squad, even with Reus gone.

If we are talking about a CF to replace Ramos or a quality LW to replace Reus, I'd think there are other cheaper/more interesting prospects. Namely:


- Orlando Sa from Legia Warsaw (contract till '17 though)
- Rogelio Mori from Eskisehirspor (contract expiry this year)
- George Puscas from Inter 2 (this 18 year old kid looks crazy good, contract till '17)
- perhaps also someone like Islam Slimani from Sporting Lissabon, but he also has a long contract and those Portuguese know how to sell their cookie dough

On our wings:

- Andriy Yarmolenko from Dynamo Kiew, current player of the year in the Ukraine and undoubtedly one of the hottest "not-too-hot" buys out there that is, weird not to have seen his name come up more often in the news (contract till next year)
- Evgen Konoplyanka, some people mention him together with Yarmolenko, probably because they're both Ukrainian and have a long history together in their national team, contract expiring this year already - personally I find his performance this season not that impressive, but he was quite strong in the last few years (contract expiring this year)
- Oussama Tannane, 20 year old prospect playing for Almelo, has a really good season so far (also contract till next year)
- Benjamin Verbic, good, young prospect from Celje that maybe deserves a look or two - Slovenian league obviously not the strongest, but he's quite dominant there

Anyway. Sorry again for the trouble with posting like this, I'll try to keep posting like this to a minimum and hope the bug sorts itself out in a day or two
Zilch (Footytube Moderator) 1 week ago
Hello mate I've seen this bug happen before and 95% of the time the problem is that you need to clear your internet cookies or reinstall your internet browser. I can guarantee it's nothing to do with the site itself or any admin control so give that a go and see if it works for you
RGordon (FC Hansa Rostock) 2 weeks ago
Does anyone look at Marseille's André-Pierre Gignac to maybe replace a somewhat unlucky Ramos up-front next season? Judging from the videos I could find of him, seems technically a lot better, has more physical presence, has been constant in his form for years (even getting a bit better) - currently no. 2 scorer in League 1 and could be had for free this summer (Coincidence? I think not!).

If he doesn't get snapped away last minute this winter period, I think he may be a viable boost for our attack
Cloudst 2 weeks ago
If you want to get anyone get Lacazette

APG is a lazy fatass. We have a nickname for him in France lol trust me he's in good form cause he's in a contract year, not the player for a great team like BVB. Hell I would say Jordan Ayew is a better option
OMGOzil (Arsenal) 2 weeks ago
Andre Ayew is in the last year of his contract
Cloudst 3 weeks ago
Heard you guys are getting Tielmans and Praet. Both are insane players!
Jeroen (Barcelona) 3 weeks ago
What happened to mentioning sources?

I heard Arsenal were fusing with Tottenham. Don't ask me where I heard it, I heard it! Perhaps it were the voices in my head, no one will ever know! But, I heard it!
MrWaddy (Manchester United) 3 weeks ago
Just came here to post this as well.


Bild is the source and the rumoured fee is 25M euros.

No way is Anderlecht going to agree with that
Deinonychus (Borussia Dortmund) 3 weeks ago
If Messi says so
MrWaddy (Manchester United) 3 weeks ago
Jeroen (Barcelona) 3 weeks ago
If those rumours are true, I'd be surprised if A'lecht wouldn't consider that, MrWaddy. They sold their best players in the past for much less than €12. 5m apiece. I still think Boussoufa is their best player of the past decade, and he went for what, €10m?
Cloudst 3 weeks ago
I thought this was discussed that's why I didn't post sources apologies!
MrWaddy (Manchester United) 3 weeks ago
They sold Lukaku for 12M with the possibility to rise to 18M.

I also think I heard (yeah sorry no source ) Van Holsbeeck say they value Tielemans at more than 20M and that's for him alone. Also with the ever rising transfer fees 25M for both seems like a bargain.

I may be wrong but I think Anderlecht will hold out for more
Cloudst 3 weeks ago
I heard the same thing mrWaddy here's the source


Tbh I can't blame him, in an inflated market you would want to sell to the highest bidder
Jeroen (Barcelona) 3 weeks ago
Van Holsbeeck says a lot of crap Waddy Still, I actually respect him. I think he's a good sporting manager and one of those people at Anderlecht that make me respect their club. But €30-40m for a player who's had a bad season so far, ridiculous
MrWaddy (Manchester United) 2 weeks ago
Yeah that's the one, thanks Cloudst. (Woah didn't know you spoke dutch )

Ofcourse Jeroen you have to take his words with a grain of salt. Nonetheless it's clear they value Tielemans a lot higher than 15M. They think: why sell him now if we can sell him for double in 1-2 years. His reputation as a top talent in Europe is huge.

They might take 10M for Praet and run with it.

Agreed on Van Holsbeeck, he's a respectable man who's done a tremendous job for Anderlecht, though he's a smug bastard at times
Jeroen (Barcelona) 2 weeks ago
Tielemans is about to sign a new contract and so is Praet I believe
RGordon (FC Hansa Rostock) 3 weeks ago
What do you guys think about Tottenham's Harry Kane? That kid is on fire this season
UWMike (Borussia Dortmund) 3 weeks ago
I won't lie and say that the game against Chelsea is the first I've watched of him this season. That was a ridiculous performance, but I'll hold judgement until the end of the season
Jeroen (Barcelona) 3 weeks ago
Klinsmann-like intelligent striker, hard worker too. But he's the sort of striker who thrives when confident and when his team is doing well and who isn't great when the chips are down. Last season he was pretty poor and many Spurs fans lost belief in him.

I like strikers who are/can become more than that; top players like Lewa, Ibra or even Benteke are brilliant at keeping the ball and combining with their teammates, other world class strikers like Messi, Suárez, Neymar or Agüero can create chances out of nothing with their incredible skill, even other types of top strikers can combine intelligence with great pace and good skill like Henry or Eto'o in their heydays. Kane is too limited to ever be an absolute top player I think
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 3 weeks ago
Be fair jeroen, the kid is just 21. Last season he was fresh out of the reserves, it's fair to say he's just needed time to make the transition. Now he's a regular scorer in the league and europa for spurs, already has 15 goals this season (no pens) and it's just january. He's looking like a quality talent.

I was hoping james wilson would have a break out season like we are seeing from kane but maybe he will need some time to fill out physically and get used to the pace and physicality of the league as he's just 19 and fresh out the reserves as well. As good as kane is, I think wilson can be much better by the time he's 21 22 etc if only he fills out physically and is given a chance with guys like rvp and falcao ahead of him.

Back to kane. He's no aguero, but if you look at the first goal, it's clear he can score on his own. He has technical ability, he has vision, and he has physique and decent enough pace to go with his shooting abilty. I don't forsee him as ibra or anything but he's definitely got potential to be a top striker at least in england if not europe.

Jeroen (Barcelona) 3 weeks ago
It doesn't matter how old a player is when it's clear he hasn't got sublime skill to say he'll never have sublime skill. It's not something you develop past 21. If you think I underestimate Kane by comparing him to Klinsmann, you are seriously mistaken. Kane is just not the sort of mega-talent the likes of Ibrahimovic, Agüero or Suárez (let alone Messi....) are. At best I can see him become as good as Klinsmann was, which is very good; in his time he was a top 10 striker in the world.

And in all honesty; I expect him to continue his good form this season, but not as spectacularly good as the Chelsea game. No way that's his new standard now. I'd rate his 'potential' at just about the same as Benteke's - which, once again, is high
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 3 weeks ago
Never said anything about him becoming a sublime player or mega talent, but he has the qualities to become a top striker, a 20-25+ goal a season striker.

About the age bit, I was responding to this: "But he's the sort of striker who thrives when confident and when his team is doing well and who isn't great when the chips are down. Last season he was pretty poor and many Spurs fans lost belief in him. "

Unfair to judge a reserve player like that for his form last season. I think it's fair to say it's just taken him some time to adapt. Spurs have been almost as poor this season as they were last season. Lloris, eriksen, chadli and kane are the only players performing in that side day in day out, he's not feeding off of the team - they are feeding off of his goals
Jeroen (Barcelona) 3 weeks ago
I never said I didn't believe in him; the Spurs fans did. I also compared him to Klinsmann; a man who scored more than 20-25 goals a season. So I really think I was more than fair. And yes, an in-form striker is carrying a team. Let's see what happens when he is no longer brimming with confidence. I don't think he has it to make the difference single-handedly then
FootballDoc (Tottenham Hotspur) 3 weeks ago
Well I don't think any Spurs fan called him poor last season. I mean maybe before that when he was off on loan at the likes of Leicster and Millwall etc some might have said he's not going to make it. But, Sherwood gave him a run of games in the Premier League at the end of last season and I think he got like 4 goals in 6 games - so it was obvious he had some talent.

Whether he's going to end up like an Aguero or an Eto'o I think it's hard to say at this stage. But I don't see why he has to be like anyone, why can't he just be Harry Kane. He has good movement of the ball, he can finish from inside the box, outside the box, he can head it, he can run at defenders, he can do a lot.

Here's a list of the top 5 scorers in Europe this season:

Ronaldo -32
Messi - 25
Aguero - 18
Lacazette -18
Kane -17

So he's right up there with the best in Europe this season. Lets wait for another season or two before we decide how good he's going to be. For now, I'm satisfied with watching him deliver week in week out
Jeroen (Barcelona) 3 weeks ago
Sigh. Of course he's not going to be a carbon copy of any other player. But all I was saying was that I don't consider him a supertalent. How is that so hard to understand? Or can't I rate him lower than the mega-talented strikers I mentioned before because he had a couple of good games?

Let's just wait and see another year. I don't think he's ever going to reach the heights of the Agüeros, Suarezes or Ibras of this world
FootballDoc (Tottenham Hotspur) 3 weeks ago
I don't think he will be a 'supertalent' either - all I'm saying is he's a good player who is doing a job for us week in week out and I'm perfectly happy with how he is. Why does he have to be anything else? How is that so hard to understand?
Deffyduck (Arsenal) 3 weeks ago
Maybe he won't reach the lofty heights of a 'supertalent' like Benteke (sarcasm intended ), but if he bangs in the goals, it doesn't matter.

Alan Shearer is the highest scoring forward in premier league history and he didn't have half the sublime skill of Henry or Aguero, but he leads the goal scoring chart nonetheless.

As Doc says, he doesn't have to be anyone else, lets just let the kid play football without all the labels and see where he ends up in 5 years time.
Jeroen (Barcelona) 3 weeks ago
I really don't understand what the hell you guys are whining about. I said he's a great prospect, but not potentially one of the best players in the world. Then the three of you tell me I'm too harsh on him.

What the f**k?

And Deffy, your point doesn't make sense. If you want to compare Shearer to Henry, do it with averages. Henry played a lot less games. Shearer was great, but Henry was clearly even better. I also think Shearer's skill was superior to Kane's from what I've seen. His shots were outrageously good; powerful, accurate, from all sorts of angles. He was a cold-blooded killer in the box and a good header of the ball too. Perhaps Kane can become like that, but I doubt it
FootballDoc (Tottenham Hotspur) 3 weeks ago
No is whining about anything - all I'm saying is he's f*****g Harry Kane - why does the modern football fan have to label players and project what he will be or won't be. I don't understand your issue.

And on the point of Henry vs Shearer I agree with you to the extent that Henry had more class but Shearer was perhaps the better finisher. Which is not to say Henry wasn't exceptional himself
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 3 weeks ago
Saying he can't be as good as benteke just strikes me as harsh and outlandish, no one gives a crap about comparing him to aguero or ibra or suarez, it's obvious he doesn't possess that level of skill, but not even as good as benteke?

Simply because he had a non-outstanding debut season? He looks like he's got the talent and physique to score a lot of goals, that's all I'm saying. Not a flashy player but he looks like he could prove to be an extremely effective one. Or not, he could be a flop. Bit too early to tell
Jeroen (Barcelona) 3 weeks ago
I didn't mean to say he couldn't reach Benteke's level. I meant that Benteke offered more than Kane. He's one of the best in the world at controlling the ball as a target man and combining with others around him, probably THE best (check his incredible OPTAsports stats). And that's exactly what we now lack at Dortmund with Lewa gone. Kane is a different type of striker; a more natural goalscorer than Benteke, but he doesn't offer as much variety IMHO. But yeah, I can understand now why you defended Kane; I think he's probably at least as good as Benteke, but Benteke would be better for Dortmund than him
Jeroen (Barcelona) 3 weeks ago
Happy 2015 fellow Schwarzgelben! May it be less terrible than the last half of 2014    Https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=ZSvD1Ypftxo
SKool (Arsenal) 3 weeks ago
Borussia Dortmund are set to sign Slovenian international Kevin Kampl from Austrian champions FC Salzburg.

Obskurum (Borussia Dortmund) 3 weeks ago
Old news mate. BVB already signed Kampl last week
SKool (Arsenal) 3 weeks ago
Atham (Juventus) 1 month ago
Merry xmas and happy new year folks.... Perfect time to become bvb fan ey! Although I have had a soft spot for bvb since the superb 2012/2013 UCL performance...
OMGOzil (Arsenal) 1 month ago
Will Langerak take over from Wiedenfeller when he retires or will you guys buy a keeper if so someone like Sommar would be perfect
Obskurum (Borussia Dortmund) 1 month ago
I wish you all my BVB mates a black and yellow merry Christmas. 2015 will be OUR year. HEJA BVB BIS IN DEN TOD!
4ever (Barcelona) 1 month ago
Wishes same my friend. And hope you guys will have incredible next half of season ahead, just to make sure to lose against schalke for me
OMGOzil (Arsenal) 1 month ago
Just found out you guys signed Kevin Kampl very good signing Klopp certainly knows how to make smart transfers
SergioRamos (Liverpool) 1 month ago
Yeah smart signing. Plenty of years to gain experience. Has a great haircut too
MarkoPollo (Borussia Dortmund) 1 month ago
Sorry I haven't been showing my face lately; moved to Hawaii and the time difference is pretty crazy. Anyways....

What are strange season. I kept thinking, "Alright, next week we will start our winning streak. The team certainly must have too much pride to continue making themselves look like fools".... And it just never happened, with the few exception (Gladbach, Hoffenheim).

I have never seen anything like this happen and never thought it could. In the beginning the team didn't even play poorly, but was just extremely unlucky not to get more positive results. Over time, I think the self doubt got too strong and the actual performances started to match our results.... We played terribly. This Christmas break couldn't have come soon enough. I have no doubt that Klopp will turn this around, but I think it will need to be with a partial reset of the team.... Seems that some aren't as hungry for success as they used to be, or maybe they've heard Klopp's motivational speeches one too many of times. Bring fresh, young, and hungry players in that Klopp can reach again!

Too whomever I told he's being ridiculous (UWMike?) half way through this season about worrying that our team won't make Champions League this year.... I'm super sorry; your worries were warranted. I never in a lifetime saw this coming.

Two ways to look at it now: Either we will scrape by, barely staying in the Bundesliga, and reset for next year.

Or, and this is what I hope will happen:

We are in for the best second half of the season that we've had in a long time. Our players will come out fiery and go on a crazy long winning streak like we had in 2010/11 and we might still have a chance to scrap by for the champions league relegation spot.... Leverkusen, Gladbach, Augsburg, Schalke are all too inconsistent to not leave us a chance at all. We just need to start playing freaking Klopp football again!
Jeroen (Barcelona) 1 month ago
First of all: good to see you again Marko. Why'd you move to Hawaï of all places, and where'd you live before? Hawaï is like a paradise, until you realize it was formed because of volcanic activity and will sink into the sea within a couple of hundreds of thousand of years. Surely you thought of that and bought yourself a boat?

And yes, I've said it before too: I have also never seen a downfall this bad before when you don't see it coming. Lewandowski was great, but it's not his departure that's one of the main causes for this. It's like a downward spiral catalysed by bad luck. Just like you, I also thought that every next game would be the real start of our season and every time I was hopeful we'd win and finally set sail. But nope, the losing streak just kept prolonging itself; truly unbelievable.

Right now the best we can hope for is a top 8 spot in the BuLi, a great Champions League, but especially a DFB Pokal victory. That's the most likely road to Europe next season, because the likelihood of winning the champions league is always low, but it's nearly 0% when you're in our position. And the likelihood of getting a top 4 position this season is extremely low too when you do the maths. 7 teams have at least 11 points more than us. In the 17 remaining games, there's no way at least 4 of them will drop at least 11 points compared to us. So yeah: I hope we can go all-in on the DFB Pokal and win it!

Also: your man Kampl will ease the pain quite a bit I hope
MarkoPollo (Borussia Dortmund) 1 month ago
Island paradise, ya know? Be a professional surf bum and do nothing but watch Dortmund and surf.... Nah, I actually got a a pretty cool job out here.

Originally I'm from Münster, moved to the midwest of the US for college (soccer scholarship), and after graduating I left that bloody cold area to live in Hawaii. Now I'm literally at the polar opposite end of the planet from where I grew up. 12 hour time difference/11 right now ha! Luckily I get to visit Germany next month; been feeling a little homesick. Need me some Brötchen, Döner, and real beer!

I'll also be there for the Leverkusen game and the first home game against Augsburg.... So stoked!

BTW. The real reason we are playing terribly this year.... The home jersey. The players probably look at that hideous piece of junk at the beginning of the season and said hellz NO
Deffyduck (Arsenal) 1 month ago
God I love a proper German Döner. I've been on holiday to Turkey and thought the kebabs there didn't match up to the German benchmark

Get to a Christmas market and grab a bag of gebrannte Mandeln, too!
RGordon (FC Hansa Rostock) 1 month ago
Guys, China checking in. Get in line for wanting real Brötchen, Kebap, gebrannte Mandeln and anything but an annoying amount of a time difference for pretty much any late night European live streams. 8-X

Seriously though, lets wrap this year up and start anew. The Kampl signing sounds good. A bit too obvious at this point for my taste, but I guess finding unknown gold nuggets cannot be done every season.

I wish you all a merry Xmas and a happy New Year.

You guys are awesome. Sinking or soaring, lets keep rocking this boat!

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