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Atham (Juventus) 3 days ago
Merry xmas and happy new year folks.... Perfect time to become bvb fan ey! Although I have had a soft spot for bvb since the superb 2012/2013 UCL performance...
OMGOzil (Arsenal) 3 days ago
Will Langerak take over from Wiedenfeller when he retires or will you guys buy a keeper if so someone like Sommar would be perfect
Obskurum (Borussia Dortmund) 3 days ago
I wish you all my BVB mates a black and yellow merry Christmas. 2015 will be OUR year. HEJA BVB BIS IN DEN TOD!
4ever (Barcelona) 3 days ago
Wishes same my friend. And hope you guys will have incredible next half of season ahead, just to make sure to lose against schalke for me
OMGOzil (Arsenal) 4 days ago
Just found out you guys signed Kevin Kampl very good signing Klopp certainly knows how to make smart transfers
SergioRamos (Liverpool) 3 days ago
Yeah smart signing. Plenty of years to gain experience. Has a great haircut too
MarkoPollo (Borussia Dortmund) 4 days ago
Sorry I haven't been showing my face lately; moved to Hawaii and the time difference is pretty crazy. Anyways....

What are strange season. I kept thinking, "Alright, next week we will start our winning streak. The team certainly must have too much pride to continue making themselves look like fools".... And it just never happened, with the few exception (Gladbach, Hoffenheim).

I have never seen anything like this happen and never thought it could. In the beginning the team didn't even play poorly, but was just extremely unlucky not to get more positive results. Over time, I think the self doubt got too strong and the actual performances started to match our results.... We played terribly. This Christmas break couldn't have come soon enough. I have no doubt that Klopp will turn this around, but I think it will need to be with a partial reset of the team.... Seems that some aren't as hungry for success as they used to be, or maybe they've heard Klopp's motivational speeches one too many of times. Bring fresh, young, and hungry players in that Klopp can reach again!

Too whomever I told he's being ridiculous (UWMike?) half way through this season about worrying that our team won't make Champions League this year.... I'm super sorry; your worries were warranted. I never in a lifetime saw this coming.

Two ways to look at it now: Either we will scrape by, barely staying in the Bundesliga, and reset for next year.

Or, and this is what I hope will happen:

We are in for the best second half of the season that we've had in a long time. Our players will come out fiery and go on a crazy long winning streak like we had in 2010/11 and we might still have a chance to scrap by for the champions league relegation spot.... Leverkusen, Gladbach, Augsburg, Schalke are all too inconsistent to not leave us a chance at all. We just need to start playing freaking Klopp football again!
Jeroen (Barcelona) 4 days ago
First of all: good to see you again Marko. Why'd you move to Hawaï of all places, and where'd you live before? Hawaï is like a paradise, until you realize it was formed because of volcanic activity and will sink into the sea within a couple of hundreds of thousand of years. Surely you thought of that and bought yourself a boat?

And yes, I've said it before too: I have also never seen a downfall this bad before when you don't see it coming. Lewandowski was great, but it's not his departure that's one of the main causes for this. It's like a downward spiral catalysed by bad luck. Just like you, I also thought that every next game would be the real start of our season and every time I was hopeful we'd win and finally set sail. But nope, the losing streak just kept prolonging itself; truly unbelievable.

Right now the best we can hope for is a top 8 spot in the BuLi, a great Champions League, but especially a DFB Pokal victory. That's the most likely road to Europe next season, because the likelihood of winning the champions league is always low, but it's nearly 0% when you're in our position. And the likelihood of getting a top 4 position this season is extremely low too when you do the maths. 7 teams have at least 11 points more than us. In the 17 remaining games, there's no way at least 4 of them will drop at least 11 points compared to us. So yeah: I hope we can go all-in on the DFB Pokal and win it!

Also: your man Kampl will ease the pain quite a bit I hope
MarkoPollo (Borussia Dortmund) 4 days ago
Island paradise, ya know? Be a professional surf bum and do nothing but watch Dortmund and surf.... Nah, I actually got a a pretty cool job out here.

Originally I'm from Münster, moved to the midwest of the US for college (soccer scholarship), and after graduating I left that bloody cold area to live in Hawaii. Now I'm literally at the polar opposite end of the planet from where I grew up. 12 hour time difference/11 right now ha! Luckily I get to visit Germany next month; been feeling a little homesick. Need me some Brötchen, Döner, and real beer!

I'll also be there for the Leverkusen game and the first home game against Augsburg.... So stoked!

BTW. The real reason we are playing terribly this year.... The home jersey. The players probably look at that hideous piece of junk at the beginning of the season and said hellz NO
Deffyduck (Arsenal) 4 days ago
God I love a proper German Döner. I've been on holiday to Turkey and thought the kebabs there didn't match up to the German benchmark

Get to a Christmas market and grab a bag of gebrannte Mandeln, too!
RGordon (FC Hansa Rostock) 4 days ago
Guys, China checking in. Get in line for wanting real Brötchen, Kebap, gebrannte Mandeln and anything but an annoying amount of a time difference for pretty much any late night European live streams. 8-X

Seriously though, lets wrap this year up and start anew. The Kampl signing sounds good. A bit too obvious at this point for my taste, but I guess finding unknown gold nuggets cannot be done every season.

I wish you all a merry Xmas and a happy New Year.

You guys are awesome. Sinking or soaring, lets keep rocking this boat!
PaRa (Liverpool) 5 days ago
I hate to say it but Lewandowski and Gotze are definitely missed, as is Reus to injury
OddSpud (Borussia Dortmund) 6 days ago
Deinonychus (Borussia Dortmund) 6 days ago
Apparently. Also Ji left.
I don't know anything about this player so that's that.
But I do remember someone suggesting we should sign him a while ago. So that's good? I guess?
PZPN1989 (Borussia Dortmund) 5 days ago
Jeroen prophetic again
Jeroen (Barcelona) 5 days ago
Actually I can't take credit for this one, MarkoPollo was the one who hoped we'd sign him I believe. If it's true, it's great news! Kampl is like Reus, though not yet as awesome. It seems certain Marco isn't interested in staying, so it would make a lot of sense to sign him
Deinonychus (Borussia Dortmund) 5 days ago
I didn't think someone could "top" Auba.
Football players in the 2010's make 80's and 90's mullet vikings look like classy gentlemen.
MarkoPollo (Borussia Dortmund) 5 days ago
Kampl is exactly the type of player we needed. A creative player that can change the game by himself! I've been wishing for him for the last two years! Finally a player with close ball control that can take on an opponent to create space, yet has the vision to know when to dish it off and the ability to do so accurately. This dude is dynamite!

If there is a player I'd compare him to most closely, it would be Iniesta. He's obviously not quite as brilliant, but Kampl's work rate and defensive abilities rival that of Kagawa's during his best years with us. He will fit right in and help us get back tot he level we know we're capable of playing.

For the rest of the season I hope we play like this:


.... Immobile for Auba, and Miki for Kagawa until Africa/Asia cups are over.

My wish list for the rest of this transfer period/next summer (It's worked for me with Kampl, so why not )

- Tielemans
- Dybala
- Baba
- Kimmich
- Horn
- Talented young forward (Yesil, Selke, Werner, etc)

Next year then, assuming that Reus is leaving:


A nice, but not too drastic, reset of the team. Fill it up with young and hungry players that are willing to fight and play Klopp football once again.

Jeroen (Barcelona) 4 days ago
Tielemans is deffo not ready for such a step up though. He's only 17 so you have to forgive him some bad games, but this season he's been downright poor for Anderlecht. I think he needs to develop quite a lot further, possible at a team like Gladbach in a year or two, before we could consider buying him to be a starter here.

I'd much rather look into the possibility of buying KDB after all anyway. Not sure how likely it is now, but damn, I love that guy. As for a Belgian CDM: witsel! He's awesome
MarkoPollo (Borussia Dortmund) 4 days ago
I've been following Tielemans quite a bit and even though he hasn't been phenomenal this year, I still believe he would be a great addition for us. Young, hungry, and super talented. He would rotate in with Sahin and Bender, but the future would definitely be his. Witsel is brilliant too, but rotten by Russian salaries.

I don't see KDB ever joining us now.... Sadly we chose Miki over KDB. You always know better afterwards, but I still think Miki will turn it around and be a valuable asset to our game soon.

You will love Kampl, trust me. He's an equally gifted assist machine as KDB! Auba and Immobile will drool over this guy!
Obskurum (Borussia Dortmund) 3 days ago
Finally our board reacted to our misery. Kevin Kampl will make an impact, he's a terrific midfielder. I can wait to see him playing and destroying defensive blocks with Reus
Jeroen (Barcelona) 6 days ago
Let's win the f*****g DFB Pokal then!
Obskurum (Borussia Dortmund) 1 week ago
I'm feeling so depressed those days and right now I just want to welcome the new year and slowly try to wake up of this nightmare
YungGunner (Arsenal) 1 week ago
Don't worry about it man, I hope you guys would get knocked out from champions league and give it ALL and focus in the 2nd half of the season!

BVB is my fav. Team in Bundesliga. I support BVB and their wonderful style of football. I believe ya'll can turn it around very soon
CHELSEA61 (Footytube Moderator) 6 days ago
^Not exactly positve encouragement mate. Winning the champions league is almost the only way they're going to stay in it now. Appart from my own team, I'll be rooting for BVB as the underdogs
Aufgehtsbayern (Bayern München) 1 week ago
I'm so sorry
MementoMori (Real Madrid) 1 week ago
You should be
Jeroen (Barcelona) 1 week ago
Share that spliff with us, will you Philipp?
MrWaddy (Manchester United) 1 week ago
Jurgen Klopp:

"The best news today is that football is over for 2014, " the Dortmund boss told Sky Deutschland.
"Any criticism that we receive now is justified. We are standing here like complete idiots and it's completely our own fault.
We now have three weeks of preparation ahead of us. Then we will repair what we've done. "

"We're all been thinking about it: 'What's the problem? Where's the issue? ' We were better at home in the last weeks, but away, not at all.
"It's amazing how bad we are away. "

Wow he doesn't hold back, does he.

Really hope Dortmund picks it up again in 2015
Deffyduck (Arsenal) 4 days ago
It's admirable to be so honest during self-appraisal but the words mean nothing without the actions to back it up.

I really hope Klopp can fix this, I have a huge respect for what he and Dortmund have done over the last few years. It would be great to see his philosophy reap rewards again
UWMike (Borussia Dortmund) 1 week ago
There was a time when these tears were tears of joy. Now it's mostly disgust and laughter
Deinonychus (Borussia Dortmund) 1 week ago
Build a statue of Klopp in front of the stadium or the center of Dortmund and then let him leave.  I'm sorry but that's what needs to happen.
YungGunner (Arsenal) 1 week ago
Seriously? Klopp is one of the best manager, just because the injuries and bad form of the team, this half of the season, he should leave? Come on man, do you know how many clubs out there that would love to have Klopp?

Though, I understand your frustrations, I mean what can I say, I'm a arsenal fan. Lol
Skorm123 (Liverpool) 1 week ago
Trade for Brendan Rodgers+ Mars Bar?
Jeroen (Barcelona) 1 week ago
That's bullcrap. Yes, this has been an unbelievably terrible first half of a season, but you can't seriously blame Kloppo here. The players are as responsible, perhaps even more than Klopp, and Lady Luck is even more responsible. F that bitch.

If after this season we're still not in the top 8 (at least), then yes, Kloppo has done very poorly. But even then, I hope he's staying
PZPN1989 (Borussia Dortmund) 6 days ago
As bad as this season has been, not once has that thought come to my mind. I think it's just a matter of our boys to get their minds straight. A lot of season left to climb the table. I still expect us to finish top 4
Jeroen (Barcelona) 6 days ago
Top 4 is unfortunately almost certainly out of the question PZPN

Just do the maths: it would require us to get at least 13 points more than Gladbach, Leverkusen and Schalke and Augsburg, not to mention Hoppenheim. So we have to win 4 games and draw once where they all lose their games, in the span of 17 matchdays.... It's just not gonna' happen. We have to concede to being content with a spot somewhere in the left-hand side of the table and try our very best in the DBP Pokal, which is now the shortest route to European football.

I'd be very happy if we manage to win the DFB Pokal and just do OK in the champions league and the BuLi from now on. I don't expect us to win the champions league (lol) or win an insane amount of games from now on so we still finish 4th (or better) in the league
Deinonychus (Borussia Dortmund) 6 days ago
A team that formerly won the Bundesliga twice and finished second with ease twice the past four years doesn't just find itself on a relegation spot the fifth season without deep underlying tactical problems. Some of which always were prevalent and very obviously weren't worked on properly. It was fine as long as they were compensated otherwise. That's not the case anymore. To even mention injuries, bad luck, out-of-form players (amazingly all 20+ of them) seems cynical at this point.
But fine, let's wait for the second half of the season. Klopp is not going to leave anyway and don't get me wrong I sincerely hope that he somehow gets it right, I wouldn't WANT to get rid of him. It's just that my original comment is not something reactionary, spontaneous I said out of frustration. I put a lot of thought into it. I just want to clarify that
PZPN1989 (Borussia Dortmund) 5 days ago
You're probably right, but to not see us in the champions league is a thought that I don't want to think
FootballDoc (Tottenham Hotspur) 1 week ago
When will you catch a break lol
GoonerTown (Arsenal) 1 week ago
I can understand how frustrated you guys must be this season. But I gotta' say I just love Dortmund. Everything about the club oozes class and passion. From the manager to the players and especially the fans. I hope you are able to string together a few good results and get some belief back. Echte Liebe!

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