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2013 Summer Transfers
Jeroen (Barcelona) 3 years ago
So, let's talk transfers, but all at once.

According to transfermarkt, Leonardo Bittencourt is as good as gone to Hannover and Santana as we all knew to Schalke? The Bernard, De Bruyne and Eriksen to Dortmund rumours are picking up pace too. Then there's the Hummels to Barça rumours which seem less likely as of late. At the same time though, Lewandowski's exit seems more and more certain. I'd hate it if that were true. We need him. Losing Götze AND him would be a very bitter blow to our offense, because I believe we could have coped with losing one of them, but both at the same time will require a whole new chemistry between our attacking players. Perhaps Reus can become our central striker, or do you guys think he's too different from the type of strikers we had before?

In table form, from highly likely to less likely:

Junior Flores (done!)
Eriksen (€10-16m)
De Bruyne (€15m)
Bernard (€12m)
Son (€10m)
Cornelius (young Danish striker - €3m)
Sokratis (€10m)
Goretzka (Bochum's very talented 18 why. Oh. CM - €4m)
Aubameyang (€15m)

Potential total in: about €80m

Götze (€37m) -> Bayern
Santana (€2m) -> Schalke
Bittencourt (€2m) -> Hannover
Bakalorz (free) -> Freiburg
Lewa (€25m) -> Bayern or Manchester Utd
Leitner (€4m) -> Stuttgart or Hertha
Hummels (€30m) -> Barcelona
Hofman (€2m?) -> Freiburg

Potential total out: about €100m

I trust on the board's decisions because they never failed us in the past decade except for Schieber. But I still think it's risky to pay a lot of money for a Brazilian guy who only had one good year. Even if he really is as good as they say he is, there's a good chance he won't feel at home in Dortmund, a rich, industrial city in the (rather cold) heart of Europe that's pretty much the opposite of a Brazilian city. We don't have any other South Americans here either, because Santana seems on his way out.

On my wishlist there would be one or two attacking midfielders (two if the other one is not angry about being second choice), a striker and a central defender. Eriksen or De Bruyne would both be great I think, though they are suppliers above all, not true goalscorers. Shakhtar's Henrikh Mkhitaryan is another superb midfielder, and he does score. A lot. But it seems we're not linked to him, unfortunately. We played him in the champions league and he looked good, but he's on another level in the Ukrainian league. He's scored 25 goals there and assisted another 10, despite being a midfielder. He even used to be a controlling defensive midfielder! A striker like Benteke would be just perfect, but he's probably going to be very expensive (€20m?) unless he really wants to move and forces the board to accept him going out. He'll probably stay because Villa doesn't seem to relegate and he's doing excellent there. With the 2014 WC coming up, he'll want to maintain stability in his game.

A different option would be to place Reus in our CF position, but it's a risky strategy because Reus is quite a bit different from Lewa and Barrios before him. There's also Aubameyang, the fast, strong and gifted striker from St-Etienne. At an average club, he's had a great season, scoring 19 times and assisting 14 other goals in 34 games. And of course there's HSV's Son who is the most likely candidate of all three. I am not convinced of his potential qualities as our leading man up front though. Dzeko was linked to us as well, but either he accepts a fraction of his wages at City here, or he stays. Doesn't seem likely he'll accept a 'modest' €60-80, 000 a week here instead of his €200, 000 there

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