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Besiktas JK V Stoke City, Dec 14
Reco2656 (Besiktas JK) 5 years ago
Pathetic stoke city
Markodon (NK Dinamo Zagreb) 5 years ago
Pathetic? I'm not so sure. Didn't watch the match, but the highlights indicate that Besiktas had a difficult time until that red card, which changed the match in their favour
Balgam (Fenerbahce SK) 5 years ago

You gotta' be kidding. Higlights do not show anything. They first show Stoke's goal and then the penalty position. Then how come you say BJK had a difficult time?
On the contrary, the game were played in Stoke's side when Ismail lost the ball and BJK conceded the goal. Second half was really great and one could sense the goal was about to come
Ixidor16 (Stoke City) 5 years ago
You do realise that all 11 players from the spur match are resting at home do you?
Sulutas (Galatasaray SK) 5 years ago
Well, Besiktas didn't have two of their big names, namely, Quaresma and Simao, who are usually the names behind the goals Besiktas score. And as far as I remember Besiktas was the better team in the first game but that additional aerial resource of Stoke City had made the difference. The funny thing is that Dynamo Kiev, the best team in this group I suppose (who had eliminated Manchester City last year when they reached the quarter finals), couldn't go through at the end of the day
Balgam (Fenerbahce SK) 5 years ago
After the first game away, my comment was saying that the game in Istanbul will be very hard for Stoke and did not give a chance to them. Good to see that I'm right.

In the first half, BJK was better but last choices and movements were crap. Eh, you know the second half....

Manuel Fernandes is a beast. He's truly man of the match. Well done for bringing him to team. As a Fenerbahce fan myself, I'm so glad to see him on the pitch doing great.
Della (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Manuel Fernandes is a top player, I can't understand why he havent been called for Portugal national squad, hang on I know it now is because he is black in it!
Arabio (Tottenham Hotspur) 5 years ago
You are beyond stupid
NebexGun (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Della, you are the most stupid Della ever!.... LOL
[account-removed] 5 years ago
Your well racist della.... How dare you say that -. -
GMIKE (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Quaresma come back to chelsea
Matt612346 (Manchester United) 5 years ago
s**t highlights don't even show the score. Was it 1-0 stoke? Wow so lame
Ajaxgooner (Ajax) 5 years ago
Are you blind? Top middle left! LOL
Alex08 (Juventus) 5 years ago
What a goal by edu!
Guleybaz (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Go turks! Happy for Edu. Hope this will help him to become a big name in Besiktas!  Congrats to both teams for reaching the next stage!
Ajaxgooner (Ajax) 5 years ago
Stoke got owned
TipsyMcStagger (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Not like they weren't getting though to the next stage, unlike any other English team
TipsyMcStagger (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Damn Begovic is a hell of a keeper
SuperSpurs (Tottenham Hotspur) 5 years ago
Shame he decided to not play for Canada

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