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Benfica Lisbon V Barcelona, Oct 2
Yongc (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Messi god like here
Weegeez (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Bittersweet victory. Nice to see us actually win a game without waiting up until the end of the game for once, but god this game ended in the worst possible way. Puyol injured with one of the most disturbing injuries I have seen in a while and BS red card for Busquets D: Also messi no goals in 3 games (4 assists though, 5 if you consider the pass for the own goal against granada)
Jepc92003 (Barcelona) 4 years ago
He's a beats nevertheless but I do prefer him doing the goals, I hope his hiatus ends soon because we need him at his best against Madrid, with him in form there's nothing los blancos can do to stop him lol
Marizarene (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Are you kidding me?! (Referring to Puyol's broken arm)    I love his hustle, but my gosh!    Be strong Puyi!    
Ronaldo723 (Real Madrid) 4 years ago
Puyol is a wonderful player  #respect
GotIbra (AC Milan) 4 years ago
The 4x replay of puyol getting injured was unnecessary. Once was enough.    Cesc is really becoming a better player at Barca.
Jandito (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Get well soon Puyol!
Preznet (Manchester United) 4 years ago
This comment has been removed.
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 4 years ago
I don't know if he said something but nothing he did with the ball had any sign of warranting a red card
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Let's hope Puyol gets well soon. His injury makes things even worse for Barca. I was very worried when Alves got elbowed towards the end. Alves does a good job usually with Ronaldo but he definitely needs Pique or Puyol to back him up. It is going to be very difficult but the good thing is, the game will be played at Camp Nou
KidultHood (Inter Milan) 4 years ago
Man hope all is well with Puyol, he's a fantastic player and a fantastic person, but at Puyol age now I always say he should have hung up is shoe and called it a day, Puyol have win every trophy possible in football hate seeing him getting hurt so often this late in his career, I think Puyol should chose is health over football at this point
[account-removed] 4 years ago
So goes Puyol, So Barcelona. They really have no chance of beating the big boys without him. Why can't they just find a replacement and let the poor boy leave in peace. I'm thinking of a Seria A center-half
KidultHood (Inter Milan) 4 years ago
Barcelona should get Agger as a back up defender atleast
Wgscheve (Borussia Dortmund) 4 years ago
Agger would be nice, hummels would be nice as much as I would hate to see him leave
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Agger for entire barcelona squad but also I will say no...
JoroMekiq (PFC Botev Plovdiv 1912) 4 years ago
Abidal should be back soon and Fontas can be back up
CSKA1948SOFIA (PFC CSKA Sofia) 4 years ago
Why was Busquests sent off? Total BS. Losing Puyol is not good news
TheCheshireCat (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Get well soon Puyol. Legend of football
TheCheshireCat (Manchester United) 4 years ago
I feel bad for Busquetes. That was no red, but it seems like a popular thing to hate on this player nowadays. He's one of the best DM's in the world, I hope people start appreciating his footballing qualities over a few dives that happened years ago.
I don't watch La Liga often but he seems to have corrected his diving ways?
People should get off his case, he didn't deserve to be booed off.

Dani Alves though.... I have no love for that guy
DaManUMan (Manchester United) 4 years ago
I am nor sure about the red card. But dude, there is no way that Busquests is one of the best DM in the world, I repeat no way
DiegoFrodo (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Busquets is really one of the best DM in the world. He has had crucial roles on a legendary Barca and on a World Cup Winning Spain. His theatrical abilities I do not approve of, but he knows how to read a game like very few
Weegeez (Barcelona) 4 years ago
He has had his theatrical moments, but hating him more than the likes of ROnaldo, Di Maria, Alexis, Drogba, makes no sense if someone hate on him for his diving, especially since he hasn't done so in quite a while, and guess what? A player can learn from his mistakes

Love him or hate him, Busquets is one of the best DMs in the world, if you cannot at least see his skillful qualities, you really don;t understand how football works
Mt1234 (Bolton Wanderers) 4 years ago
Busquets is easily one of the best players in the world, let alone the best DM. There's enough evidence out there to back that claim up.


He also manhandled ManUre in the champions league.

And was pretty much the reason Spain won the World Cup:

TheCheshireCat (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Wgscheve (Borussia Dortmund) 4 years ago
Busquets is phenomenal. Rarely does he have a bad game, or even make a mistake. He's earned his spot on arguably the two best teams in the history of football, in barcelona and spain. The guy is great, the only better one might be xabi
JoroMekiq (PFC Botev Plovdiv 1912) 4 years ago
He was one of the main reasons for Spain's success
Deco20k (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Feel sorry for puyol. Once again messi was fantastic, about busquets I'm not sure if it was red cause he did hit the other guy in the head but I can't tell if it was deliberate or not

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