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VfL Wolfsburg V Bayern München, Feb 15
FromRaaange (Chelsea) 3 years ago
Really nice of him to resist celebrating such a fantastic finish
Coyb18 (Chelsea) 3 years ago
Mandžukić my boy!
Slasic (Real Madrid) 3 years ago
Rough game, awesome goal by mandi, definitely goal of the week
Georgio (Bayern München) 3 years ago
At times I felt wolfsburgs game was just foul as many players as possible till the ref calls the final whistle
Swanseayeah (Swansea City) 3 years ago
So.... What happen to Neuer?
Aufgehtsbayern (Bayern München) 3 years ago
He assumed the mantle of the greatest keeper in the world (gigi a close second)
Aufgehtsbayern (Bayern München) 3 years ago
Too bad his kit was so fugly
Aufgehtsbayern (Bayern München) 3 years ago
I just realized he looked like a giant band aid hahaha wheres MY EDIT button
Vinzze (Bayern München) 3 years ago
Well because he hurt his fingers he played the game with special gloves.... During the game he injured his ribs by making an awesome save on diegos freekick
CDNFAN (Liverpool) 3 years ago
If Bayern are able to pass with this pace against Arsenal they will be victorious
Loudwater (Bayern München) 3 years ago
Classic act, Mandzukic!

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