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New Signings In Winter And/or Summer
Brokaaa (Bayern München) 5 years ago
Hey there....

I'd like to read your opinions an the topic of new signings to our club in winter 11/12 or summer 12 respectively....

So far, the season has truly been extraordinary and I think we'll be again playing a major role in champions league this year (and get our domestic titles as well).... Still, the way I see it, we need two additional players to big up our squad: a fast, technically amazing striker (my personal favorite would be van persie) and an additional fast centre back to be an alternative in matches when we face fast attacking players (van buyten is just too slow and I think, maybe even boateng and badstuber are a bit too amotile sometimes.... I'm thinking about about a player like david luiz here, strong, big, but still fast)....

And of course, we should try everything possible and impossible to get mario götze to munich next summer ....

Anyway, I think we have to invest serious money just once more, then we'll have an amazing squad for years to come....

So what are your opinions on that?


Robbery69 (Bayern München) 5 years ago
I agree on all counts. If we get another striker we would have 4 Strikers I don't know if that's too much but I mean Gomez does score his goals but he needs to be set up most of the time, we need someone that can create something as well when he has the ball and not only pass it back to the midfielders.

Götze would be a dream!

And even though our defence has been great this is not only due to the CB, it is a team performance, i've been happier with badstuber than Boateng, Badstubers opening passes are really great sometimes. My wish would be to get anohter CB someone of world class status, just still seems a bit wobbly back there at times especially when VB is playing.

I'm quite happy with Rafinha so far.

Brokaaa (Bayern München) 5 years ago
Yes, we need to sell van Buyten and get a younger but still experienced player.... Someone like chiellini maybe or what about naldo? They both may not really be "world class" but I think they have quality and world class centre backs are rare on the market....

Götze would be a dream indeed.... I think, next summer will be the only chance, bayern will get to sign him.... Depends very much on how dortmund is doing this season, though.... I think they will be among the top 4 in the end but if they don't make it to champions league directly, götze will have to think about going to a club that will definately play champions league.... Dortmund may want to sell him in 2012 as well, beause his contract expires in 2014 and if they sell him 2013 they get a lot less money (like bremen only got 15m for özil when he had 1 year left).... Still, if he (götze) continues to play like he has recently, there will be other major teams trying to sign him (united, inter, milan, real).... I hope we migh have a little advantage since he was raised in bavaria and he might be a bit scared of moving to another country at the age of 20....

I totally agree with your comment about strikers, we need someone who can go 1-on-1 in the centre of attack (not only on the wings like Robbery)....
Georgio (Bayern München) 5 years ago
We need a good midfielder as a back up for Gustavo or a replacement for Tymo for next year.... And Lavezzi
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 4 years ago
Bayern Rules
ApophisGod (Bayern München) 4 years ago
Bayern does rule...
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 3 years ago
Now Bayern does in case rule Europe, I predicted it a year a go! Haha just scroll up

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