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Bayern München V Schalke 04, Feb 9
Brod40 (Arsenal) 3 years ago
Schweini is a boss.... To say I'm nervous for AFC to face Bayern is an understatement
Coyb18 (Chelsea) 3 years ago
It surprises me that Alaba took the penalty, but hey he's on my DF squad, so I'm not asking questions
Muellerinho (Bayern München) 3 years ago
Penalty takers:    1. Müller ; 2. Alaba;.... ; 28. Robben
Resc6433 (Bayern München) 3 years ago
#28. Heynckes  29. Robben
Muellerinho (Bayern München) 3 years ago
I had heynckes on 27. And Gerland on 26.
Jaysetsfire69 (Borussia Dortmund) 3 years ago
I would find it very surprising indeed if Robben ever took a penalty for Bayern again, tbh
FromRaaange (Chelsea) 3 years ago
Schweinsteiger (Bayern München) 3 years ago
8 people say Bayern were rubbish. Haters gonna' hate
FromRaaange (Chelsea) 3 years ago
I think they were just rating Schweinsteiger's dancing
Kaddoura (Bayern München) 3 years ago
Can't wait for the FC Bayern vs Arsenal game, imagine what will Ribery, Muller, Kroos and Mandzu do to arsenal def (Mertesacker especially)
KingAegis (Arsenal) 3 years ago
Arsenal's gonna' be in BIG trouble
Muellerinho (Bayern München) 3 years ago
You could even say that without an upcoming champions league match against us
Georgio (Bayern München) 3 years ago
That's a low blow mullerinho lol
Spurrinspurs (Tottenham Hotspur) 3 years ago
Robben passed the ball!
Preznet (Manchester United) 3 years ago
No way dude. That pass was totally accidental
Georgio (Bayern München) 3 years ago
Yea ever since Shaqiri showed up at Bayern he's been getting his act together otherwise he wouldnt be starting
[account-removed] 3 years ago
The bundesliga doesn't get enough love from the media
[account-removed] 3 years ago
Every highlight I watch, has packed stadiums and a crazy atmosphere. Where as the spanish/italian leagues have tonnes of empty seats, it's depressing
Dany10 (Real Madrid) 3 years ago
There's $ in Germany !
FromRaaange (Chelsea) 3 years ago
Exactly, richest country in Europe
Gireaux (Bayern München) 3 years ago
Don't forget that ticket prices in Germany are much cheaper than those in other major leagues, the EPL in particular
Georgio (Bayern München) 3 years ago
For the price of one ticket to the Emirates Stadium to watch Arsenal play Wigan you can watch about 4 Bundesliga games of your choice
FromRaaange (Chelsea) 3 years ago
4th goal was a beauty! Great passing
Sorenn12 (Bayern München) 3 years ago
1. Schweini's goal was pretty much a perfect free kick. Can't get more unbeatable.

2. The reason Mueller is starting instead of Robben, is cause Mueller would have buried that open chance! Robben has flashes of class, but is not clinical enough imo

3. I hope Kroos can recover his killer strike form in as champions league progresses. He was tearing it up earlier.

4. Watch out Arsenal
Slasic (Real Madrid) 3 years ago
I love the way bayern plays, german style soccer
Georgio (Bayern München) 3 years ago
This game was just sad. Schalke didn't put up a fight at all.... In attack all they had to do was pass the ball to Bastos and all hope was lost.... They held up a semi decent defensive line in the first half before falling apart.... This sounds arrogant and ridiculous after a 4-0 win but.... It should've been a much higher score.... I vote Bayern great this game not awesome
PaddySpurs4Life (Tottenham Hotspur) 3 years ago
Missing Holtby much?

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