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Bayern München V Chelsea, May 19
BluesClues (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Still in disbelief.... Watching a Chelsea go from mid-table to title contenders to winning the best trophy in club football.... Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzziiiiiiiinggggggggggg
Seriously RDM has done an amazing job.

Dorgba WILL go down in history as one of the best if not thee best strikers everrr

Unfortunate for Bayern Munich but whatever they've won it already.
Feel bad for Robben though
Loltroll12345 (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Ya, it's been a disappointing season for Bayern. They lost the league, German Cup final, and Champions league final
CFLNHLFIFAFAN (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Love most what you said and love Chelsea and everything that happend but love that you called Drogba Dorgba(I know you screwed up but still awesome)
Tranz (Liverpool) 4 years ago
Viceragen (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Chelsea went on to show just how much tenacity and perseverance counts for in Football, they never gave up and collectively kept on fighting until the last dying minute.

Comment however much you want to about parking the bus in the 18 yard box, it was more than just that, Di Matteo knew what he was doing, he put in Torres to push further and he got the corner that resulted in the goal. Drogba, literally, rose up to the occasion and with some luck it all came together for Chelsea.

Bayern are nothing but class, however the odds just didn't favour them today.

What a heart stopping finale,
RexUs (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Look who's commenting now.... Those people must be Barca, Napoli, or some loser fans.... You spoke about the dead of football.... What do you know about football kids?
Since the beginning, there are always two sides, the one who attacking and the other one defending.... It's not like the one who attacking always win.... That's why we had Brazil with 5 WC and Italy with 4 WC. And you have nothing to say if you have attacked so much but failed to score. Football is not only about possession and attacking football, but it's also about luck, perseverance, concentration, and will power! That made Chelsea the European Champions League 2012 winner! Mark my word, brats!
Liverpool786 (Liverpool) 4 years ago
Not a good season for all the team in red! Fa and champions league won by the blue team and epl won by the blue, the only red team that has won anything is Liverpool.
Anyways congrats chelsea. Totally deserve it, showed amazing determination to reach the final and win it
I4SUN (Chelsea) 4 years ago
This year has been so "unpredictable", full of surprises!
EriqTugume (Chelsea) 4 years ago
To all the tottenham fans that were hating on Chelsea.... Guess what, the under dogs just kicked you out of the Champions league
Ramin85 (Bayern München) 4 years ago
Imho, I think this is not fair to Tottenham. Through out a whole season Tottenham played better football. Even newcastle did better than Chelsea.

My concern is not why Chelsea is qualified for the next season. If Tottenham was given a place in next champions league season I would be ok. I congratulate Chelsea for winning the trophy today. But UEFA says if you want to play in champions league you must have a successful season. Well...
SmallCar (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Nope.... You are wrong.... Successful season in league doesn't mean you doing well in champions league.... Look at MC and MU.... Failed in group stage.... I feel they are wasting their chance to play champions league.... Look at chelsea, beating barca and beating you with their determination and endurance.... Form is temporary, but class is permanent.... This is why winner of champions league will have to play again in champions league
Ramin85 (Bayern München) 4 years ago
I'm saying Chelsea's qualification for next season came at the cost of Tottenham. Tottenham finished 4th in their league.

They did qualify, but were stripped off it when UEFA replaced them after the league was over. It's like breaking the qualification process all at once.

If UEFA wants better quality, I think leaving an open spot for the eventual winners is more logical. IF the winner is already qualified, then a 32th team can take the open spot.

Platini is killing football. I miss Johansson
CFLNHLFIFAFAN (Chelsea) 4 years ago
I think winning the cup is amazing already so I think chelsea deserve a spot next year, I will say it must suck to be 4th and if Chelsea got knocked out from being in Champions League and were 4th I'd be upset and angry too but I'm happy Spurs are out now! But I think that they should expand it to maybe 2 more teams and runner up and winner make it next year or both get playoff game or something if they didn't finish top 4 or standards
Odiz9 (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Congrats def deserved.... They wanted it just like they were fighting over the trophy throughout the celebrations ahaha! But glad to see em win it
D10S (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Jepc92003 (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Thanks dude
Wikipedian (Chelsea) 4 years ago
The Berlin Wall? Pfft. The Chelsea Wall is the REAL wall!
NZxiNFINITYx (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Yeah mate. Petr Cech like a fuken Kraaken in goal
Pylet41 (Borussia Dortmund) 4 years ago
What a shame chelsea got lucky! Bayern had more then enough chances to put it away. Robben cannot take penalties why did they even let him shoot? Lahm should have shot. Now their confidence is down ahead of euro and to make matters worse spurs get demoted to europa league foooooookk!
Chelsea23 (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Hack it
FamilyGuy89 (Chelsea) 4 years ago
You don't just get lucky along the way to winning the european cup.... You make your luck.... And you take your chances.... German teams don't seem to know how to take their chances in big games.... Two years ago against inter, the world cup disappointments...
NZxiNFINITYx (Chelsea) 4 years ago
As much as I agree withyou, germany now has the second best national team in the world.... They are clutch man. Chelsea made their luck today and changed history. Blue Is the Colour!
SmallCar (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Don't be silly.... Your team winning is lucky.... But chelsea win this game fairly and both teams played well without any big mistakes.... Don't be stupid and comment stupid thing.... Anyhow, we are the champion...
MiasanmiaFCB (Bayern München) 4 years ago
Saying dortmund got lucky proves that there is generally no international interest in the bundesliga. Dortmund has played superior for the last two seasons and to be honest, they are the only team that has dominated bayern within the last two years. I hope they mature on international level as well because their style of playing the game is incredible and lecturing.
Nobody said that the game wasn't fair or tries to take away the credit from chelsea. Nevertheless, you got pretty lucky, but this is football, luck's always a part of the equation
Zolamagic (Chelsea) 4 years ago
For the people who are critcising Chelsea's defensive approach....

There is more than one way to play football and defending is as much an art as attacking. Football is about playing to your strengths and exposing your opponent's weaknesses. Chelsea have a fantastic defence and they are brilliant on the counter-attack.

People have been saying Chelsea were lucky since the second leg against Benfica. Of course there was some luck along the way but lucky for four games in a row? You make your own luck. They have shown the desire and will to win and have kept fighting against all adversity.

That is why they are the champions OF europe
ArsenalFan1368 (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Wow, really feel bad for Bayern.... So many chances, so many corner kicks.... Chelsea wins ONE corner kick and wins the game with that essentially.... Chelsea won this the Italian way - probably didn't deserve it.... Reminds me of the 06 WC in Germany....
P. S. I think Robben was way too selfish trying to become the hero.... So many unnecessary failed dribbles and shots.
Also, Sucks to be Tottenham fan today.
Smitty29 (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Everytime he cut onto his left foot, there was a player right there to meet him. Then when he did get some room, he launched his shots into the stands
Labeans (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Drogba gets one chance and scores, great player, great manager, great t.... *heart attack*
On a more serious note, congrats, you converted your chances and that was the deciding factor in the end.
(I knew Drogba was never going to miss penalty)
Footballpassion (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Drogba always become a dependable person for chelsea.... He can score from nowhere where you think there is no chance at all.... Chelsea may had park the bus but they had best driver
Jepc92003 (Barcelona) 4 years ago
D best diver you mean? Lol jk congrats 2 Chelsea but they need to step up their game next champions league because parking d bus is not gng work always, if you don't believe me ask d dupe Mourinho haha
Smitty29 (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Chelsea's 8-1-1 (6-3-1?) formation is how you stop attacking teams. Take note future champions league underdogs. All congrats to chelsea, the script was written for them, and they did not disappoint. As much as I dislike Chelsea, I am happy to see Drogba win the champions league, he is a good guy, and has done a lot for his troubled homeland.

Robben is not a great PK taker. He put pace on the ball and kept it down, but the placement was horrible. Bayern's finishing was not there today, but cheslea's defenders blocked 10 shots or so.

I thought Cheslea's counter attack would be more dangerous and get a goal or two from it. I was a little irritated at all the media saying Bayern would win hands down. I picked Chelsea to win 2-1 and won a few bucks off it too.

Oh, and thank you for knocking spuds out of the champions league. Faggots
Mordos (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Fair play to you, at least we can now both enjoy the spuds heading off to some european backwater on thurday nights. Its where they belong
Elassjay (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Not every team pulls off with a defensive display. You need alot of discipline and teamwork.
Qpr parked the bus with 10 men. But they still lost a 2-1 lead to city.
You can either say it doesn't work against every team, or you can say it doesn't work for every team.
But give chelsea credit because they worked their socks off to make it work
Cheesenip (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Robben needs to learn from Neuer!    Lol jk he looked so awkward going up to kick

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